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  1. #5 Defense

    What would make this defense even better...is if the offense could stay on the field for a while
  2. Oktoberfest

    I'll grant him this... Andy doesn't seem to duck the public eye despite recent performance
  3. Here is the good news, and the first step to recovery. Realize you should be using "they" when you type "we"
  4. Average NFL Score: Home Team 23 Visitors 20 Pats scored 27, despite a few errant passes from Brady. It should have been enough to win the game. The Pats' D giving up 21 points in the 4th quarter is what lost them the game. Could Brady have been sharper? Sure. Was it his fault they lost? Nope.
  5. Cut/waived/signed

    The Bengals today signed eight players to the practice squad: --LB Brandon Bell (rookie, Penn State) --K Jake Elliott (rookie, Memphis) --OT Kent Perkins (rookie, Texas) --DT Josh Tupou (rookie, Colorado) --WR Kermit Whitfield (rookie, Florida State) --DT DeShawn Williams (second-year player, Clemson) --HB Jarveon Williams (rookie, Texas-San Antonio) --S Brandon Wilson (rookie, Houston) All of the players signed to the Bengals’ practice squad today were with the team in preseason. An NFL practice squad may include up to 10 players, thus the Bengals currently have two open practice squad spots.
  6. Chuck Norris wears Katie pajamas?
  7. How long before we get a localized PR stunt...John Ross vs Billy Hamilton in a race to raise some $ for charity?
  8. Responding to multiple comments above... Rule #1 - believe nothing you hear coming from "inside sources" within 2 weeks of the draft Rule #2 - in case you are tempted to believe something you hear...see rule #1 Hypothetically...if the Bengals did trade up to #2, I certainly hope it is for Jamal Adams or Solomon Thomas...and not any RB If they stick at 9, and he is there...They need to take Reuben Foster. Wouldn't you rather see him paired with Burfict, than say...Shazier?
  9. Obviously picks are worth whatever both trading teams believe they are worth. Although going with the "conventional" trade value chart... Pick #9 = 1,350 points Pick 25 = 720 points Pick 89 = 145 points 2nd round picks range from 270-580 points. For the sake of argument, let's say the Texans threw in their own 2nd round pick. This would mean if this deal took place: Bengals give up 1,370 points Texans give up between 1135 - 1435 points As much as I love the idea of trading back, gaining extra picks, and drafting someone that plays OL... I don't think there is enough sweetener on the deal to entice the Bengals.
  10. What round comp pick will this yield in 2018?
  11. Thoughts on 9th pick

    Agree 100% Or perhaps stated differently, I don't think any of the position groups are exempt from needing an upgrade
  12. Closely related question, albeit hypothetical: IF some team was willing to overpay for McCarron, what would it take to pry him away from the Bengals? In theory...not one is untouchable, right?
  13. 24 in 2016 = a good thing 24 in 2018 = ??? We'll see...

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