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  1. [quote name='preceptor' post='649146' date='Apr 4 2008, 04:00 PM']What is it with our WRs wanting out anyway? They don't know how good they have having Carson flinging the rock to them.[/quote] can you imagine chad in the locker room this year?...good lord we got problems..we don't need his act....we will not even be able to catch the brownstains this year with his shinaniagns(sp?)..anyway...I'm tired of every thing going on..go reds?
  2. [quote name='preceptor' post='649143' date='Apr 4 2008, 03:57 PM']So true....we need major league help on defense. A Carson trade could help us greatly in that area.[/quote] I'm tired of our run defense..getting beat week in and week out...makes me sick
  3. [quote name='preceptor' post='649141' date='Apr 4 2008, 03:54 PM']Thanks....as much as it pains me to trade away a top 5 QB, the more I think about it it makes so much sense for the long term viability of our team. Can you just imagine the wide array of top picks and maybe even some players we could net?[/quote] and with our recievers unsettled..and a mediocore running game...what good is the qb position without much help...we have tried to build around him..it's not working!
  4. [quote name='preceptor' post='649117' date='Apr 4 2008, 03:47 PM']ok, if we add 4 players maybe we can contend with Pitt and Cleveland what about Baltimore, they just don't existent now? but adding 4 starting players is really easy in one off season does not address no WRs either: TJ wants out, Chad wants out, Henry is out, Chatman is trash[/quote] their is really nobody of trade value on the defense..it makes perfect sense to trade carson...lose to gain..I agree 100% with you
  5. [quote name='preceptor' post='649090' date='Apr 4 2008, 02:07 PM']no but Carson palmer could easily net 5 players. while the QB play might/probably go down, the play at 4 other positions could get better as a team we are more than 1 player away, so no matter how good Carson is it means nothing if the defense continues to be horrible. what if we moved Carson to Atlanta for their first rounder and all 3 of their 2nd rounders? are you saying there is not a gain in overall value to the franchise?[/quote] thank you..someone..who thinks out of the box..you obviously are over the age 5..like myself..it's people like aki who are blinded and have no mind of their own...thanks for using your noggin
  6. [quote name='CTA513' post='649067' date='Apr 4 2008, 01:02 PM']If you trade Palmer, then you might as well unload everyone.[/quote] look at what dallas got for getting rid of hershal walker..I don't know...superbowls?..we bengal fans have to look at the big picture..this is not working right now...big changes have to be made..and it's starts with Palmer
  7. [quote name='ChicagoBengal' post='649046' date='Apr 4 2008, 01:19 PM']Someone's gone trollin'[/quote] just because someone has a different opinion than the "norm" ..I'm a troll?...maybe a "chicagobengal" could be a questionable troll.
  8. [quote name='Vol_Bengal' post='649029' date='Apr 4 2008, 12:32 PM']Some explanation, please... I've not had my laugh today so please enlighten us with your reasoning. This ought to be good.[/quote] well..in my opinion..under our current construction...we have a minimum chance to compete in our divison..let alone the conference......so why not unload our most expensive veteran player NOW at his highest value.....collect draft picks and players...and try to regroup.
  9. [quote name='MAGICTOUCH' post='644933' date='Mar 20 2008, 05:03 PM']I think WR is actually a big weakness on the Bengals. You have TJ, we all know about what he brings to the table. Going into 8th year and is 30 yrs old. The Chica Ocho Stinko. Heard way too much about him this offseason. Also going into 8th year and is 30 yrs old. Chris Henry. Disappeared last year even when he was "playing". One bad decision from gone. Antonio Chatman. Showed promise as a #3 his last year in Green Bay. Needs to do something as a Bengal. Marcus Maxwell. Not the answer. Glenn Holt. Unsigned at the moment. Not the answer either as the #3 or probably not even the #4. This is NOT a team strength. Carson is one of the best, but yes, he needs quality receivers. Peyton gets Harrison, Wayne, Gonzo, Clark. Brady gets Moss, Welker, (had) Stallworth, Watson. A WR certainly will be drafted this year. And given the recent draft history, I will not be shocked if it happens as early as Round 2.[/quote] we need to draft a qb..or trade Palmer..and no..I'm not a fan of any other team..I know my opinion is not a popular one..but maybe just maybe it's our qb that's the problem
  10. [quote name='Bengalmaniac' post='645527' date='Mar 23 2008, 11:48 AM']Get what you can for him and lets move on...I am a diehard Bengals fan not a fan of a single player. [/quote] agree 100%!!..if he doesn't want to be on our team..piss off!
  11. [quote name='oldschooler' post='623433' date='Jan 16 2008, 12:34 PM']I know you have assbreath because you`re a Stealers fan, and I told you to stop being a douche. You call it intellectually challenged, I call it being observant. Wins are a team stat, not an individual stat. Spin it however you want, that is and will always be a fact. Using your logic, Trent Dilfer was a better QB than Marino, because he was able to win his team a ring. Anyway, I`m not going to continue to piss back and forth. I`ll just say this, obviously you fail to comprehend that when one QB throws 205 of his 373 completions and 20 of his 26 passing TDs, to 2 recievers, that he is lacking reciever threats. 27 of Ben`s TD passes were distrubuted to 4 different recievers. You also want to point out Henry`s yard per catch average, when Carson threw for more yards than he did last season. Where he feel off was in TD throws. Henry`s average TD per catch doubled this season. The Bengals also lacked a running game. When you have a good running game, you can make the throws you want, when you want. The Bengals also had a Defense that couldn`t get off the field sometimes, unless the other team stopped theirself, or scored. Yet Carson was forced to throw the ball, primarily to 2 recievers, and try to keep them in games. Now go take Ben`s career year, and your hat and t-shirt for winning the division and bask in all of their glory.[/quote] why do we even watch football..jezz
  12. hey everybody..just a radom thought from bengalfevercatchit...I hope our team wins some day..I'm tired of not winning ..anone else?...someday..we will win..it's frustating..ugg
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