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  1. Even if Nelson's injury isn't that serious, I still think you let him go. If healthy, someone will pay him pretty good money - and we should get a comp pick out of it - 5th round at the worst, assuming we don't go out and get someone in FA with an even higher price tag. I think Williams and Smith can play, and we can draft another safety. We'll be young, but I think we'll be OK. We thought enough of Williams and Smith that we cut Shiloh Keo who is playing significantly for Denver - and there should be some folks out there. Maybe you see if Hall can become a pure safety (doubt it), but we should have some options.
  2. Looks like jackass Jamie Dukes finally got to see his boy play.
  3. it's horrible. It was $20 in previous years, and you could easily get a coupon code to push it down to $15. I don't understand why a similar package isn't offered to NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers. I'd happily pay $20, but there is no way I'm paying $99. Guess I will DVR the tape delay.
  4. While I know we don't need 2 OT's, if Fisher was taken in Round 1, and Ogbuehi was around at pick 53, I wonder if it is looked upon as a steal....purely from a draft grade standpoint....
  5. This is an interesting thought floating around twitter.....   "Whit staying. Bodine will end up on bench and boling to C. Whit to LG in 16-17."
  6. Dolphins reportedly taking Phillips..
  7. Philly moving up for Miami's pick///

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