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  1. Uh no. I never made that assumption at all. But I know enough about the NFL to know that spending more money ion free agency does not guarantee anything.
  2. Marvin's reason for not liking excessive celebrations is that he does not think it is proper for an individual to celebrate a team accomplishment. Most people around here who don't like celebrations don't really seem to give a valid reason other than "I just don't like it." What is your reason for not liking excessive celebrations?
  3. I am sorry. I could have sworn you were having a discussion about apathetic owners, and I felt it was okay for me to make a comment about apathetic owners.
  4. They are paid to win and they have been doing m ore of that than most other teams in the league the last several years. I am not satisfied with no playoff wins. That was not my point. My point was that if Marvin's opinion is not valid because he has not won a Super Bowl as a head coach (apparently the Super Bowl ring he already has means nothing) then neither is the opinion of anyone here.
  5. And until this summer he had not been convicted of any crime in over ten years. Then this off season all he did was run his mouth when he got arrested for something he didn't do. And Marvin condemned that action. The only reason I mention 17-year-olds is because Mixon's name has popped up in this thread. Now give me that list of all the NFL teams that do not have asingle player on their roster who has ever been in trouble with the law.
  6. Has nothing to do with fan bases. I can not think of an apathetic owner at all. They all try to win. NFL owners are mostly successful businessmen with huge egos who want to win very badly. Mike wants to win because it is his family legacy.
  7. To me showing compassion and giving a guy a second chance is a better example for our kids than the assholes who act like they are perfect and claim that anyone who makes a mistake at the age of 17 should be banned from making a living for the rest of his life. What are you going to do if your kid makes a mistake at age 17. Disown him? If you don't then does that mean you can never have an opinion about excessive celebrations in football games?
  8. All I did was repeat what you said about Marvin. If it was "piss poor" for me to say it then it was also "piss poor" for you to make the same comment. If you don't think anyone is allowed to have an opinion unless they are the best in the world at what they do then you need to stop giving your opinion on anything.
  9. How are the Browns "apathetic". They have been changing coaches almost every year for a decade.
  10. 1. The Bengals are not apathetic. 2. I cheer for results not participation. And I honestly believe that the exact same people who claim they care more about "trying" than "results" would not really be happy if the Bengals started spending $100 million every year in free agency but never made the playoffs.
  11. In order for me to help you you will have to explain what you mean. Marvin Lewis condemned the way Adam was talking on that video. So what the hell does that have to do with excessive celebrations? Why can't he be opposed to both?
  12. I don't see any scientific study at all that shows a correlation between a drop in attendance and an increase in team success. IN fact what I see is that many of the worst teams draw the smallest crowds. Jacksonville has the worst attendance record in the NFL and I have yet to see the team suddenly decide to win to draw more fans. All I see is a story about the Cubs and if this guys theory really was true then the Cubs would not have won the world series last year.
  13. This. I am not one of those people who claim everything on ESPN is trash, but I literally can not watch Stephen A. Smith. When he was on First Take with Bayless the show seemed like a SNL parody of real sports talk shows.