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  1. 2018 Free Agency thread

    Would have made a lot of sense to trade for Ogletree. He’s making 10 mill this year. That’s Pac-Man and Lafell. no guaranteed money after 2018. would have looked nice playing alongside Burfict.
  2. If I knew how to embed a video, I'd show you some examples of what I'm talking about lol
  3. He’s never done that much anyway. He’s a first read QB. If what he thinks he sees pre-snap is not really there, he bolts from the pocket.
  4. Move on to what? Surround Dalton with the same lackluster supporting cast he had last year and see if the results are different. Why not move on from Lafell and give that money to Eifert? If you blow it, so be it. You were getting nothing from Lafell anyway.
  5. He’s cheap. If he played well in his 4 years, the odds of signing him to an extension would be less. Hobson would be writing how the team “historically doesn’t value centers”. This is life as a Bengals fan.
  6. This is so stupid. He’s as reliable as Burfict and I don’t see anyone on here wishing him a good riddance. This offense needs every weapon it can get a hand on in order to prop up its average QB. But sure, let’s wave goodbye to the QB’s favorite weapon and usher in the fucking Tyler Kroft era. Even if he maxes out at 8 games this season. That’s 8 games the team has a better chance of winning.
  7. I don't fault him for it. It's something he should communicate during the offseasons though, not every time someone sticks a recorder in his face. Be a part of the team while you're on it. I don't see much difference between him and Corey Dillon in that regard. They both had one foot out the door while they were collecting paychecks and their teammates were on the field competing.
  8. I was really getting tired of his act anyway. he’s a member of a team and he spent the last two years telling anyone who would listen that he didn’t want to be there at all. At least pretend that you have some sort of interest in the here and now. he was a 5th round pick and he didn’t exactly set the world on fire when his number was called. If I was a teammate, I’d have been begging for him to get the hell out.
  9. They kept a backup QB, who apparently had some sort of value as a trade asset, while also admitting that they hoped they never had to play him. Waiting until the late afternoon of the last possible day to derive any value out of this type of asset probably isn't the best idea. I would have been ecstatic if the browns trade went through, but I would have also been ecstatic if any other trade had gone through. They had no intentions of ever giving him a chance to play. Getting a mid-3rd round pick would have still provided more value than what they're left with now.
  10. BREAKING NEWS: IDIOTS LOSE ARBITRATION CASE would have traded him to Cleveland for a 3rd round pick long before 4 pm of the trade deadline. would have been a better pick than they"ll ever be able to get now.
  11. All of what you say makes sense, but I just don’t see them operating that way. They are the most closed-minded organization in sports.
  12. While that article was being written by Cincinnati's own Woodward and Bernstein: Twitter Ads info and privacy Likely, these won’t be the only moves the Stealers make to free up cap space. We already know Bell is aiming to set a new market for top-tier NFL running backs, and he recently made a chance to his social media handle that certainly makes a point about his intentions.
  13. Enjoy If only the Bengals didn't have that rookie draft pool, in-season injury allotment, and practice squad budget to deal with. I'm not sure how the Eagles were allowed to get away with skipping over that stuff last year.

    You're most likely going to be running a blocking scheme tho season that requires EVEN MORE athleticism from your lineman than you've seen in the past. Just let that sink in as you imagine Bodine having to move on an outsize zone run during a game. Besides just totally sucking, his (few) strengths and (many) weaknesses do not fit this scheme at all. He stands to be even worse next year.

    Do you have any doubt he's not a better center than Bodine? Sounds accurate to me.

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