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  1. Rumors that there will be a press conference Sunday at 1 PM. Sucks considering that will be the same time as the game lol.
  2. [quote name='Elflocko' timestamp='1321908495' post='1066061'] I so no longer give a shit about that... [/quote] We wouldn't be Bengals fans if we did lol.
  3. @BillBankGreene Bill Greene Meyer and OSU reach deal. Formal announcement next week. Signs deal after Michigan. It's done.
  4. FWIW Herbstreit has said that he wants to coach, and said that he talked about being on Meyers staff at some point if he went back to coaching. It surprised me when I heard it too, because I wouldn't leave Herbies job if I were him, lol. Just saying, it isn't unrealistic that it could happen because I've heard him say it.
  5. The Meyer stuff seems legit actually. There was a flight from Gainesville to Ohio State, and theyre reporting they met. Urban Meyer also met with Arizona this week and turned that offer down, not sure if anyone had heard that already or not but I think this rumor has some legs to it based on the things i've read. 11 warriors which is a reliable Ohio State site also reported the deal is 99.7% done.
  6. Do your auction as a buy it now. I have bid on the glove. just let me know how much you want and I will pay through pay pal.

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