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  1. [quote name='GoBengals' date='20 September 2009 - 03:13 PM' timestamp='1253470423' post='804690'] linemen would probably be a beter idea.. you dont know much about football. [/quote] biggest moron here. literally and figuratively.
  2. [quote name='mongo' date='12 September 2009 - 08:48 PM' timestamp='1252799328' post='800983'] which I tend to prefer. I'd rather listen to someone who has actually studied to speak for a living than to hear people who are painful to listen to. I think that's why I prefer Dan Patrick to Jim Rome. Callers looking for ten seconds of fame give me gas. [/quote] That's fine but repeating the same ish over and over again for three hours is not good radio. Love the DP show. I enjoy Rome's show too but I think his show fails when he leaves the callers out of it.
  3. [quote name='ThurmanMunster' date='12 September 2009 - 04:35 PM' timestamp='1252784141' post='800969'] its really easy to hate lance [/quote] Lance is bad... Mo is even worse. Mo is 3 hours of him talking.
  4. yea but ur a loser so who cares what you think.
  5. [quote name='Mojokong' date='27 August 2009 - 09:53 PM' timestamp='1251420801' post='795508'] 11:30 broadcast on Channel 12 http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090826/SPT02/308260074/1062/SPT/Scouting+report++Bengals+vs.+Rams [/quote] who wants to watch a replay???? better hope some games start selling out or else no home games will be on
  6. [quote name='mroby85' date='27 August 2009 - 08:32 PM' timestamp='1251415939' post='795357'] WTF... Why is who wants to be a millionaire on right now? [/quote] Fans are tired of supporting a loser and aren't buying tickets... no sell out = no games on TV.
  7. My first game was in 2004... the December 26th game against the New York Giants. My parents bought myself and my sister tickets for Xmas. I can remember them telling us they weren't sure if we wanted them because Carson gor hurt and Kitna was now playing lol. Anyway we went and they were great seats. They were in like section 114 a couple of rows from the field. Anyway, it had snowed the night before or whatever and the areas around the seats we covered. I remember Ratliff ran back his best return as a Bengal and Housh caught a key reception that kept the game going and then Chad with the TD. People where throwing up snow like they do in New England. It was freaking awesome. Still the best game I've been to.
  8. Love him. Cares more about the team than most of us ever will.
  9. if mike brown doesnt give ofa fuck what people think then why did he deny that there was any interest in Vick... what... he really thought he was the only gm talking to him. retarded. wish he would have pulled the trigger and signed him. im thinking carson isnt going to make it out of the first month of the season so it would be nice to have vick as a backup.
  10. [quote name='mongo' date='13 August 2009 - 09:29 AM' timestamp='1250166541' post='790378'] [b]This thread is full of people who disliked Mike Brown running a meeting. [/b]Is the notion of 3 TEs and 2 FBs appalling to some people, or is it just who said it? Personally, I don't care about who says what. I only care about what is said. Mike Brown is a GM, and I don't care if he runs a meeting. I'm just trying to wrap my head around 3 TEs and 2 FBs... Is that really all that different than last year? Last year we had 4 TEs (5 with St. Louis, but no one counts him), but I thought Coats was more FB last year than TE anyway. This year, we'll at least have Coats back at TE to block, Coffman should be able to outperform Utecht from 2008 (I like the guy and hope he's okay, but he didn't do anything last year), and I think Sherry can do more than Lawrie did last year. Additionally, I think Fui is important in case something goes wrong with Jeremi. I think it's tough to go sign a big name TE when you're (potentially) staring at so much of your TE salary for the year on IR. I think if they sign a guy, it's going to be someone like Lawrie for league minimum. As such, I think you can hold off on that until you need to, and keep Fui. [/quote] Not just this thread but Bengal fans all over the internet are commenting on this about how scary it is. If you didn't know it before you should now know why they have had only one winning season in the past 15 plus years. The coaches clearly didn't have veto power. Go rewatch the scene again because you obviously weren't paying attention.
  11. [quote name='BengalsOwn' date='13 August 2009 - 12:41 AM' timestamp='1250134915' post='790327'] That was spectacular. Weird seeing Mike Brown leading that meeting though...LOL at the facepalms. Roy Williams made himself look very very bad...Was glad to see it wasn't all ochocinco, but he was definitely entertaining. I want more of Carson. Was Chris Henry and Jerome Simpson among the 3 that were late? [/quote] I think Henry, Caldwell, and Coles were at the front of the talk
  12. [quote name='StrengthOfFates' date='13 August 2009 - 12:21 AM' timestamp='1250133677' post='790312'] Thought the show was great. Loved the opening. Anybody else see Cook get his jaw jacked? Damn. [/quote] I saw it! It was in the intro. He got clocked!
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