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  1. A contract will get done before the season starts. Just go back and look at when the Bengals usually wrap these up. Geno signed his extension in September 2013 Dalton signed his in August 2014. AJ and Whitworth signed extensions in September of 2015
  2. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Not sure what this means?
  3. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Not saying Colin should be starting, but he is clearly better than most of the back ups in the league right now.
  4. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Kaepernick was playing on one of the absolute worst offenses in the league last year and he still had a 16-to-4 td-to-interception ratio and a passer rating over 90. His number one receiver was 5'9" Jeremy Kerley who only averaged 10.4 yards on his 64 receptions. Quinton Patten (who?) had 37 catches and no one else had more than 29.
  5. Gio may be ready to practice, but a RB is not going to be 100% recovered from an ACL surgery this quickly. He was not injured until November last year, so it has only been about 8 months since his surgery.
  6. Marvin Theory

    If Marvin could stay here as long as he wanted then he would already have a contract extension.
  7. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Jones insulted one police officer who arrested him on false charges.. Kaepernick, whether he intended to or not, insulted the entire country. Can't really compare the two.
  8. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Adam Jones is still one of the better players in the league at one of the single most important positions on defense. He did not assault anyone. He did not have illegal drugs or weapons. All he did was run his mouth while he was upset over getting arrested on false charges. There is not a single team in the league that would cut such a valuable player over such a small incident.
  9. $115K sounds like a lot, but not if it could just be for one year. I'd sure be working on another career under those circumstances.
  10. Whatzzzzzzzz up?????

    Bengals playing in Jacksonville again this year.
  11. Pacman suspended

    I am sorry, but I can not even figure out what the whiners are whining about in this thread. Are they really pissed off because we did not make Leslie Frazier our head coach? Who is the great head coach we had here on staff and passed over in the last 20 years?
  12. All I did was disagree with you. Is that your definition of an "egomaniacal, asinine, fucking know-it-all prick"? Anyone who dares to suggest that it is possible you are not 100% correct about something?
  13. Pacman suspended

    I thinmnk Coyle is our best position coach. I would not be surprised to see both Jackson and Dennard step up and play very well this year.
  14. That is exactly what I thought. your opinion of professional football players is flawed because it is not really your opinion about professional football players. It is a generalized statement about an entire generation that you mistakenly apply to every specific subgroup in that generation. Even if you are correct that the general population is not as "tough" as the previous generation I don't see how you could apply that to a group of men who still go out there and destroy their bodies in a violent physical battle. In fact in the case of professional football players it was the guys from the old days who had the "convenience" of not having to take shots from men who weigh over 300 lbs on every single play. And running players til the dropped in the mid day sun with no water breaks did not make them tougher. It just made them physically weaker.