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  1. Goodwin is headed to the draft but has not signed an agent. WCS will return along with Wiltjer.
  2. Harrow is transferring out. Not a big loss with the Harrison twins and Hawkins more than likely coming in.
  3. Yea they went to FSU. From the sources I have, I have been told it's FSU, UK and UNC in that order as of a couple weeks ago so things could have changed over the last few days. Wiggins had a great recurring visit at FSU and that really helped. It would probably be a done deal to FSU if Cal was not involved. Randle should be fun to watch next year.
  4. If UK adds anymore for this year then it will probably be Hawkins. I know Cal watched him play a couple games in a row a couple weeks ago. If Wiggins is really coming, then that must mean at least two guys are leaving. If he does come, there might not be a need to play next season.    I have been told that Wiggins wants to come to UK but his parents are pushing him towards FSU. 
  5. Wiggins will more than likely end up at FSU. If Cal can pull it off though, UK would have to start the season as the number 1 team. As of right now, I would say there is a small chance he ends up at UK. 
  6.   I dont think this has anything to do with Porthress. He has said he is coming back but of course that could change. Poythress can play the 3 spot and Randle the 4.    If everyone comes back this is what the team would look like.   PG- Andrew Harrison, Ryan Harrow, Jared Polson SG- Archie Goodwin, Aaron Harrison SF- Alex Poythress, James Young, Jon Hood PF- Julius Randle, Marcus Lee, Kyle Wiltjer, Derrick Willis C- Willie Cauley Stein, Dakari Johnson   That is 14 guys on scholarship so someone would have to leave or give one up. I would expect eit
  7. Noel will more than likely leave but the others have all said they will be back but things could change over the next couple weeks. Stein has already posted on twitter that he is ready for big blue madness. The only one I see leaving is Harrow. Cal said he needs to have a one on one talk with him and I am guessing he will probably tell him it might be best if he left.
  8. Oh shit, Julius Randle just picked Kentucky. What a crazy recruiting class. Seven total guys in the class with six of them in the top 20.
  9. Kentucky will probably start next year as a favorite to win the national championship. With Goodwin, Pyothress, Stein, and Wiltjer more than likely coming back and the guys they have coming in, Kentucky could be ten to eleven deep next year.
  10. [quote]The Mall at St. Matthews, KY will be hosting the 1996 University of Kentucky National Championship Wildcats in a reunion signing event at Cardboard Heroes Thursday December 6th at 5:30pm-7:00pm.[/quote]
  11. Talent is there. Chemistry and execution not there right now. UK will be a really good team in a few months.
  12. An all access show on Kentucky basketball debuts tonight on ESPN at 7.
  13. Cal added James Young yesterday. He is ranked in the top ten by every recruiting site. So far that is 3 players in the top ten in next years class. Five of the top ten recruits are headed to the SEC next year and more will follow.
  14. UK could really be scary good next year. They just got the top two guards and Willis is already coming. They are one of the favorites to add Parker and Randle. If Wiggins reclassifies, he will end up at UK next year. Wiggins will probably end up being the best player Cal has ever recruited. Next years class could go down as the greatest recruiting class ever.
  15. After tonight, 17 NBA teams have at least one UK player on their roster.
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