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  1. DevilDawg

    2009 Playoff Picture

    [quote name='CJandRudiJ' date='22 November 2009 - 11:13 PM' timestamp='1258945989' post='832149'] While we are still in good position, thinks are tightening up. We had a great chance to put some room between us and some other teams, instead were only up 1 game on the 7th place team, so if somehow Pitt catches us we would be in quite a fight for a wildcard. Hopefully this makes the team go out and kick the shit out of the browns and lions the next two weeks and let other teams beat up on each other. [/quote] Well Said!!!
  2. [quote name='ColorChanginClique' date='28 November 2009 - 08:08 PM' timestamp='1259453315' post='833568'] 7-9 most likely to be quite honest [/quote] Get real my man!!! You think the lose 7 in a row? Step away from the bong....
  3. Then consider what happened the last two times we did that, 1981 and 1988? Just putting it out there! I think 12-4 is realistic. Looking at the remaining games, this is what I see happening: H Cleveland.....W.....Should be a win after Oakland debacle!!! H Detroit..........W.....Again, an opportunity to put away an inferior team. @ Minnesota.....L......I think they play well, but lose in a nail biter! @ San Diego.....W.....Because of the importance in playoff seeding, I think they will get an elusive west coast win. H Kansas City..W.....Will probably be a little flat, but still win by 10. @ NY Jets..........W....Fighting for a 1st round bye, they will harass Sanchez and pound away at Ryan's D!!! Just my thoughts, what are yours???
  4. In the first game against the Steelers, the Bengals really didn't show up until late in the second half, and they still won. Mendenhall hasn't started in a game of this importance yet, and he has been prone to turnovers. Ike Taylor isn't the same player he was 4 or 5 years ago. If the Steelers don't get a good pass rush going early, he will struggle. The Steelers are in a short week, coming off an impressive win over Denver(ala Baltimore last week) and there could be a letdown. The Bengals have generally played well in Pittsburgh under Marvin Lewis!
  5. DevilDawg

    Number One: Give me a break

    [quote name='Bunghole' date='12 November 2009 - 03:47 PM' timestamp='1258055260' post='826413'] Except this season, we [i]haven't[/i] started fast. We've started [i]slow[/i]. We're starting to get good [i]now[/i]. Our offense is going to pick apart your overhyped defense and Ike Taylor is going to wish he didn't have to interfere with The Ocho 3 times to prevent touchdowns. You'll see. Your comeuppance is on its way! [/quote] I think this game is also very important from a reputation and respect standpoint. If we can sweep the Ravens and Steelers, the national critics will have no choice but to consider us a legit playoff contender!!! Also, to any fellow veterans on this board, hope you all came home safely and are doing well! OooRah
  6. DevilDawg

    Larry Johnson Cut in KC

    I wish Mr Johnson the best, but we have great chemistry right now and don't need to bring in anyone who could disrupt that!
  7. Marvin finally has the team he's been looking for since he got here. A team that practices hard, studies hard, hits hard, and plays hard! These guys comprising the 09 Bengals are guys that have melded together to form a band of brothers that are united in believe in one common purpose, and that is to be playing in Miami! I can't remember a Bengal team that I've been more proud of or have more faith in! If Marvin maintains the current level of dedication and confidence, I believe this is going to be a very memorable winter in the BengalNation!!!

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