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  1. Bengal Cat

    Marvin News Conference on 12/31/18

    Exactly what I was thinking. Who among us has seen or heard anything from Mike Brown that would lead us to believe that even IF Marvin is let go, he's likely to bring in somebody to turn this around? This is the same guy that brought us Dave, Bruce & Dick. I have zero confidence in soP and as long as he sits "atop the throne" it's going to be business as usual. Any coach worth a damn won't touch the Bengals with the way things stand in the front office.
  2. Bengal Cat

    Time To Trade Andy Dalton

    I think one of the big questions is...Have we already seen the best of Andy? The Supporting Cast argument can be made both ways. There have been times but his Supporting Cast was shit. There have been other times that his Supporting Cast was better then quarterbacks that took their team a lot farther. If you come to the conclusion that his best days are behind him...do you go forward and try to build a great Supporting Cast for a quarterback that's on the decline?
  3. At the very least we will find out what we have in JD. I don't blame Dalton for what's going on with this team. There are so many other issues that it keeps us from discussing exactly how much of it was his fault.
  4. Bengal Cat

    10-6 Bengals

  5. Bengal Cat

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Here's a "what if" for you...What if this defense drastically improves under Marvin... which I think is a real possibility. What do the Bengals do going forward for next year? Leave Marvin in control of the defense and let him build on the improvements? Or do they turn the defensive over to someone new and basically start all over again?
  6. Bengal Cat

    Teryl Austin Fired

    I started to get on here and say that I bet the defense would definitely improve under Marvin...... but that would have been the "duh" statement of the year....lol. I don't even think Admiral Chuck could do any worse....Did I just say that?
  7. Bengal Cat

    Teryl Austin Fired

    The word "desperate" comes to mind....lol
  8. Bengal Cat

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Never should have been hired in the first place. Little children in Vietnam that don't know anything about football were shaking their head at that hire.
  9. Bengal Cat

    Burfict "Dirty Play" vs Chiefs?

    I have heard people say that the Stealers are inside the Bengals heads....well I don't think there's any doubt that Vontaze Burfict is inside their head. It's like the spoiled kid in school that runs over people and Bullies people. They are used to having their way. Then when someone finally gives them a dose of their own medicine, they run to the principal's office crying foul. What a bunch of pussies.
  10. Bengal Cat

    Whining Stealers

    Fuck the Stealers
  11. I agree with all of the above. The bear is mad enough without poking him. Burfict will hurt him. Juju might end up in a fucking body cast next year. But according to the idiots in the national media the Bengals are the instigators.
  12. Be ready to start a "Get well JuJu" thread after Burfict gets finished with him next season. Shazier just might have a companion to sit and play checkers with.
  13. Awww. There's an old saying that comes to mind at times like this if I can just think of it........oh yeah, I remember now...Fuck Them!!!

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