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  1. none as I never play any of them. my brother do his own story as a DM and he is very good at it. a lot of comedy in it as well.
  2. dimster


  3. smart guy, I wouldnt say anything to thug like Pacman, who knows what he would do to me. you cant fuck around with thugs. not because they are dangerous but because they are morons with guns.
  4. 13 rushes for 9 yards total in preseason, oh yeah I dont see it.
  5. my brother send me a message on 4/20 that he got from Miami forum: Read on Rotoworld the Bengals have ONLY studied Ryan Finley. So it would seem they have no interest in replacing Dalton for now. so I think it is obviously Bengals want Finley not Lock
  6. I know nothing about college player as I dont watch them, but is this seriously good pick? I think a guy who call himself Greedy auto removed from my list no matter what.
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