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  1. I don't think the Bengals needed another WR here.
  2. Day 3 wishlist

    I like G Dorian Jonson, T Roderick Johnson, DB Desmond King, and TE Jake Butt. I think the Bengals need to get a G, OT, DT, LB, K today. I hope that they don't draft a RB or WR.
  3. I saw something on Twitter about a trade between the Bengals and Jets -- AJ McCarron for Sheldon Richardson. Is that people just throwing stuff out there or is this legit ? https://twitter.com/DavidWyattNFL
  4. I agree. I like how the Bengals have done so far . I think that they need a second wr in this draft. I do think Jeremy Cash and Jalen Mills at safety are interesting unless Josh Shaw moves there.
  5. Lapham

    I agree with that. Next year the Bengals will get some compensatory picks so they can afford to make a trade like you are suggesting.
  6. The more I think about this pick, the more I think it makes sense. WR is the Bengals' biggest need, but the guys worth the # 24 pick got taken. At that point they have to go BPA from who was remaining. It's important to be good at cb. Adam Jones was excellent last season but Dre Kirkpatrick still has a ways to go and Darquez Dennard is still unproven. The Stealers are the team the Bengals have to beat and they have a prolific passing attack. The Bengals have to be able to defend it. I hope that they can get a WR and DT on Friday.
  7. Day 2 wishlist

    I would like to see the Bengals get a WR and a DT on Friday. The more I think about the pick of William Jackson , the more I think it makes sense.
  8. I like Reggie Nelson. I hope that he comes back.
  9. I'd like to see the Bengals draft Eddie Lacy and a Safety with their two second round picks. If not Lacy ,then another RB. Adding Eifert and a RB would give the offense a boost and Safety appears to be the #1 need on defense.
  10. I'd like to see the Bengals draft Eddie Lacy and a Safety with their two second round picks. If not Lacy ,then another RB. Adding Eifert and a RB would give the offense a boost and Safety appears to be the #1 need on defense.
  11. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1304684269' post='991217'] IF the Bengals wind up picking #1 overall next year, and Luck comes out after a season worthy of being the #1 pick, should the Bengals take him? [/quote] I think that if the Bengals pick #1 in 2012 ,they should draft Andrew Luck. Then,maybe they could turn around and trade Andy Dalton for a high draft choice(s).
  12. [quote name='texbengal' timestamp='1304510561' post='990743'] Ex-GM Charlie Casserly didn't hesitate when they asked him who, of the vet QBs that might be available after the lockout, he'd target. He said Palmer, and indicated that depending on where his team was, if QB was the big need, he'd contact Mike Brown and offer up a #1 pick for him. [/quote] I think that its time to trade Chad and Carson and move forward with the Dalton/Green era. If the Bengals could actually get a first round pick and a player for Palmer,as Kirwan writes,that would be good for the Bengals. Maybe they could get a veteran for the O-line who could help there or even a safety. Then the two 21012 first round picks could be used to address two more areas of need a year from now.If Palmer is allowed to sit out the 2011 season then the Bengals end up getting no use out of him.Palmer,himself ,would not be helping the Bengals,and the Bengals would not be getting somoene in exchanege for Palmer who could help.
  13. Round 4 +

    [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1304175540' post='989074'] can Brewer kick in to either guard spot? [/quote] I don't know about that .He has always played OT for IU. Andre Smith is a big key for the Bengals. Unfortunately with the lockout,the Bengals have not been ablre to work with him this offseason and see where he is at with his health and his weight/conditioning.
  14. Round 4 +

    [quote name='BBR' timestamp='1304173508' post='989052'] Brewer is still available. [/quote] I wonder if the Bengals are ready to give up just yet with Andre Smith as an OT. If the Bengals realy like Brewer,then maybe they make that move. As an IU and Bengals fan I'd like to see an IU guys go to the Bengals. I think that rounds 4 and 5 have to go to a S and an OL.
  15. [quote name='Inigo Montoya' timestamp='1304170441' post='989017'] There's where you are wrong James. First of all, no CBA means no trades. Second, we have no idea if several teams are willing to give up a "sizable bounty" for Palmer. Third, if the Bengals can't get picks until the 2012 draft, why trade him before 2012? At this point, I don't see how it is in the Bengals' best interest to deal Palmer any time soon. Nobody can say for sure what the team would get in return and it makes zero sense to give another team Palmer's services this year while we don't get any benefit until next year. There's no incentive to do Carson any favors. We own his rights and there's nothing he can do to prevent us from squatting on them. [/quote] If the Bengals don't trade Palmer until 2012,they will get less for him.He would be one year older and would have been inactive for an enire season. That will not help the Bengals get the most that they can for him. My guess is that any trade involving Palmer would include condiditional draft picks. I like what someone said on the ESPN article about Green and Dalton. Trade Palmer to SF for Taylor Mays and a draft pick.Probably won't happen now that the 49ers drafted a QB so high. But its time to trade Palmer and Chad .Get the best that they can and move on.

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