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  1. [quote name='turningpoint' post='232836' date='Mar 16 2006, 07:43 AM']I'm also willing ot bet he really has no clue who dexter jackson is, but once the season starts he's all bengals.[/quote] Sounds like you'd be willing to lose some money then.
  2. My buddy told me about this site over the weekend: [url="http://www.teamontop.com/"]http://www.teamontop.com/[/url]. They've got some pretty sweet head gears for the little ones if anyone might be interested. [img]http://www.teamontop.com/all_images/cin_ben.gif[/img]
  3. Here's a snippet from the FootballGuys website I subscribe to. I hadn't heard this Chad quote before...very humorous. It would have been a whoooooole lot better if we'd won the game, but what can you do? Cincinnati's Chad Johnson was funny before the game Sunday. Looking across an empty playing field, Johnson said, "It's 11:25. Why aren't they out here getting ready to play against such a dominant figure as myself? It befuddles me." I love Chad Johnson. With Randy Moss and Torry Holt banged up, Terrell Owens with a limping QB, and Marvin Harrison with a running game, Johnson is my clear cut #1 WR in the league.
  4. [quote name='BengalWifey' date='Aug 30 2005, 12:21 PM']My random Bengal thought..... I am the wife of a Bengal (hence the name) that has been talked about quite a bit on here.  Sometimes I read this for pure amusement, other times because I just want to get the fan perspective.  What I've gained....half the time no one on here knows diddly squat.  They proclaim to be fans, but know nothing about the team or the players.  My word of advice:  to add a bit of credibility to your screen name, do a bit of research before posting stupid things that show a lack of knowledge whatsoever about football.  And whoever all these "insiders" are, claiming to know the "inside" track, no one knows better than the players and the coaches.  Most of you are not experts, so shut up!!!! Ok....Now I feel better.  And, since I will never disclose my husband's name to any of you, he will make the team, will start, and will prove all of you wrong.  He has done that his entire career!!! [right][post="138224"][/post][/right][/quote] Welcome! Do you think you'll be posting some more in order to educate the half of us that don't know anything or is this just a one-time vent? I'm hoping for the former.
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