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  1. lol how do you know where someone is going to be picked? Most had Greedy going top 15. How'd that work out. Arguing about draft value is irrelevant because we're not in the NFL circles. We depend on media to tell us. Since when is the media informed?
  2. You sure Hart is starting? At this point, I think its a competition between Hart and Glenn. As long as Glenn is healthy, I'd assume he'd win that.
  3. If the player is actually what they say he is, I really like this pick. One of the things I have hated about this team previously was that the WR's and TE's have been HORRENDOUS blockers. That really prevents long runs from taking place. If we are really about the run the Kubiak offense, you're going to need a TE who can block on the line, but can also at least be a threat in the play action. If this guy is really that, then he'll be a HUGE cog in the offense.
  4. Madieu Superstar

    Walton Arrested

    Not looking to excuse anything this kid has done. Also not looking to argue that he deserves to stay employed. What I would just remind everyone is that certain guys haven’t had it easy in life. Look at the link below. Pretty much every elder in this kid’s life is dead. Mark Walton is now a criminal, but in reading this article, it’s probably not because he’s some privileged athlete. https://www.bengals.com/news/on-your-mark-walton-brings-special-energy-20630314
  5. Madieu Superstar

    Drafting a quarterback

    Did you see the defense last year? what “win-now” mode? The QB is perfectly average, the WR’s foot explodes at random times, the O-Line is trash, and the defense has ZERO LB’s or depth. You can think theyre in win-now, but I choose to think they’re pretty far from prime time. Get a QB if you think he’s a franchise guy.
  6. You’re basing it off of nothing, that’s the point. None of us know anything about this guy or his staff. No one will know anything until we’re in front of the TV watching week 1.
  7. You have zero clue who any of these coaches are so how can you be so confident that it is going to be s disaster?
  8. Madieu Superstar

    Bengals DC

    How many more coaches from that terrible 2015 Dolphins team can we hire? Does this guy have any network outside of the people he worked with? Does he know any other coaches that he respects?
  9. Madieu Superstar

    Walton Arrested

    He’s setting a good pace for himself this year. 2 arrests in two offseason months. What a screw-up
  10. This isn’t true according to the Enquirer. Del Rio wanted the job but Taylor didn’t want Del Rio. Capers didn’t get offered either. Taylor’s first choice was Allen, but he decided to go back to NO. Grantham was next, but he didn’t like the personnel on D and Florida gave him an extension.
  11. Could care less about his immaturity/social stupidity. I care that his line in Miami sucked.
  12. Madieu Superstar

    Dennis Allen for DC?

    Hiring Capers would be enough for me to sour on all of it. He's terrible.
  13. Madieu Superstar

    OC options and then some

    You need to get this hire right. We’re experimenting at HC and OC. Can’t have any experiments with OL coach
  14. Madieu Superstar

    OC options and then some

    Ppl didn’t want Vance Joseph as Head Coach or DC because he hadn’t been successful at any of it. Del Rio’s defensive DVOA ratings as a coordinator: Carolina, 2002: 3rd Denver, 2012: 5th Denver, 2013: 15th Denver, 2014: 4th As Head Coach in Jax: 2003: 9th 2004: 10th 2005: 7th 2006: 3rd 2007: 15th 2008: 24th 2009: 28th 2010: 32nd 2011: 5th As Head Coach in Oakland: 2015: 15th 2016: 22nd 2017: 29th Del Rio’s resume, while flawed, is still world’s better than what Joseph has accomplished in the NFL so far. Is it a perfect hire? No Is it a good hire? The resume says probably. We’ll see if it works out.
  15. Madieu Superstar

    DC Options

    Brian Callahan

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