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  1. MaineBengal


  2. MaineBengal

    Bodine Jets Game

    Sack #7 in the 4th quarter was on Bodine also. Guy ran right by him.
  3. MaineBengal

    Bodine Jets Game

    On the other hand, for Hill's TD run in the 3rd quarter, Bodine stood his guy up and eliminated him from the play. Did his job that time.
  4. MaineBengal

    Bodine Jets Game

    The reverse to James Wright in the 3rd quarter that got blown up for an 8 yard loss was McClendon blowing right by Bodine.
  5. MaineBengal

    Billings carted off

    Looking at the pic of him on the cart, his right foot is angled up in a way that reminds me of an achilles tendon injury. But then I'm not a medical expert, and I hope I'm wrong. Sad for the kid, but thankful for our DT depth.
  6. Heck, I'd even put Tab Perry into the poll, to watch him get almost no votes. :-D
  7. No Lamar Parrish? No Adam Jones? Those would be my first 2 choices.
  8. Dood has no chance in the NFL until he learns to bend and get his pad level down. Like, way down. Like, 4' or more down. At TE, talk to me when he's down to 305.
  9. MaineBengal

    Where are the extensions?

    Historically the Bengals often do extensions toward the end of training camp. Has happened a lot over the past several years.
  10. There will be some variation, but to begin the season I predict the 4-3 backers to be Dawson at Will, Hawk at Sam and Maualuga at Mike. I think the nickel backers will be Dawson and Lamur. I think Burfict starts the year on PUP and might miss the entire year. If he comes back, then things will change.
  11.   Since we're being snarky here, vertebra is the singular of vertebrae. Therefore, when he said "a cracked vertebra" it was correct. "Several cracked vertebrae" would be correct also.
  12. 2nd half of Bengals charges is marked private.....
  13. I agree with you that the Patriots are having a down year..... but it's an interesting reference point that a "down year" for this team means 2-2 and in first place in their division (tied).
  14. MaineBengal

    The Baltimore Browns

    You forgot Peyton Hillis in the rushing stats. He had a good year or two for the stains.

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