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  1. I get being loyal to your college team, but at some point it clouds your judgement. I'd feel better about Price if he sometimes showed glimpses of ability and potential. Unfortunately, he doesn't. He often just looks like an overmatched UDFA who isn't very athletic and has horrible technique. The drafting of Price was enough for me to be glad Pollack is gone.
  2. I can't believe these opinions still exist. What is it with Ohio State fans?
  3. This would be a bunch of bad decisions. QB is more valuable than OL. Why? Because you can find starting lineman in the middle rounds of a draft. This organization just sucks at drafting OL now
  4. This is nonsensical You'd pass on a Qb that you like because your line isn't fixed...got it
  5. I have been watching Allen looks good so far. The third stringer on Pittsburgh won one game and did nothing Chase Daniel? He went 1-1 This is your basis for passing on a QB and picking "lineman"? I guess my question is, what are YOU watching?
  6. Who are these QBs you speak of? Brady...who else? You're picking in the top 3 for a reason. Pick the f'n QB! Believe it or not, but starting O-Lineman can be had in the middle rounds, even if this dumb team has rarely been able to do it.
  7. Arizona’s the worst team in the NFL? They toyed with the Bengals for about 56 of the 60 minutes.
  8. What? He threw a bad pass. The receiver was open. That is career-deficient. A good QB makes that throw to a 6’5 WR 10 out 10 times.
  9. The idea is that the fake run should slow the pass rushers down. I don’t know if that is truly the case, but from what I’ve seen from the offensive line and from Dalton, may as well give it a shot. Things can’t get any worse.
  10. They have done analysis on this and I believe the conclusion was that play action is still effective regardless of how well or how often you actually run the ball. To not call any play action passes in the first half when that is supposed to be your identity is pretty staggering. I’d call it stupid if it was Marvin, so the same applies to the Zac Attack.
  11. I’m surprised he hadn’t received more of the blame after today. He was PUTRID.
  12. - That was not the offense we're going to see in the regular season. WR was motioning well before the play was occurring. I expect the fake (and real) jet sweeps to be a staple when the season starts. Hopefully that will slow down the LB's, because the run-blocking left much to be desired. - Defense looked slow and un-athletic. I know KC is probably the fastest team in the league, but how else should you measure yourself? Gotta figure out a way to play faster if you actually want to compete. - Andrew Brown and Hubbard were the bright spots on defense. Didn't see much from anyone else. I guess you could lump in Phillips as well, but those muffed punts were embarrassing. -I still believe this will ultimately be better than Marvin's last few seasons, but my God, please stop with the penalties. It's nauseating. Just beating yourselves before the other team ever has a chance.
  13. good read. i like the attention to detail. can't say Marvin didn't have an attention to detail, but it certainly didn't show on most Sunday's.
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