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  1. The preseason is over and the Bengals are needing to cut down to the final 53 man roster. Who makes the team? Are their surprise cuts? Did Jackson Carmen, Thad Moss, and Tyler Shelvin seal their fates against the Rams? We talk the potential 53 and look for spots to upgrade moving towards week 1 vs the Stealers
  2. The WHo Dey over 40 Crew is Back! We talk the Return of Jessie Bates, the Jackson Carmen debacle, the rise of Darth Volson, and the joint practice between the Rams and the Bengals! We are on the road to opening week against the Stealers
  3. Who Dey Over 40 is Back with Who Dey Over 40 VS Return of the Mack. Joe Burrow returns to practice...finally after his appendix surgery. We talk the Bengals loss to the Cardinals on Friday night. The pseudo return of Jessie Bates. Who looked good? Who Looked Bad? And we swing around the AFC North to talk shit about the Ravens, Stealers, and Browns Video and podcast links below. Be sure to subscribe and follow on Twitter @whodeyover40
  4. We wrap up the week of training camp news talking about Joe Burrow still being out. When do we panic? Plus the D-Line has dominated padded practices. Is this good news, bad news, or an incomplete on the new Bengals offensive line. Plus we talk up and down rookies and the drama by the mistake by the lake. You can also watch the pod on our youtube page @whodeyover 40
  5. Who Dey over 40 crew is back! We tackled the Madden rankings- which are some straight bullshit Burrow too low, other QB's ranked too high Grab a drink and listen
  6. Its the Night Before the Super Bowl. We talk the news from Media Week, how the Bengals are being discounted by most of the National Media, how there is a Whole Lot of Orange out in LA and how older Bengals fans are not promised tomorrow or next season. This is our Time! Lets go and win Super Bowl 56! You can watch the Pod on our Youtube Channel. Rate and Subscribe
  7. Who Dey Over 40 Podcast is back! We talk about what this week has been like for us, the media and their Bengal hate coming out, a poll question on if the Bengals should invite Marvin Lewis and some of the "Marvin Guys" to be on the sideline during the game, and some early advantages and disadvantages the Bengals have ahead of the Super Bow! Dr Dre and Tupca play us out with some California Love You can also Watch the Pod... subscribe to our Youtube Channel @whodeyover40
  8. Who Freakin' Day!! Bengals win 27-24 in overtime Vs the Chiefs! It didn't start great but this team does not quit and battles back to win We talk our game day experience today and watch the highlights on youtube Listen below or watch the pod if you can bc its gonna get copyrighted
  9. 72 hours from the AFC Championship game and we got your preview here. Bengals are healthy, media is fake trying to create controversey, Joe Burrow is being disrespected, and we make predictions( hint we Pick the Bengals) Listen here or watch the pod on youtube ( be sure to subscribe)
  10. The Bengals beat the #1 seeded Titans 19-16 to advance to the AFC Championship game. Joe Burrow gets beat da fuq up, the defensives line shuts down King Henry, and call him Money Mic, Money Mac, or Shooter... Evan McPherson wins the game on a 52 yard field goal! WHo dey!!! Audio podcast here youtube watch the pod here
  11. A midweek playoff preview. We talk the news of the week thus far as the Bengals defensive line looks to get healthy, Joe Burrow is not here for participation trophy's, and we look at the Titans and what we expect on Saturday. Fun listen with your boys from Who Dey over 40 And Arrested Development plays us out Or you can watch the pod below on our youtube channel... be sure to subscribe
  12. Get that monkey off our back!!! The Who Dey Over 30 Crew is back. Bengals win!!! 26-19. Bengals win a playoff game for the first time in 31 years. A tough game all around, some BS calls, some major injuries on defense but the Bengals pull through in the last second. We laugh, cry, and celebrate a win 3 decades in the making!!!Grab a Drink and watch along! Be sure to rate and subscribe!!! You can also watch the pod on our youtube channel
  13. Fan get nervous all the time when they feel things go south... its a natural tendency. Does not affect the players but alot Bengal fans have that anxious feeling going into this game and it has nothing to do really with how good the Raiders are
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