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  1. bengalszone go down once a year or what?? lol
  2. I will always be Bengals fan, I am 39 years old from Chicago and when I was kid my favorite animal is Tiger. and one day I saw Bengals on tv I suddenly become fan of that team for life. you need add poll for people who live in Cincinnati. Will you still be fan of team if they change name to Cincinnati Flamingo and uniform is mostly pink?
  3. i want to add one thing GO TITANS!!! FUCK PANTHERS!!!
  4. I search for billy on facebook, I find him and send him private message, hope hear from him about this
  5. nope i dont
  6. hello, here I am
  7. i have a question, i have a best friend who is a steelers fan, and i sell him a ticket to go with me, does that made me a traitor??
  8. which is fun for me as my brother is miami dolphins fan, so my turn to insult him as he did during AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals years, i hate this site, it supposed to say "b u n g l e s" not "afc north champion cincinnati bengals" i didnt ask for spell correcting, if member want to put in insults like pissburgh, let them do themselves, do not control us, am tired of it
  9. [quote name='BengalsOwn' post='569629' date='Oct 14 2007, 01:49 PM']english por favor?I can think of a couple without hesitation.[/quote] it is in english. but i know my sentence structure is lousy. basically it is because i am deaf, and my first language is not english, it is american sign language, it have different sentence structure than english writing. it is common knowledge that deaf is bad in writing.
  10. based on voting, i can see that u all not bengals loyal fan, as u all give up already, omg, whats wrong with u all
  11. i agree on patriots but they wont have 16-0, just becz they will play dolphins 2 time this year, jason taylor is brady's nightmare, and dolphins will protect their only undefeated season in history
  12. AFC EAST - New England, Miami AFC NORTH - Baltimore, Cincinnati AFC SOUTH - Indianapolis, Jacksonville AFC WEST - San Diego NFC EAST - Dallas, NY Giants NFC NORTH - Chicago NFC SOUTH - New Orleans, Atlanta NFC WEST - Arizona i pick 7 team for afc, because i have a gut feeling that miami and cincinnati will battle for last spot of play off on last week game. personal i hope it will happen as my brother who i am living with, is dolphins fan, so it will be fun for us lol
  13. omg people are that moron, miami dolphins deserve to be in top 3 defense vote
  14. i would love to join this but i only play madden on pc, i am a pc gamer
  15. [quote name='Quaker' post='498003' date='Jun 9 2007, 02:47 AM']...Anything I ask you, is just simply out of curiosity. I am genuinely interested and not trying to be a prick or anything like that. It's generally just hard to converse with a deaf person as I don't know sign language or anything like that. (I can spell "ass" using sign language) What are your feelings on being deaf? Do you hate it? Possibly actually like it? Were you born with a condition or was it something that happened gradually over time? Do you read lip? Here in Columbus I believe we have one of the largest deaf schools around.[/quote] i am born deaf, in fact maybe 85% of people in my family is deaf, yes there is a deaf school in columbus called ohio school for the deaf, my older sister graduate there, never go there as my family moved to illinois when i was 8 years old, so i went to illinois school for the deaf in jacksonville and graduate there to answer your question, i LOVE being deaf as i always been deaf since born so i dont feel i am missing anything, but i know that these who born hearing and then become deaf in later life, it is hard for them than who born deaf