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  1. I think Hernandez is the BPA, but I think Westerman and Redmon could go a nice job at RG next season. I would go with Wynn and then best C in Rd. 2.
  2. The RB situation is maddening is Cincinnati. Just give Mixon 20+ touches. Gio cant do anything between the tackles and Hill has 3 yard potential! It sucks to be a Bengal fan.
  3. Dalton is terrible. Why is he throwing the ball out of bounds!!!!! Enough is enough. Give me a McCarron or give me Death. Dalton is a joke.
  4. Ced, Fisher, and Dalton battling for MVP today...
  5. This is the worst I can remember seeing the bengals play. Terrible in all aspects.
  6. Team really showed up ready to play today booo
  7. Team really showed up ready to play today
  8. Ross has around 25Lbs on Nelson. I think Nelson is only like 165 or so.
  9. Ross was probably a reach, but really was a great fit for what Cincy needs on offense. If he pans out, he will be a game changer. I look at Hill in KC. If you get that guy enough touches something big is going to happen. I am hoping Ross brings that to Cincy.
  10. Wow. Dude will make 8.5M and he couldnt beat out Shaw.
  11. Day 2 draft talk

    I dont disagree with you, but I dont think that is what they will do. I think they will want to see what they have in Westerman and Redmond at G. I also think they have confidence in TJ Johnson.
  12. Day 2 draft talk

    You are assuming the front office thinks the OLine is going to be awful. I dont think they share the same sentiment as the average fan.
  13. I dont like what Mixon did, but I think he is a steal in Rd. 2.
  14. Burkead a Patriot

    Jokes on you patriots! You probably just lost out on a rd 6 comp pick. Boom! Mike brown for the win! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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