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  1. Who Dey everyone! Our The Last Time the Bengals played.... podcast is back! Week 3 for 2021 is a the Stealers so we look back to November 15, 2020 and watch the Bengals lose 36-10 in Pittsbugh. We talk how awful its been watching the Bengals lose to the Stealers all these years and hopes for a new Dey in 2021. Check the 2nd link below to watch along with us!
  2. We're Back! The Who Dey over 40 crew has your offseason podcast with The Last Time the Bengals Played.... as we do a watch along to the last time the Bengals played their scheduled opponents for the 2021-2022 season. First up, the Minnesota Vikings from December 17, 2017 as the Bengals get blown the eff out and we talk what was happening with the Bengals that season. Click the link to watch along with us and be sure to subscribe to our channel!!
  3. The Who Dey Over 40 podcast is back as we jump into week 1 of Free Agency for the Bengals. We got hyped for big names and didn't get any of them! We talk about which Bengals left with Lawson and Willow, which Bengals legends moved on with AJ and Geno, and we say bye nigga to Erickson, Findley, and most especially Bobby Hart! We also discuss the new additions and if the Bengals are any better today than they were before free agency started! Fun listen with your boys from Who Dey Over 40 and Whitney Houston takes us out this week!! You can also #watchthepod and subscribe to o
  4. Who Dey over 40 podcast is back. The Bengals win 31-20 over the Titans after a week of turmoil. Carlos Dunlap gets traded, John Ross is running his lips faster than his routes, the offensive line is hurt and full of the replacements, and Joe Burrow is magic. The defense is still a huge problem that Joe Burrow has to overcome, but Zack Taylor rights the ship this week and the Bengals win!!! Great listen with your boys from Brothascomics and if you want to watch the podcast, the link is listed below! Follow and leave a comment! We always answer back!!
  5. The Bengals lose to the Browns 37-34 on a last second TD by the Browns. The Bengals defense cant stop anything or anybody in the second half and waste a magnificent performance by Joe Burrow. We talk the loss last week against the Colts and the eerily similar defensive problems over the last few weeks. Plus Carlos Dunlap is an ass and needs to be moved for a 2 Skyline Coneys! Podcast is available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, IHeart Radio, and wherever you listed to Podcast. Just search @brothascomics You can also watch the pod on our youtube channel
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