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  1. Who Dey over 40.... your long time, long suffering Bengals fans podcast is back. Today its who dey over 40 at the quarter point ( plus one ) of the season as the Bengals lose to the Cardinals. Plus we talk the first four games of the season and the race for the number one pick in the draft. Listen and feel free to comment on our questions this week and the theme from Growing Pains plays us out this week! Would Marvin Lewis be 0-5? Do you want the Bengals to win any games this season? Do you think Zack Taylor gets brought back after if the Bengals go 0-16?
  2. New Who Dey Over 40 podcast as we look back at the Bengals draft and wonder if they got more than one starter in this draft? What is up with that 2nd round pick? And can the Bengals win more than 4 games this coming season?
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