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  1. Scouting Report: Scotty Washington School: Wake Forest Position: Wide Receiver Class: Senior Height: 6’5″ Weight: 225 Projected Draft Round: 5-7 Scouting Report: Long and tall wide receiver prospect with a strong frame and good hands. Has also shined in big moments on special teams and even had an interception while defending a last ditch Hail Mary to help secure a win against NC State. Will be first viewed as a “post up” power forward type possession receiver, but has put up some tape that shows some open field speed. Can dominate in the slot as smaller defenders have a very difficult time getting position against his imposing frame. Note: I am a Wake fan and have watched him play for the past 4 years. Steady player. The ACC Network had him and Sage Surratt rated as the best wide receiver group, above Clemson's duo before they both got injured. It is an uphill battle but he can make the roster, I think his ability to play special teams will help.
  2. Scotty Washington can be a good pickup. He usually gets off to a slow start but comes on strong as the season progresses.
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