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  1. I think Mixon will be seen as the offense’s best player by the end of the season. I don’t see them winning much this year, but Mixon should be exciting.
  2. Madieu Superstar

    Debbie Downer Update

    Who spells Lombardi with a ‘y’?
  3. Madieu Superstar

    Bring the Fullback BacK!!

    His runny style is identical to Bell. They sit behind the line and wait for a hole to evolve. I’m just not sure that style needs a fullback. What would be the point?
  4. Madieu Superstar

    Bring the Fullback BacK!!

    I’m just saying, last year Mixon ran for 4.2 ypc in shotgun and 3.1 ypc under center. Gio ran for 5.3 ypc in shotgun and 2.9 ypc under center. I could be wrong, but I also don’t remember Dallas or Chip Kelly utilizing a fullback much in their offense,
  5. Madieu Superstar

    Bring the Fullback BacK!!

    I’m not sure it’s that cut and dry. Mixon ran out of shotgun in college. He also ran better out of shotgun last season as opposed to when the QB was under center. Many prefeence would be to play to his strengths. I think he’s the best player on offense.
  6. We should watch him block on an outside zone run first before we say that it will be difficult for him to fail. He’s going to have to get across the DT’s face. We’ll see if his arms and legs allow that to happen.
  7. Madieu Superstar

    Bengals Undrafted Free Agents

    Not sure why they aren’t bringing in another kicker. Good news for Jonathan Brown in that they may just let him kick in a preseason game this year.
  8. Madieu Superstar

    2018 Draft 4th through 7th rounds

    Wasn’t much of a fan of this draft, but time will tell.
  9. Madieu Superstar

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    Lol the Bengals drafted Dave Rimington and he wasn’t all that.
  10. Madieu Superstar

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    He definitely could be, but that’s not saying much. He’s a good lineman, but if you’re going to draft him, don’t run a zone scheme. May as well play to his strengths
  11. Madieu Superstar

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    I just don’t get it. Price is a rich man’s Bodine. The center is going to need to be able to move and get across the face of the DT. Price struggles with that more than the other two.
  12. Madieu Superstar

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    What a trash organization. That’s a second round player who doesn’t fit a zone scheme.
  13. I’m not Billy Price’s biggest fan, but it’s crazy to me how much better these 3 centers look than Bodine. All of them are world’s better in space. You don’t have to be Paul Brown to see it. As as long as they come away with one of them, the line will be better. I just think Price offers the smallest improvement over Bodine.
  14. I actually think Ross was a very good goal line WR in college. No, he’s not going to be getting jump balls like AJ, But his first step off the LOS is ridiculous. He gets instant separation. It’s all about having a coaching staff that is creative in its scheme. Marvin is not creative and Zampese was not creative. Hopefully Lazor is better. I just think that if he somehow gets lucky and stay healthy, he can play and really help.
  15. I get the hate for the Ross pick after how last season went, but he was the type of player that this team needed opposite Green. In college, he was a good WR at all three levels of the defense. The bengals fucked themselves with their drafts in 2014 and 2015. They missed on 3 offensive linemen in the first 4 rounds. That sets any team back, not from New England. Obviously they needed an offensive lineman last year, but how much draft capital can you use on one position in such a short amount of time? The idea of Ross wasn't flawed thinking. Letting Paul Alexander pick bums was the issue.

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