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  1. TheBeaverHunter

    Browns on Hard Knocks

    I think the Browns are going to surprise a lot of people this year. #noninja
  2. Sign Sebastian Janikowski.....I love the drunken polish dude. That will make us SUPERBOWL contenders.
  3. It's like the man is speaking directly to the Bengals organization....
  4. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/columnists/paul-daugherty/2018/01/22/paul-daugherty-sorry-bengals-fans-mike-brown-isnt-changing/1055849001/
  5. We need a line...I think we all agree Andy isn't going anywhere this season...he cannot play when he is pressured, so we need a line that can give him a little bit of time. If he has a decent line, we are back in the playoffs. We probably won't win a playoff game, but we are back in them. It's hard to win clutch games when your QB throws the ball away on 3rd and 8's because the pocket breaks down.
  6. TheBeaverHunter

    Ross to play CB?

    Bengals just Bengaling along.......
  7. He has as many touchdowns as our whole RB corps combined...and averaging a yard more a carry. I think most of us expected The Pats to use Rex like he should be used.
  8. Time to extend Marvin.....
  9. Did anyone else notice how Dalton used a lot of quick fakes in those plays to freeze players. I haven't seen him do that at all this year.
  10. TheBeaverHunter

    My New Favorite Show

    Nice find. Just watched the Johnny Paycheck episode.
  11. His high ceiling only exists in low pressure games....when it's an important game or he is pressured, his ceiling because a crawl space.
  12. TheBeaverHunter


    Does he like kittens and walks on the beach?
  13. TheBeaverHunter

    Started looking at our recent drafts....

    Worst contracts on every team. Ours... http://larrybrownsports.com/football/worst-contract-every-nfl-team/390188
  14. I think we all have been pretty confident about the Bengals' drafts and how they have become known as a good drafting team. I went back and looked at our drafts and really we haven't drafted that well since the AJ/Dalton draft. Here is our drafts and their stats since entering the league. Two of our strongest picks are no longer with the team. Thoughts?
  15. This is exactly what I want to see from our top 10 pick. I hope Benoit is wrong here. We haven't exactly hit on our first round picks since Green...with the exception of Eifert\Zeitler. Dre Kirkpatrick Kevin Zeitler Tyler Eifert Darqueze Dennard Cedric Ogbuehi William Jackson III John Ross

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