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  1. Most home teams are given a three point advantage so basically Vegas is saying it is an even game.
  2. Kershaw is 21-3 1.77 ERA 239 K. He will probably win the MVP award also. Second place for the Cy Young will come down to Cueto or Wainwright. Cueto 20-9 2.25 ERA 242 K 235 IP 4 CG Wainwright 20-9 2.38 ERA 179 K 227 IP 5 CG
  3. Team record won't make a difference if he is a Cy Young candidate or not. King Felix won it a couple years ago and the Mariners were horrible. Cueto will probably end up second or third in the voting. Kershaw has it looked up this year.
  4. You might could get the Yankees to take Votto's contract. Teixeira is not what he used to be and I am sure they are going to want to make some big moves this offseason after missing the playoffs. I would not expect the Yankees to give up much though for him.
  5. MJ was trying to cover Juilo on one of Julio's receptions. So there's that.
  6. They are tablets and players and coaches are using them to view game footage. No more printing out pictures and sticking them in a binder. Players and coaches now can get immediate footage of the game.
  7. If anyone cares, 14 of the 16 2015 opponents. Final two are set at the end of the year. Home: Ravens, Steelers, Browns, Rams, Seahawks, Chargers, Chiefs. Away: Ravens, Steelers, Browns, 49ers, Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders.
  8. The NFL opening game will be on 9/10 and first Sunday games on 9/13.
  9. He would not been approached as ace material. There are only a handful of teams where he might be a number 1. Most teams look at him as number 2. The teams where he might be a number 1, they are the bottom of the payroll teams and they would not pay more than what he's getting now.
  10. Bailey was not signed at a discount. He got about what he would have got on the open market. He will average 17 million a year with his new contact and no one is paying way over that for a guy that is not a number 1.
  11. I am pretty sure he has a nice home in Ft. Worth. This is just a place to stay during the season.
  12. I don't know that it means the Reds don't want Leake. Some teams put players on waivers with absolutely no intention of trading them whatsoever. Some teams just want to see how other teams value their players. The Nats put Harper and Strasburg on the waivers last week. You know they had no intention of trading them but were probably just trying to figure out how other teams value them.
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