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  1. What makes you think Hopkins and Jordan are any good? They haven't proven it. I saw both of them on their backs at various times last night.
  2. It's hard for me to think he's not already the best player on team. Who on offense is better? Green? Not at this point. Boyd? Maybe, but he makes mistakes too. Anyone on defense? Geno looked washed last year. Thinking through the roster, I'm not sure its even close. If Burrow isn't out there last night, they may have lost 42-7. His yards per attempt is trash, but he's so accurate with the ball. He's incredibly fun to watch, unlike Dalton who was the equivalent of generic brand wax beans.
  3. I really thought Vonn Bell would help this defense more than he has. Good against the run in New Orleans, but even more than that, he was an incredibly effective blitzer. So far, we haven't seen any of that from him. I only really noticed one blitz last night, and it was Logan Wilson getting stoned at the LOS.
  4. Maybe Zac Taylor can actually allow a little bit of contact in his training camps going going forward. It's nice to be healthy going into the season, but if you play like this, who cares?
  5. Do not let Jim Turner anywhere near this top-5 OL that they draft. He's abominable.
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