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  2. I bought tickets for this game months back (in January). This game is sold out to the 'general public' in the UK and Europe. Just thought I'd let you know...
  3. All right Mr DC man. I'll help you out. It all kind of depends what you're looking for and what kind of budget you got (Hallo Captain Obvious! :-)) There are a lot of hotels in the area just North of Oxford Street, which is kind of in the middle of the city. It's kind of touristy, but I wouldn't recommend you to stay away from that area. The thing about London is that it's really big, and the citycenter is rather large. London is made up of these different neighborhoods, all with their own flavor (and price-range), so I guess you should decide what kind of money you're willing to spend, and we'll take it from there.
  4. This reminds me of a time many years ago when I was in Paris. I was walking into the reception of the hotel where I was staying, where this rather large gentleman with a nice big cowboyhat asked the receptionist in his thickest American ascent 'So what is there to see in this here town?'...
  5. Got mine as well! I've only been a fan since 1988, so I guess it was time to actually see the Bengals play live. Very excited! I'm in section 530.View from my seat
  6. OMG OMG OMG. Bengals in London! I'm so there! I would be more than happy with a little get-together that weekend with members of this board, but I guess we'll have plenty of time to figure that out.
  7. That would be fantastic. Being an overseas fan comes with with a few flawes. One being not able to see your favorite team. I would most defiantly go. Even though I would prefer to see the Bengals play at home in Cincinnati.
  8. I really wish we could see Burdock in action this year. Such a dynamic and exiting player. Unique really. One of a kind. I could easily see Burdock introduced into the HOF.
  9. Having attended two games at Wembley Stadium in London I can assure you that there is no such thing as a home field advantage there.
  10. Nice story here. Coming from Denmark also across from the pond, this is very much a dream of mine. I haven't actually seen the Bengals play live ever. Imagine that. I have been around football fans for the most of my life, but very few of them are/were fans of the Bengals. So I can only imagine how it would be very strange to suddenly be around thousands of people rooting for the Bengals. Weird thought for me. Anyway, one day I'll make my pilgrimage to the Sacred grounds...
  11. Hey Go!   First, keep it up!   Secondly, break down what you're doing workout-wise?   Changing your diet is an important first step, but you got to burn some calories as well. So what are you doing? You've been at this thing for a while now, so you're clearly motivated, but you maybe at a point where you need to re-motivate yourself. And one way to do this is by changing your workout... so lay it out!
  12. We need another WR bad. We need more passrushers. And we need LBs. But we'll probably draft some poor fellow who will sit the first two years. And some project in the second round who won't play much. A wtf-reach in the third. Grab an interesting OL in the fourth and a bunch of losers in the last couple of rounds. Book it.
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