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  1. Shouldn't you be washing Marvin's car before he makes the trip down to Del Boca Vista?
  2. I'm not sure I would say devastating (unless Paul Alexander is re-hired). I don't think Pollack is a bad coach, but I do think he's being WAYYYYYYY overrated by Bengals fans. He didn't build the Dallas offensive line, Bill Callahan did. The Bengals line was certainly better last year, but how much of that had to do with the fact that Ogbuehi wasn't out there? Same with Bodine. Also factor in that Paul Alexander was no longer in charge of designing the run game (we don't know who was in 2018) and you get better results. Pollack did have a new first round pick in his stable though and he was pretty bad. I could chalk that up to merely being a rookie center, but I've been scratching my head over the idea of running a zone blocking scheme and drafting a center with alligator arms, who would be considered average at best athletically. It didn't make sense then and it still doesn't. If that was Pollack's pick, I'm not sure I want him around anyway.
  3. Madieu Superstar

    Who's the next HC?

    This just isn’t factual
  4. Madieu Superstar

    Who's the next HC?

    I don’t get why people keep thinking this? I’m sure it’s possible, but it makes zero sense. Yes, he was a good offensive coordinator, but if you’re hiring an offensive coordinator to be your head coach, wouldn’t you want your OC to run the head coach’s offense? what’s the point of Bieniemy if you’re running Hue’s offense?
  5. Madieu Superstar

    Who do you want for DC?

    I really don’t want to give up on the Bengals, but I just can’t watch if Vance Joseph is named the head coach. He’s the exact opposite of what you need and I just couldn’t do it another year. I’d have my fantasy football team and that would be it.
  6. Madieu Superstar

    Who's the next HC?

    Sp Speaking of Dehner, the coverage of this coaching search has been beyond pitiful by the local media. The last article I saw was grabbing quotes from a recent article in the NY Daily News for a Todd Monken story. Is the local Cincy media so poor and lazy that they can’t even get their own quotes for articles on coaching candidates? None of these writers are doing anything while this search goes on. The national media tweets out whose interviewing and then the locals comment on it. On the way home from work last night I put on the Enquirer podcast. They said at the beginning they had inside information about the search. They didn’t say one word the rest of the world didn’t already know. It’s pathetic. Long story short, they believe Vance Joseph will be the coach. I’m hoping they’re as right about this as they were about Whitworth agreeing to a new contract.
  7. Madieu Superstar

    Todd Monken

    Well they did draft a RB in round 2 this year and got nothing out of him. That’s concerning. But he seems like a solid, under the radar option
  8. Madieu Superstar

    Todd Monken

    At this point, Monken is my number 1 choice. Has called plays. Familiar with the college, spread offense. Did a very good job reviving Southern Miss. His cousin is a very good coach at Army who surrounded himself with some innovative assistants. Hopefully that’s hereditary. My my only concern is the lack of development from Winston and the horrid running game. All things considered, he seems to be the most qualified.
  9. Madieu Superstar

    League wide coach interview tracker

    Listening to Mike Lombardi tonight on the Ringer podcast, he thought the Bengals job could be considered the best one available. The less layers between coach and ultimate decision maker, the better. It’s a different perspective.
  10. That’s fine if that’s what the new coach wants. But the Hue stuff makes zero sense. We’re gonna hire an offensive minded coach and give him someone else’s offense to run. Not going to happen. If MB does decide to hire an external candidate, there’s no evidence to show he’s going to force a staff on him. He didn’t do that with Marvin.
  11. Why are we assuming this is the case? I understand the thinking that MB would want these guys, but Marvin was allowed to pick his full staff. According to Lapham, even Alexander was supposed to be let go, but Marvin’s replacement (Mike Maser) took another job. Why hire Eric Bieniemy (or any offensive coach) and have them run Hue’s offense? What sense does that make? Not even MB is that dumb. We’re gonna hire the guy who coordinated KC’s offense, but he’s going to run the old Bengals/Hue offense. Why even interview him then? He’d never take the job in a million years. I doubt MB wants to waste the money on a flight to KC for that. Same thing with guys like Taylor. If youre gonna run Hue’s offense or Vance’s defense, just hire those guys for head coach.
  12. Madieu Superstar

    League wide coach interview tracker

    Just an FYI, Taylor’s brother is a coach on the Eagles staff. He is credited for bringing the “Philly Special” to the Eagles playbook. Originally hired by Chip Kelly
  13. Madieu Superstar

    Coaching Staff Changes

    He had 4 first round picks for defensive backs.
  14. Not Vance Joseph Not Vance Joseph
  15. Madieu Superstar

    2019 Draft Position

    Truthfully, it’s about finally time this team finds a quality starter on the OL and LB from the middle rounds. They’ve hit on the Lawson’s, Marvin Jones’s, Geno’s, Hubbard’s, but never anything on the OL or LB (except Burfict, who fell for the same reasons everyone wants him gone for now). Hit on a player in the middle rounds and you’re gonna be A LOT better off.

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