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  1. Madieu Superstar

    Fire Austin Now!

    This isn’t all on the coordinator. Be gals were 24th in opponent 3rd down conversion rate last year. They were 16th in 2016. The defense has been trending down. This is about offenses evolving in the NFL. They’re becoming faster and they’re using the entire width of the field to attack you. The defensjve coaches who have adjusted to this style of style of play are compensating. Marvin and Duke Tobin still think it’s 2001. Why else would a team fail to draft a linebacker in the first two rounds for 9 years and pick up players like Hawk, Minter, and Preston Brown. Leading tacklers in the NFL settle for 1-year contracts for a reason.
  2. Madieu Superstar

    Fire Austin Now!

    This take is so off base. Who hires this bozo despite sucking at his previous job? Could’ve interviewed Vic Fangio, but hired Austin instead. The person who hired him should be fired.
  3. Who hired him? he should get to hire a 6th defensive coordinator?
  4. Good: W Bad: Marvin Ugly: Marvin never leaves
  5. Let’s go through another set of coordinators while the head coach stays...
  6. Madieu Superstar

    Important question

  7. Madieu Superstar

    Fight after the game...

    I agree that Jackson should shadow Brown, but having said that, the way Schuster plays against us, it probably doesn't matter. On this play though, I think having Jackson cover the greater surface area on the field is fair. Again, McCrae had one responsibility on this play and that was to immediately get inside leverage. Instead, he immediately takes a step to his outside and the game is over. I actually didn't hate the play call as much as other ppl did. I realized the game was over once Dre was called for the penalty on 3rd down. Boswell never misses against us and I doubt that was going to change right then and there.
  8. Madieu Superstar

    Fight after the game...

    This isn't true. McCrae was going to be responsible for AB. AB was lined up behind Hunter. McCrae's job was to get inside of Hunter and AB by any means necessary. Jackson was on his own island, handling the entire outside area of the field. Whether that was Hunter or AB deciding to go to the outside. McCrae had a fatal flaw in his technique. Once the ball is snapped, he initially takes a step to his left. Once he does that, Hunter has him locked up and AB is free and clear. THERE WAS NEVER ANY REASON FOR HIM TO TAKE THIS FALSE STEP. THE BALL WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE GOING INSIDE AND McCRAE HAD NO OUTSIDE RESPONSIBILITY ON THE PLAY. THAT'S WHY JACKSON WAS THERE. McCrae's lack of poise and technique cost them mightily on that play. Hunter certainly should've been flagged, BUT if McCrae does his job on that play, Hunter doesn't matter and it becomes a race between McCrae and AB to get to the ball. Belichick can pull an undrafted free agent off the street and have him execute this play flawlessly in the biggest moment of everyone's lives. Marvin's undrafted free agent was ill-prepared for the moment. That's the difference between the two coaches.
  9. Madieu Superstar

    Fight after the game...

    Jeez Louise with the hostility on here... Personally I felt they lost the game at other moments: Taking a 7-0 lead and allowing them to score 14 unanswered. Why? Why not put a foot on their throat. Having to punt due to A.J. Green and Cody Core. If Cody Core is running routes, that tells you that you should be running the ball. Our guys dropped the passes, there guy made an unbelievable play to score a TD. That’s why they win. Dropping interceptions. Despite having no pressure for the entire 60 minutes, Ben still manages to gift us 3 interceptions. We dropped all 3 (Burfict, Jackson, Dennard). On top of that, we forced a fumble and didn’t recover it. Being Marvinized every 3rd quarter. What’s the point of deferring when we may be the worst 3rd quarter team in football. WE HAD 4 YARDS IN THE 3rd QUARTER. Who deserves to win a game when you do that? snapping the ball with 17 seconds left on the play call on the final drive. Just why? Dalton has to be smarter than that. Time was NEVER going to be an issue. Let the clock run down to 1 second and get the game to underca minute. It comes down to Marvin Lewis’s teams never making the big plays when needed. The Stealers always make them against the Bengals.
  10. Complaining about the officiating is fine, but this is just a disgraceful and typical performance by a Marvin coached team.
  11. Madieu Superstar

    Iloka cut

    I just think you overrate Iloka and I guess underrate Fej. To me, they aren’t really any different other than Fej is really good on ST. Iloka just didn’t make any plays in the backend that any other guy couldn’t make. They obviousny like Wilson and did t want to squeeze him off the roster. Maybe that coupled with with Phillips having to make it for return ability led to Iloka and his large salary being vulnerable. If Fej passed him, why keep him? His play during the preseason may have just confirmed to the coaches that a new system wasn’t going to help him.
  12. Madieu Superstar

    Iloka cut

    Whether they save money or not, I don’t really care. I think it was a good move because I don’t think Iloka was ever really good. At this point, I certainly don’t believe he was any better than Fej or Shaw. He was just a guy. Seriously, was there something you saw in Iloka that other people didn’t see? How did he help the middling defense he played on the last few years? I could see losing your shit over cutting a certifiably good player like Dunlap or Dennard or something, but for a guy who finished as one of the worst safeties in the league last year according to PFF? He wasn’t traded because no one in the league would want to pay him what he was going to make this year. If that’s the case, why should the Bengals?
  13. I’d like my kickers to be accustomed to as much pressure as they can handle.
  14. I get a kick out of the fact that Bullock has a career year when he was forced to compete for his job against a young kicker. So instead of doing the same thing this year, you tell him that no competition is needed any longer. Marvin has been a fuckup when it comes to his specialists for awhile. Keeping Brad St. Louis too long, keeping Graham too long, keeping Nugent too long, drafting Elliot in the 5th, only to cut him, and now declaring no competition between journeyman kicker and relative unknown who has so far risen to the occasion.
  15. Madieu Superstar

    Iloka cut

    Not a big proponent but PFF seems to believe he’s played well in preseason. Bottom line is that you’re inserting a safety into the lineup who is willing to take chances in order to generate positive plays. Will he get burnt from time to time? Most likely. But does he play in a manner that is conducive to him making some game changing/sealing plays? Quite possibly. Either way you knew things weren’t getting any better with Iloka. In baseball they call players like him replacement-level. He wasn’t athletic (relatively speaking), wasn’t instinctual, and lacked any real ball skills. What did he offer other than an ability to play so deep that no one could get behind him?

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