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  1. Continuing series in honor of Bengals 50th season. 1979....Bengals come into game winless (0-6). Defending Super Bowl Champion Stealers are 5-1. Pittsburgh opens the scoring with a FG. Bengals respond by scoring 34 straight points in one of the most unlikely upsets in team history. Bradshaw throws 2 interceptions to LB Reggie Williams, and the Stealers fumble 9 times (losing 7). Bengals only win 3 more games that year while Stealers win their second Super Bowl in a row. 1980...Bengals record one of only 3 shutout victories against a playoff team in their history with a 14-0 victory against the Minnesota Vikings. Bengals dominate in every phase of the game rolling up 432 yards and 25 first downs on offense compared to the Vikings 168 and 10. Ken Anderson completes 75% of his passes (21-28) and hits Don Bass (7 rec 110 yds) for a 55 yard td. Pete Johnson scores the other td on a 2 yard run and gains 153 yards from scrimmage (115 rush, 38 rec) 2004...Bengals had not played on Monday Night Football in TWELVE YEARS when Denver came to town in week 7. Despite playing on the road the 5-1 Broncos were a big favorite over the 1-4 Bengals. Carson Palmer started the scoring with a 50 yard strike to Chad Johnson (7 rec 149 yds), and the Bengals never trailed on the way to a shocking 23-10 victory. Rudi Johnson (119 rush yds) score the other Bengal td on a 36 yard run in the 3rd quarter.
  2. Because you just said a player could be called "elite" after just six games. When I see an elite player on a football field I say he is elite. I don't say "I can't tell if he is elite or not becauase he might get hurt someday in the future."
  3. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    The people who are getting all worked up about how "war" is being used to "distort the republic" really have no clue about how the military spends money. The same all upset about how many US citizens are "ignorant" of the fact that we have over 9,000 troops in Afghanistan are apparently ignorant themselves of the fact that we have 4 times that many troops stationed in Japan (39,000) and Germany (35,000). We also have 24,000 in South Korea, and 12,000 in Italy. As long as they keep claiming that the only way the US can justify deploying thousands of troops is with some fake war they will never understand the real truth. They want to pick on the average citizen for not caring about 9 thousand troops in Afghanistan while completely ignoring the fact that we have almost 100,000 in Japan, Germany, and North Korea.
  4. Damn, SF2, if you are smarter than the trams that have won 12 of the last 17 Super Bowls why are you squealing on a message board instead of making millions in an NFL front office? The best teams in the league choose TEs in the first round. You can call them all stupid if you want, but the facts are the facts.
  5. I think the takeaway here is that you want to make up your own definition of "elite". If a player si elite at one time you can't later go back in tiome and say he was never elite because he got injure later in his career. I said it was a shame we lost Eifert because he was elite. Obviously he is not at an elite level now, but that does not mean he never was.
  6. Patriots.....Ben Watson and Danial Graham both in first round 2 years apart (not 3 like Bengals)...won a few Super Bowls Giants......Jeremy Shockey in first round...won two Super Bowls Colts........Dallas Clark in first round...won a Super Bowl Ravens....Todd Heap in first round....won a Super Bowl Stealers...Heath Miller in first round...won 2 Super Bowls Niners......Vernon Davis in first round..made it to a Super Bowl
  7. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    I am not trolling. All I have done is asked you to explain your position. How is that trolling? And even if I was trolling why would that stop you from explaining your position. I have dealt with trolls before. I don't let them get me worked up. Instead I just answer their questions the best I can. Trolls want people to make a lot of posts that are just personal attacks and don't add anything to the conversation. They make multiple posts refusing to discuss the topic. And right now YOU are the only one doing that. All I have done is asked you to explain your statements. So who is the real troll here?
  8. Who said he was elite in '16 or 17? BTW, you know how I can tell when I am winning an argument? When the person on the other side has to resort to things like calling me "Skippy".
  9. But if he only played 6 games that would be a lot less than eifert plyaed. So how could a guy who just played 6 games be elite?
  10. Actually according to the NFL players who voted for the "Top 100"Eifert was the third best TE in the league
  11. "Elite talent" means he was elite. If a player was to come into the NFL and rush for 250 yards for six straight games would you actually say "Sure, he is the best and most talented player in the league, but he is not "elite" because the best player in the league is not always "elite"." Do you realize how ridiculous that would sound?
  12. Are you suggesting that there were never any questionable judgement calls made by refs 50 years ago? Nothing has changed. It has always been like that. And sometimes the calls favor the Bengals.
  13. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    If I wanted to start a fight then I would insult you personally. All I have done is ask legitimate questions about what exactly you mean. Why would you claim that this is an attempt to start a fight? And even if you do think I am trying to start a fight why can't you just answer my question and refuse to get in a fight? Are you seriously going to refuse to answer any questions unless I say I am trying to start a fight?
  14. He "represented the most choice or select". So he was elite.
  15. John Ross

    This. If you bitch and squeal about every single move the Bengals make you are bound to be right once in a while. Also it is absurd is absurd to judge a player to be a bust just 5 games into his career. But I guarantee that if Ross does become a solid player not a single one of these whiners will start a thread talking about how wrong they were. Remember when Peko was proof that the Bengals coaches and front office did not care about winning? Wonder where all those experts are now that the '15 Super Bowl Champions are paying him more than the Bengals did to be the starting NT on the best rush defense in the league. Crickets from the whiny bitches. Same you will hear if Ross pans out.

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