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  1. I'm with you 100% on the "assault rifle" thing and other propositions involving arbitrary restrictions on guns/accessories. Personally, unless you want to take it as far as banning semi-automatic weapons, i think you really can't make much of an argument for restricting weapons and accessories. A gun might looks cooler/scarier with all the bells and whistles straight out of call of duty, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the mass and velocity of the piece of metal coming out of the business end. The real problem lies in the sheer quantity of guns currently available, and the lack of traceability of said guns. The bottom line is that its far too easy for people to get their hands on a weapon. I could get behind a legislation that proposes: 1.) a gun buy back to reduce the overall number of weapons on the street 2.) increased restrictions and requirements for gun ownership (training, certification, annual registration, insurance?, accountability), 3.) significant overhaul of the buying/selling process. I don't have any type of specific ideas for how this could be taken on, but as i said before it is far too easy to acquire a gun. Manufacturers aren't selling their guns direct to criminals out of an alley in Chicago. All guns originate from some sort of "legitimate" transaction and I can promise you the vast majority are not stolen from innocent responsible gun owners. I think a well thought out legislation hitting all three of those elements could put the country on a track to significantly reduce the number of guns in this country over the next 5,10, 20 years and I'd be willing to bet the number of firearm related homicides would trend accordingly.
  2. While the actual statement may be a stretch, i believe she's trying to make the very real point that pandering the extreme right is not only slowing progress, but legitimately hurting the country in measurable quantifiable ways. 
  3.   trailor looks good, hopefully its not a steaming pile of dog shit like the first one   I feel like all these recent marvel movies are amazingly overrated. I think the best ones were Thor and the first Iron Man. The rest, including the Avengers, were pretty lame imo
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