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  1. Zampese Out

    Well we wouldn't want this offense to get messy lol. In all seriousness, il just happy he's only been in the organization for a year plus. He hasn't been Bengalized just yet
  2. Texans Tonight

    If you didn't expect more ineptitude this season, I don't know what to tell you. They're running the same plays at the same times this season. Except now opposing coaches have a whole year's worth of tape to recognize it. And those plays didn't work last year anyway.
  3. The man witnessed his defensive lineman counterpart back up, jump, and try to swat the ball down. Bodine also decided to back up, jump, and swat the ball down. I've never seen that before. That an NFL offensive lineman would do that speaks to his instincts and our OL coach's sheer incompetence.
  4. Unfortunately, the Bengals decided to continue to roll him out there when he had no strength left in his legs. More great evaluation.
  5. If we could develop OL and DL in the middle rounds, I'd be all for that strategy. As it stands, our OL coach has almost NEVER developed an offensive lineman picked after round 2. Rich Braham, Mike Goff, Clint Boling, Rod Jones? Kevin Sargent? Eric Ghiaciuc? Stacy Andrews? Nate Livings? Dennis Roland? Kyle Cook? Russell Bodine? Abominable As it stands, some of our recent defensive linemen picked after round 1 include Devon Still, Brandon Thompson, Margus Hunt, Will Clarke, Marcus Hardison, Andrew Billings. Pathetic
  6. I don't know why people who watch so much football are always fooled. It doesn't matter how many John Ross's or Joe Mixon's you draft if you have 5 Mary's as offensive linemen. Why does Pittsburgh anally assault us every single year? It isn't because Leveon Bell is Walter Payton and the Raper is Johnny Unitas. It's because they kick the shit out of our guys in both trenches for 60 minutes in almost every game. Guys like Willie fucking Parker and Jordan fucking Todman don't gash us because they're any good. They do it because their O-Line mauls at the point of attack. You wanna win consistently? Have a good O-Line and D-Line. Stop picking fucking cornerbacks in the first round every other year!! They mean nothing if you don't get pressure. Stop picking fucking RB's in round 2 every single year!!! They mean nothing without a line that can open huge holes for them! the fact that Russell Bodine is allowed to start on this team 4 straight years shows you the mental illlness that pervades the coaches offices at PBS. He would not play on ANY other team in the league. The fact that Will Clarke can get picked in the 3rd round (they wanted to pick him in the 2nd) only because he's from Pennsylvania and his dad was good friends with Jay Hayes is a travesty for a professional organization. BTW guess which team was the only one who would pick him up.
  7. Peko

    You're comparing an offense led by Carson Palmer (who was basically a top 5 QB when healthy) to one that has Andy Dalton (who is not a top 5 QB when healthy). But I do find it interesting that we somehow moved up from 22 to 18 in offense with a rookie QB, a rookie AJ Green, and two guys named Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell. I also don't understand the defense argument. Having a bad defense would mean more throwing, correct? It would also mean more time playing from behind correct? Wouldn't that usually lead to more yards, when considering a mixture of needing to make a comeback and never having the chance to play conservatively because your defense is so apt to giving up points? And if Brat is so talented as an offensive mastermind, why can't he seem to hold a job after he left this country club of an organization?
  8. Peko

    You're the same guy who said that losing Bratkowski would hurt the team more than it would help them. Your football knowledge is not beyond reproach. We'll how he does in Denver.
  9. 2-3 Million left per Hobson

    I'd place RB at the bottom of the list, no doubt about it. That's why I can't understand the Fournette love on here. If you have a good line, pretty much any RB you put back there will be successful. Perhaps if we had a center worth a damn, we wouldn't all be so worried about replacing a guard.
  10. 2-3 Million left per Hobson

    Probably for the same reason they chose to activate a 3rd string RB over their first round pick. It boils down to the fact that Marvin Lewis is mentally challenged and would be exposed as such if the local media wasn't just a bunch of sycophants. Btw, how great did those special teams look after Peerman came back!!!!!!
  11. 2-3 Million left per Hobson

    I'm a pessimist and I'll assume that they don't really have anything up their sleeve. I agree about Whitworth (particularly is sub-par run-blocking) but it's the ppl that are replacing him that infuriate me. Ogbuehi may have potential but through college and the pros he has never actually produced at a high level. I'm not going to assume that the potential is going to be realized soon. I disagree about guards. The interior of the line helps enormously in the run game. I don't think Zeitler was great, but he was surrounded by bums. Again, I don't see anyone special replacing him.
  12. 2-3 Million left per Hobson

    The last paragraph is such an important point. Teams roll over money so that they can spend it when they have arrived within their window of making a run at a super bowl. The Bengals were in that window. Instead of going all out, they decided to keep rolling money over. The window looks to be closed for now. AJ Green is 29. I'd say he probably has another 4 prime years left, barring injury. Next year looks bleak. When does the window open again? What was the roll over money for?
  13. 2-3 Million left per Hobson

    Even if you roll over about 6-8 mill (generous) for extensions, they still have room left. A lot more than 2-3 million. Getting rid of even one of Maualuga/Pac frees up even more. Why they can't make these moves tells me everything I need to know about the incompetents who run things here.
  14. Whitworth to rams

    They caught lightning in a bottle by finding a QB and WR in the same draft. You use that good fortune to try and win a SB. They never did that.
  15. 2-3 Million left per Hobson

    I don't understand the bad contract part. They guaranteed 15 million to him. If they only get one season out of him, that's still not horrible for one of the best LT's in the game. 2nd year only has $2.5 million guaranteed. What did they risk? They had cap room this year and decided that the best way to break in their most prized possession is by not getting him killed from the blind side. Not going to fault them for it.

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