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  1. blueridge


  2.             You people really need to grow up. Going to pieces after one loss and calling for the HC to get canned is beyond weird- it would be embarrassing for a 7-year old girl to be so emotionally unstable. The four of you really aren't fit for the company of grown-ups.
  3. It wasn't shameful. It was just a bad game, which we were bound to have. Hopefully, it galvanizes the players and the coaches- hear me, Guenther? For them to get beat by a team with no WRs to speak of was frightful. And is NE's O-line that much better in one week? For whatever reason, the Bengals weren't ready like they should have been.
  4. I wonder if Gresham sees any irony in his performance and calling himself the bad guy.
  5. I could sense a NE win all week after last Monday's butt-kicking. You just knew Brady and Belichik would game plan like hell and the Pats would be ready to go. I didn't foresee THREE fucking lost fumbles. Oh well. Our D was lousy. Guenther got out game-planned. Its a learning experience, for sure. Against a good team with a great QB, we need our best D players- I mean Burfict, and Brandon Thompson would be preferable to that tear factory, Devin Still.
  6. Sharp was just as good as Nugent on FGs, but had trouble on kickoffs throughout the preseason.
  7. Would have made no difference to this game. Guys sometime miss 50+ yarders.
  8. nice to see that the d********** are still overreacting to a loss. the bunch of crybabies on this board make me think they really are 11-year old girls.
  9. Brock is an athletic guy who is big and strong and can block. And he knows the system. The loss of Smith seems more worrisome because it comes on the heels of Eifert's injury.
  10. Injuries suck. At least with this team there is some depth and they always come to play.
  11. This is a stupid thread. Two other Bengals teams went to the Super Bowl. This group has yet to win a play-off game. To even ask the question after  just two games is almost like asking for the Titans to upset the Bengals. I wish this team had a more even-tempered fan base.
  12. Wow, you guys are getting ahead of yourselves by thinking the Bengals don't need their best players to win games.  Do you honestly think the Titans are not capable of beating the Bengals? If guys are injured, they cannot go. But if guys can play. they need to play. They can rest during the bye week.
  13. Some people seem to have an unquenchable thirst to run Gresham down and denigrate his ability. They are fools.
  14. Answer :By playing top 10 quality defense. The Falcons have only played like a top Offense for on week.
  15. The Falcons can only stop the Bengals' O by serving tainted sushi at Saturday's inter-team mixer.
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