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  1. I thought his first name is Odell, not O'Dell
  2. my brother send me a message on 4/20 that he got from Miami forum: Read on Rotoworld the Bengals have ONLY studied Ryan Finley. So it would seem they have no interest in replacing Dalton for now. so I think it is obviously Bengals want Finley not Lock
  3. I know nothing about college player as I dont watch them, but is this seriously good pick? I think a guy who call himself Greedy auto removed from my list no matter what.
  4. dimster

    Marching Through Atlanta

    just leave door open and let delivery guy come to you.
  5. I didnt have chance to watch the game, so can you explain to me why is Mixon in GOOD list when Gio is in bad list while Gio have better rushing average than Mixon.
  6. u must have met wrong ones. because I grew up in Chicago and they are very friendly people. I still have alot of Bears/Cubs fans as friends.
  7. i dont watch or care about baseball, but if I have to, I guess it would be Cubs since majority of my family is Cubs fans.
  8. 17th??? Try 8th, yards dont fucking matter it is scoring defense that matters and they was 8th last year
  9. dimster

    Bengalszone down

    bengalszone go down once a year or what?? lol
  10. I will always be Bengals fan, I am 39 years old from Chicago and when I was kid my favorite animal is Tiger. and one day I saw Bengals on tv I suddenly become fan of that team for life. you need add poll for people who live in Cincinnati. Will you still be fan of team if they change name to Cincinnati Flamingo and uniform is mostly pink?
  11. i want to add one thing GO TITANS!!! FUCK PANTHERS!!!
  12. dimster

    Bengalszone down

    I search for billy on facebook, I find him and send him private message, hope hear from him about this
  13. dimster

    Bengalszone down

    nope i dont
  14. dimster

    Bengalszone down

    hello, here I am
  15. dimster

    Bring on the bandwagon

    i have a question, i have a best friend who is a steelers fan, and i sell him a ticket to go with me, does that made me a traitor??

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