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  1. [quote name='scharm' timestamp='1349118012' post='1165318'] Friend of mine says his work was given offer at 50% off tickets. Limited seats available. [/quote] A friend in the Air Force said the base(Wright Patt) was selling tickets at 1/2 off to service men, said they sold the 2000 tickets they had in a day and a half.
  2. Nickslycat

    Faith in Dalton

    I don't post much on here, but I do read a lot of the posts. The hate for Marvin must end! Take a look at what he has done with this young team. They are 4-1 on the fucking road! I don't give a fuck who they have played, winning on the road is not easy in the NFL. Just ask The Ravens. Anybody who thinks this team is capable of losing 8 straight, needs to stop drinking the hatorade and then go take a fucking leap at a rolling doughnut.
  3. [quote name='BlackJesus' timestamp='1320737049' post='1058637'] [center][img]http://prod.static.bengals.clubs.nfl.com/assets/images/imported/CIN/photos/clubimages/2011/11-November/AP111106060622--nfl_medium_540_360.jpg[/img] Why do you have that cheat sheet on your wrist, wouldn't it be easier just to memorize the plays? [/quote] [/center]
  4. Palmer does not deserve a trade. If it was not about the money, why doesn't the pussy quitter give back 4 years of his pro-rated signing bonus? Mike Brown, will not trade him unless he does. I say let the LA fairy become a nobody overnight.
  5. Hey Sir, I have two tickets in section 108 row 28. They are lower level on the twenty yard line. Just say the word and they are yours. [email="Nicksly1@msn.com"]Nicksly1@msn.com[/email].
  6. Nickslycat

    Nugent game winner..

    sorry, I know he wasnt a first rounder, but a fairly early pick, 3rd or 4th round.
  7. Nickslycat

    Nugent game winner..

    I'm just curious, why did the Jets cut Nugent? He was the best kicker if college, did he totally suck with the Jets. I think he was early first rounder, if I remember correctly. He just seems so good that why would a team give up on him?
  8. Nickslycat

    How do you grade Dalton's debut

    Solid b+. He did something vagina palmer never did, he looked at three receivers on the same play, also looked over the whole field, Palmer, once the play was called to the right, he never looked to his left. Does not have the physical attributes of Palmer, but has the intangibles that Palmer never had. Honestly, he reminded me of Drew Brees.
  9. AJ Green over 3 1/2 touchdowns. (6' 4" receiver will be targeted at least once each time inside the 10) Benson over 1100 yards. (Gruden wants to run, Benson will get 75% of carries) AJ Green over 650 yards. (Best reciever on team, only needs to avg. 41 yards a game.) I like Dalton over 12 1/2 tds. (If he starts the whole year, besides Pit and Balt, plays against some very poor defenses, plus bengals will be playing against a lot of prevent defense late) Dunlap under 9 1/2 sacks. (History shows Bengals players regress, most teams will have a lead, will run the ball to protect lead)
  10. soP has been around the boards for years. Nothing new. If he wasn't the son of a legend who else would have given him a position in the NFL. I would not hire him to run my pee wee league. That said, soP's stance on CP is another, in a long list of colossal blunders. Having two first rounders, or two high second rounders would help this team more, than the dick proving his fucking point. You know that you run your team so fucked up, when even soP considers it a reward to trade a player from here. REALLY!
  11. This is simple! Mike Brown just doesn't get it. Every great team starts with a great offensive line. The last time the Bengals had a dominant team was in 1988. They had the best line in football. Cleveland has made strides this year because of their next great line in football. Mike Brown knows that the tackles are important, he just has not figured out that the center and the guards are equally important. If Mike would have spent the money he threw away on Bryant and Owens, and signed a couple of interior lineman, do you think the team would be better off? The solution, sign the best free agent guard available, regardless of the cost. Trade out of the top 5, if that option is available, and draft a center and a tackle in the first round. Cut the fat slob, he will never play in the NFL. Foot problems are worse than knee problems for the morbidly obese. If you build a great OL, an average QB like Palmer can excel. If and when Mike dies, and Katie takes over the team, and a real GM is hired, you can bet your arse that this is the direction that he/she will take. Mikey has always believed that the cart comes before the horses, and this in a nutshell explains his record of incompetence of the last 20 plus years.
  12. [quote name='ThurmanMunster' timestamp='1288561619' post='936068'] scales must be TOs friend and Carson must have banged his wife because he has the most asinine, jaded opinion. [/quote] What's amazing is that people actually try to defend Palmer. He flat our sucks. He played perfect for one drive, other than that is was Akili Smith reincarnate. Lock onto primary target and never leave that target. No time, bullshit! WR running wrong routes, bullshit! Re-watch the game I did, 90% of the fuck-ups were his fault! Bad throws and throwing into double and triple coverage when his secondary receivers and check downs were wideeeeeee fucking open. He does not have field presence period. That is the fucking problem!
  13. They just paid 8 million up front for a WR who will never play a down for the Bengals. Mike wants to win this year! He wants a legacy. Mankins would make this OL top 5 in the NFL. Can you imagine Carson with time to look at 3 or 4 receivers? Unfucking stopable.
  14. I live in the Dayton area so I have been exposed to fat ass Browns Fan Sean McDick. Every chance he gets he wants to put in a shot at the Bengals. Since 2003 the Bengals have not been the Bungals of the 90's. The Clowns are as bad as the Bengals ever were. Clowns fans only redemption was, well at the least the Bengals suck too. Those days are over! The fact is the Bengals will be in the playoffs and the Clowns will be going down to the wire for the first pick in the draft. Fuck the Clowns and there sorry ass fans! WHO DEY!

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