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    Well I'm done

    I've been here since when JT had the board...been a fan since I could remember. I feel the op. Not jumpin ship but I feel him. Not a fan of either pick because teams aren't built with skill players. All these damn high picks on the outside of the offense. Just tired of bad moves. Every skill player on offense is loaded with 1-3 rounders...wish they valued defense like offense
  2. I'm in Atlanta. He is coming here and that's all sports talk was going on and on about today. He wants to play for a playoff contender and Atl is not that. But, Arthur Blank will roll out to red carpet and the facilities are top notch. Hopefully he sees the better opportunity in cinci.
  3. I enjoyed the movie but I had a big problem with Rey's use of the force. She went from novice to almost killing Kylo Ren. BUT, in that vision she had it looked like she was a youngling...so maybe Luke wiped her mind and they stashed her away so no one would find her. When she said 'use the force' it looked like she was remembering something. Still, her use of the force with a little training is a stretch. Also, fire the design team for death stars because these dudes are 0-5!
  4. kdubdub

    Star Wars 7

  5. kdubdub

    Star Wars 7

    Very good. Not an all time classic. I think the deep Star Wars fan will be a little mad about some things. The casual fan will love it.
  6. I hate the 'don't fire him because it could be worse' argument. In Atlanta they say that about Mark Richt all the time (not a uga fan).
  7. It's not arm strength, system, or mechanics. Dalton doesn't have 'IT' on the biggest stage. That unmeasurable magic is not there. The sample set is big enough. He sucks in big games. He was perfect for this franchise 10-20 years ago. Now, I would roll the dice and see what's out there.
  8. Haven't posted in a long while but just wanted to say...   Andy Dalton is a good backup pretending to be a starter.  
  9. Ugly - I think everyone believed the hype and the edge that i saw week 1-3 wasn't there. #1 in power polls. Experts saying how Bengals are a better team and roster...butt kicked from top to bottom Good - this is a timely loss and hopefully reignites a fire in this team. Super ugly - #84
  10. That backfield though... Gonna be nasty!
  11. You can never, Jericho....e-e-ever, have too many pass rushers. Makes your whole defense better
  12. Very. He is a 3rd down machine.
  13. We don't have a qb like Seattle. He isn't getting the credit he deserves
  14. He will be but the question is will there be either a) a quality vet backup or b) 1-4th round qb being groomed. They have to decide to pay him or not soon

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