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  1. The Who Dey over 40 Podcast is back as we rank the top 10 QB's in Bengals history? Was Akili worse than Klingler? Were you down with the Shake and Blake? Did you forget Ryan Fitzpatrick was a Bengal? Who you taking: Palmer or Dalton? Is Ken Anderson your guy or is it Boomer? Fun listen all around as we do some painful Bengal QB history as we get ready for the Joe Burrow era
  2. The Who Dey over 40 Podcast is back. We look at the Bengals schedule, game by game, and argue over wins and losses! Are the Bengals a 6 win team? 8 win team? 10 win team? Or are they worse and headed in the wrong direction under Zack Taylor? Plus we discuss who is the most likely back in 2021...John Ross or AJ Green? Fun Bengal talk from your boys at Who Dey Over 40
  3. The Who Dey over 40 Podcast is back and we talk the Bengals Draft. We are excited about Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins and worry that the Bengals didn't do enough to keep Burrow upright. Plus the LB room is finally changing and Mike Brown really sent a hand written letter to the Burrow family. Lots of fun with your boys from Who Dey over 40
  4. Who Dey over 40 is Back as we look back at the 16 years of drafts under Marvin Lewis and pick the All Time Marvin Lewis Draft Team. We pick the best player drafted during the Marvin Lewis Era at each position. Of course there are some givens like AJ Green and Geno Atkins. But who is your starting running back? Right tackle? Safety? And more importantly, who is your starting quarterback: Palmer or Dalton? Fun debate but also quite sad as we look back and see the frequent draft misses during the Marvin era. Grab a drink(you'll need it) and listen, laugh, and cry laughing with us!!
  5. We look at the continued Free Agent signings by the Bengals and ask: why the sudden and dramatic change on free agency and where was this money when the team was actually close to winning under Marvin Lewis. Plus, podcast gets real dark looking back at 16 years of Marvin Lewis and his inability to draft a linebacker
  6. The Boys from Who Dey over 40 are back as we look at the Bengals actually being active in Free Agency. We look at the signings, the releases, and the holes that are still left on the team. Plus when is Andy Dalton gonna be moved and we all hate Dre Kirkpatrick. We also talk the QB carousel in the halftime show and awing around the AFC North and crown the Browns (again) as winners of the Free Agency Super Bowl! Spend an hour of your quarantine with us!!
  7. The Who Dey Over 40 Podcast is back as we talk the Bengals drafting in the 2nd round since the #1 pick is pretty much assured to be Joe Burrow. Plus the Bengals tag AJ Green, the Bengals look to trade Andy Dalton, and we play keep him or dump him with the Bengals own free agents. Fun listen!
  8. The Who Dey Over 40 crew comes back from our offseason program to come and say RIP to our Coach, Sam Wyche. We talk some of the best moments for Coach with the Bengals and of course his most infamous line about Cleveland fans. Plus, we recap the final game of the Bengals season vs the Browns and the legacy of the Andy Dalton era. In halftime, we talk the Killer B's: Buckeyes and Burrow. After halftime, we look at moves the Bengals should make to get back to being a competitive football team. And lastly we Swing around the AFC North to talk Ratbirds, Stealers, and Stains. Fun listen with the crew from Brothascomics as we say so long to Coach! Podcast also available on Apple Podcast and Stitcher( search Brothascomics)
  9. The Who Dey Over 40 Podcast is back after a live viewing of the Bengals VS Dolphins game. We talk the securing of the number 1 pick, the AJ Green sandbagging issues, who was the biggest bust #1 pick, and we laugh at the collapse of the Browns season. Lots of fun with your boys. Podcast also on Apple Podcast and Stticher….. search brothascomics
  10. Who Dey over 40 Podcast us back at the halfway point of the season. We talk the biggest surprises at 0-8, the benching of Andy Dalton, the rise of Finley, and AJ Green's future. Plus we talk Carson Palmer going HAM on the Bengals organization, the possibility of the top QB's in the draft pulling an "Eli", and we laugh at the Browns as the collapse under expectations. Fun listen! Come and laugh with us as we get through this awful season for our hometown team! Podcast also on ApplePodcast. Search @brothascomics
  11. Who Dey over 40.... your long time, long suffering Bengals fans podcast is back. Today its who dey over 40 at the quarter point ( plus one ) of the season as the Bengals lose to the Cardinals. Plus we talk the first four games of the season and the race for the number one pick in the draft. Listen and feel free to comment on our questions this week and the theme from Growing Pains plays us out this week! Would Marvin Lewis be 0-5? Do you want the Bengals to win any games this season? Do you think Zack Taylor gets brought back after if the Bengals go 0-16?
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