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  1. Was gonna post on here for a little help next week until "The Reach" punches our ticket. Looking for Raiders to somehow win West. Matt Moore in Wild Card and then if win that Matt McGloin in Divisional Round would be a nice path to AFCC
  2. What up Bengal fans!!! Went to the game in DC last night. Had a blast. Looking forward to a good one this week. AJ Green gonna get his I am sure. AB as well. Should be fun.
  3. Well Fuck. The ride stopped today. Fumble was the thing that flipped the game. I actually didn't watch it. Daughter had a snowtubing party that I could not get out of so I subscribed to the Tune In Premium app for one day to listen to the radio feed on my phone as I was flying down the hill a million times. Haven't even watched it yet. Not sure if want too.Was excited when they were driving for another score to extend their 13-12 lead. Seemed like they were holding on for dear life the whole game. Not sure why Tomlin wouldn't let Boswell try a couple of those long field goals. A lot of things to overcome this year. Suspensions, injuries, self inflicted wounds but all in all a good year for my Stealers. Hoping they can get back next year with better health and try it again. Really enjoyed the Alejandro Villanueva story. Former Army Ranger with three tours of Iraq gives NFL one more shot as an undrafted free agent. Now is the starting left tackle for the Stealers. Cool story. I think he has already taken Beachum's job for next year. Been fun messing with you all this year. Even though I am the enemy I still say this is a very cool football site and I am glad I found it many years ago. Guess I am rooting for Cam Newton to win it all just to piss off the haters. Wish it could have been the Stealers but winning a playoff game and advancing farther then the year before I guess will have to do. Later
  4. https://youtu.be/mqBTuNfQ_t4 You probably will not like the end but overall this is freaking funny.
  5. Was also wanting to see if any of you all saw this? Fucking classic
  6. Understand. I will say that Burfict is a fucking beast. Out of Control at times but a fucking beast. He could be the next James Harrison as far as being undrafted to a potential Defensive Player of the Year someday. Was happy we won but it sucks for Pac Man that this is going to hang over him now. I am a big WVU fan as well so have always followed his career.
  7. This guy is on board http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2016/1/10/10745890/bengals-Stealers-pee-assault-arrest-pee-urine Good game
  8. It's crazy that it has worked out this way. Just like 10 years ago we meet again in the Playoffs. I never would have thought after that abortion last week the Stealers would be in but thanks to Sexy Rexy we are in like Flynn. Hoping Williams will be ready to go. Would suck to lose starting RB two years in a row going into playoffs. I have to admit I do not know much about our French back up RB but he did grind out some yards today. On Defense I have no fucking clue what Tomlin sees in Blake. He sucks cocks in Hell. You all throw against him you will win. If Boykin plays the defense seems to be much better. Why Tomlin has a hard on for Blake us Steeler fans have no idea. It is maddening. Gonna be a great one. I am sure it will be a bastion of Sportsmanship
  9. If we beat Ravens next week and Patriots beat Jets we are in no matter what.
  10. Call me Chicken Little but with our Defense I really don't want to play you all or Denver if we make it and get the 6 seed. To be honest if all goes to form next week and we win and Jets lose to Patriots and Chiefs beat Browns I may be rooting for you all to beat Denver next Monday night. I can't find a scenario either where we win the division and if there is I think it involves the Ravens beating you all last week on the road which is not going to happen. If all goes to form next week then if you all beat Denver all the Chiefs would have to do is beat Oakland the last week and they would get the 3 seed as they would overtake Denver for the division. Then all we would have to do is beat the Browns the last week and we would get the 4 seed and probably Houston which on paper would be much better than having another War with you all.
  11. Weird to see some Trash Talking on this site again. Seems like the good old days. I may have to dust off some of my favorites. See you all in the playoffs.
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