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  1. It's 3 games because he's always dirty. He twists ankles in piles, he rams his knee into shoulders, he tees off on receivers. He's not the only one who does it but he may be the most prolific at it. Love him or hate him but you can't deny what you see on film. Brown is listed as doubtful for Denver. Where's the clean bill of health?
  2. [quote name='The Scales' date='09 January 2010 - 08:47 PM' timestamp='1263088065' post='854982'] Some of the Factors 1. Ineffective pass protection 2. Penalties put the team in to tough holes. 3. Predictable Unimaginative Lazy playcalling. 4. Loss of Henry (God Bless him) and Housh's production puts the defensive focus on C.J. 5. Too much emphasis on run throws impairs the rhythm of the pass game and its new parts. 6. Inability to get productive replacements for Housh and Henry. 7. Too much rotation on the Offensive Line. 8. Andre Smith (God Bless his Mammoth ass) missing lots of meaningful time. [/quote] Receivers under 9 feet tall
  3. Steelers D: 5th overall, #1 run, #14 pass. Cinci D: 14th overall, #2 run, #25 pass. Steelers O:5th overall, #15 rush, #5 pass. Cinci O: 12th overall, #9 rush, #18 pass. Benson has 837 yards on 198 carries for 4.2 per Mendenhall has 573 yards on 100 carries for 5.7 per Ben: 185/262 for 2295, 14tds, 7 Ints. QB Rating: 104.1 Carson: 160/260 for 1832, 14tds, 7 Ints. QB rating: 89.5
  4. Like Marv wouldn't be asking question of a newly signed player about his last team. "Sorry, coach. I know the calls and can help but I would just feel icky about it."
  5. Rivers should create his own cherished number.
  6. I've been reading for years. Sad this is my first post. However, why is the timing of the statement significant? The woman called 911 immediately. The police came and investigated. The state decided what the charges would be. The statement was probably just given because that's when the prosecutor asked her to come in and give it as he prepared for the June hearing.

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