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  1. The inmates of the nati

    Practice Squad

    http://www.cincyjungle.com/2015/9/6/9268985/cincinnati-bengals-2015-practice-squad-announced Don't know how reliable this is from another website. Not sure if this violates something either. Looks like we kept everyone (for the most part) if true.
  2. The inmates of the nati

    Holiday Quiz

    Also Manny Lawson (Buffalo).
  3. The inmates of the nati

    Holiday Quiz

    Bruce Gradkowski went to Shitsburgh.  I figure that is the one based off of your hint.
  4. Peyton Manning to the Broncos?  I'd declare that a mild success.  Two horrible defensive plays (one before halftime and one with less than a minute left in regulation) away from the AFC championship game.  I'll give you the horrible pick that he threw in OT, but he gave them Superbowl aspirations coming off an 8-8 season.   Agree with everyone's accessment that Reggie White is the greatest free agent of all time.    Another guy (although he hasn't  won a Superbowl, is that a criteria to be a success?) that I would still declare as "worked out" is London Fletcher.  That old b-stard can still play ball.  Very underrated and has been a better player than Ray Lewis the past 5-7 years (IMO).   Charles Haley (Dallas) was another one.  Shannon Sharpe was another to Balt (ughh!).   I won't include Randy Moss due to the fact that he was acquired via trade and not really a free agent.
  5. BENGALS 17 RAIDERS 14. Total yards 165.
  6. The Inmates of the Nati-Michael Brockers-161
  7. Cincinnati 17- Stealers 6, 152 yards of offense.
  8. The inmates of the nati

    Round 4 +

    [quote name='gatorclaws' timestamp='1304131286' post='988853'] Any specific guys that would be a good value and meet a need in the later rounds? I'd like to see Clint Boling with the 4th. Maybe one of the safeties. [/quote] I want the same guy, just kick him inside to play guard.
  9. The inmates of the nati

    Bill of all guys?!

    [quote name='scharm' post='739078' date='Jan 11 2009, 12:24 PM']Cowher reaffirmed his thinking Cincinnati would be a playoff team (wildcard) during a discussion of Cleveland's chances. Something like he doesn't like Cleveland's chances because he's picked the Bengals for a wildcard.[/quote] Yes, he did. I didn't see last weeks comments (but read them here). I wander if the AFC North is getting 3 teams in next year? I don't see Pitt or Balt falling that quickly.
  10. I can't stand Paul Daugherty. He's a Butt-Pirate and Stealers fan. Just murders the Bengals and Reds (justified to a point). His talk show makes me want to find him and dispose of him. He's like Marty Brennaman on Roids.
  11. The inmates of the nati

    Who Gets signed first?

    Crocker should be the easiest to sign
  12. The inmates of the nati

    All Time Favorite Bengals Head Coach

    Sam was pure comic genious and the best interview.

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