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  1. At least Bengals didn’t draf him...
  2. DrisKILLED... it’s only a matter of time
  3. Did I catch two "Boston-centric" songs by NBC?
  4. Is it bad that on every snap I hope for a run and cringe...
  5. kinda needed the KR TD there... lord knows the offense won't do anything with the field position...
  6. [quote name='fluhartz' date='08 August 2010 - 09:29 PM' timestamp='1281324564' post='903872'] Michael Johnson and Atkins were the bright spots tonight........ Oh and of course mother fucking TO.... we did get our asses whipped......... [/quote] The depth of the DL is encouraging, wish we could say the same about the OL... And TO doesnt appear to have fallen off too badly, as long as someone can get the ball to him/others... Hopefully we won't have to rely on anyone other than CP to make that happen And why couldn't Jordan hit up Coffman for the TD instead of Bobby Hill?? Both more or less in the same area... better odds of keeping coffman than whatever his name is... eh?
  7. yuck, thats an ugly pass miscue... who do you think was supposed to get that, and where??
  8. Damn, hope nothing bad with Leonard, the replay doesnt look optimistic
  9. Gotta love the penalties... Can we just kill dan coats?
  10. Is it just me, or do we do a poor job of accounting for anything relating to the TE position (mostly in this game, but also thinking previous seasons)? They've been seeming to get the majority of the completions in this game, and we cant seem to get ours to block or do anything else when we're on O.
  11. welp... that wasnt pretty... hard to argue there was anyone nearby there...

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