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  1. Big Alice

    Jessie Bates

    Atkins is already widely considered the second best interior lineman in the league. The only thing that’ll get people talking about him is the Bengals winning games that matter. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  2. Big Alice

    3 and 1

    Gotta think he's done. After all the injuries, it's hard to believe he'll be excited about investing the energy it would take to come back again.
  3. Good.... I’m in love with Bill Lazor. The offensive game plan was masterful. Tyler. Boyd. We might have to stop talking shit about the O-line. John Ross showed up. Andy Dalton has limitations, but he is absolutely fearless. Bad... Tackling by both teams today was ridiculous. The officiating in the second was almost unbearable. Sooooo inconsistent. Ugly... I think that’s it for Tyler Eifert. That was awful. I left the room before the three geniuses in the booth had even figured out what happened. GREAT... Vontaze Motherf••king Burfict is back next week. The league ain’t ready. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  4. A couple things... Dre Kirkpatrick is a good - albeit overpaid - second corner. The Bengals scheme on the secondary is obviously predicated on not getting beaten over the top. Save for one fluky play by John Brown in the Ravens game, they’ve accomplished that. The problem is the run defense. If you can’t get teams off schedule by stuffing the run, the underneath passing game is going to kill you. That’s what happened Sunday. Andy played well. The first pick was a forced pass on third and long and amounted to a short punt. Pick two wasn’t a good pass, but popped straight up in the air. 3? John Ross ran the wrong route and then compounded it but pulling up. That was unforgivable. And the. Four came on a Hail Mary. Andy’s stat line looks a whole lot worse than it really was. The run defense is completely fixable. It’s not just Burfict. Preston Brown and Vinny Rey are both banged up. Hardy Nickerson was never meant to be on the field. He is atrocious in coverage, and even worse against the run. Bottom line is, though, this was always going to be a tough W. The Panthers are a playoff team. Going into Charlotte short handed was tough. Problem is the Bengals face the same situation next week. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  5. If the linebackers were “horrid” in pass coverage, what would you call what they did against the run? Good: The running game. I was shocked they were able to generate anything at all on the ground. Tyler Boyd is legit. Andy. That’s the best four interception game I’ve ever seen. Lol. Him delivering the ball on the run was impressive. Tyler Eifert. Bad. Shawn Williams. Bad angles and bad penalties. It’s becoming his thing. I Ugly. John Ross is awful. Putrid. The run defense. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  6. Nothing the Bengals did today was as ugly as the fourth quarter strip sack Andrew Whitworth gave up to the Seahawks that helped the Rams blow a game they really dominated all day.
  7. I honestly believe that if the Bengals don't beat Cleveland on Sunday, Marvin Lewis will be fired. It's got to be obvious to everyone in the building that he's lost this team. My guess is that Paul Guenther would get the nod. It can't be Bill Lazor. He's got enough on his plate already.
  8. Big Alice

    Zampese Out

    Nah. The question is "Would you rather have an interim Head Coach with Zampese remaining at OC?" The offensive gameplan was consistently bad last year. This year it's been comical.
  9. Big Alice

    Zampese Out

    I disagree with all of this. You're confusing audibles with the actual language of an offense.
  10. Big Alice

    Driskel and Ross

    Every September we look at the new year's draft class and say the same thing. Did you see Wyoming's Josh Allen against Iowa today? Completely overmatched. Ten minutes ago, he was neck and neck with Sam Darnold to be the #1 overall pick. The NCAA is gonna give you about 1.5 starting quarterbacks per draft. 2 or 3 is a great year. More than that is a complete outlier, that you never see coming. ...except, maybe, 1983.
  11. 12-4. AFC North Champs This is the best offense the Bengals have had since Andy and A.J. arrived. I think this O-line is going to surprise some folks. And all those weapons? Whooo! This could be a lot of fun to watch. On defense, I believe Paul Guenther is changing the philosophy a little. The Marvin Lewis-Mike Zimmer mash up they've been running for ten years is to going to evolve. The Bengals' defensive linemen haven't often been allowed to pin their ears back and penetrate. That changes this year. They'll give up a few more big plus against the run, but they'll wreak more havoc against the pass.
  12. That's a little over the top. He is a really good one, though. This year, splitting carries, I expect about 850 yards out of him. In year 2,3, and 4, he's got a chance to be a 1,500 yard type guy.
  13. Big Alice

    Driskel and Ross

    Driskel will be stashed on IR. This actually works out well for the Bengals. Give him a year in the QB room. They can get serious about dealing McCarron next offseason, and have their back up in place for '18 without having to carry him on the roster this year. Win.

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