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  1. U know people that what i think that the owner should got rid of Marvin Lewis last year. The team is getting worse each season and we are losing our best players, i mean its good that they got rid of Chris Henry, but they should have kept Odl Thurman at least give him one more chance. He is the best player on the defence of team and they got rid of him, i don't really think that Dhnia Jones will do the work and Brooks was staring last year and hardly made one talke at least before his injury. But i do think that Keith Rivers will do a great job, the thing is Marvin doesn't know what he is doing he puts down his best player Chad Johnson. NO coach does that put his best players underneth the bus, he is an assohole and asshole coach and he won't trade him and Chad is probably going to have a crapy season. Fans if u r a fan u shouldnt put down Chad for last season because he made a few dance moves in the endzone and he had the hall of fame jacket who cares he is just having fun he doesn't need the preasure thats the other reason he wants our because he has no fans is like they all betrayed him and pluse his quarter back betrayed and him...fuck the whole team betrayed him thats the other reason why he wants out and mainly he wants to be on a team that a defence can exually stop someone. Marvin doesn't know what the fuck he's doing he's making the team worse each year they should fired that bastarud for making that team worse and i can't stand the owner as well if his farthrer was still here he would beat the shit out of is son sences. Well those are my thoughts about the team and i don't think we being wining no more that 7 games. -Bobby Deerfield
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