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  1. Didn't our former head coach and current co-defensive coordinator (whatever the fuck that means) of the ASU Sun Devils once say that any team would be glad to have Andy Dalton? Could be why hes co-defensive coordinator at ASU.
  2. Hey Montana, thanks for the reply. The damn thing crashed earlier today. Was time for a new one anyway LOL....Who Dey my brother!
  3. Ok boys heres the deal... I have an older Dell desktop in my spare bedroom. This computer is not Wi-Fi capable and the only way the connected to the internet was with a ethernet cable. Several months ago I bought a Wi-Fi USB adapter so we could go Wireless on this particular computer. At the time that I installed the wifi USB adapter this computer was running Windows 7. Everything work fine. A couple of days ago I decided to upgraded to Windows 10. Now when you try to connect to the internet on it it says there are no internet connections available although the adapter is plugged in to the USB port. So apparently Windows 10 is not recognizing this USB device. I can't even find it listed in the device manager. I know that's probably not much information to go on... but I figured you guys might could point me in the right direction.
  4. 1. Burrow 2. Queen 3. Gaither-Davis I don't care that Gaither-Davis played at Appy St.....kids going to be a player
  5. It took arguably the best QB to ever play to keep that window open. If he's done in New England watch how fast that thing closes.
  6. There's an old saying that applies to Dan Patrick if I can just think of it....Oh Yeah, I remember now....FUCK HIM!
  7. And THAT my friends is how the cow ate the cabbage. Great Article.
  8. Absolutely. This team had a window. Windows don't stay open for long in the NFL as we know. It was refreshing what Andy brought to the table after the Carson debacle. We never could take that next step. Of course, it's not all his fault, as stated above. But just as Marvin's message grew stale, so did Andy at QB. After his offense line was depleted the past several years, he had no chance to succeed. But at the same time it didn't get done when he had a good line either. I'm sure the debate will rage on as to why.
  9. They really should have arranged those chairs differently....
  10. I don't know what Andy Dalton did say... But I know what he should have said...." I was surrounded with enough talent to make the playoffs 5 years in a row. But I got scared and pissed down my leg every playoff game I played in. The closest my team came to winning a playoff game was the one I didn't play in. I was fortunate to have a coach that didn't have enough balls to pull me when my quarterback rating couldn't be seen with a microscope."
  11. The only team I hate worse than the 49ers is...well, I'm sure you can figure it out.
  12. I can't say anything that hasn't been said.... but I'm tired of hearing the shit that if he comes to Cincinnati the NFL will never hear anything from him again. We all know Mike Brown is a shity owner... but people need not act like Palmer and Dalton didn't have chances to succeed. Another thing as far as Palmer goes, I think his injuries might have had a little something to do with it.
  13. Dont worry OP.... if that offensive line isnt fixed, hes going to go.....to the hospital
  14. When this team comes to play....they cannot lose. It's hard for all 10 guys to decide NOT to come to play. They look bored in the SEC
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