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  1. Dont worry OP.... if that offensive line isnt fixed, hes going to go.....to the hospital
  2. When this team comes to play....they cannot lose. It's hard for all 10 guys to decide NOT to come to play. They look bored in the SEC
  3.   I think that's one thing this young team has had trouble grasping....every road game is a white-out, black-out, gold-rush, some tee shirt event. These teams raise their level of play and the environment is crazier than any other game. You don't come ready to play...you lose. That was a good win vs Missouri, but I also remember what happened last Tuesday. Will they build off the win Saturday and move forward?  Will they revert back to their ways vs LSU?  Couple things stood out against Missouri. They played zone at times and played it pretty well...Also when Missouri made their charge, UK withstood it and had kept their poise down the stretch. Unlike what we saw vs Baylor or Carolina. Gotta get WCS going though. The way this team allows dribble penetration, you gotta have a rim protector back there.
  4. Cats in decent shape after yesterdays win. Should be able to go on a nice little run now.
  5. You know you're in pretty good shape when you can miss on the #1 player and still have what many are calling the best recruiting class in history and the preseason #1 ranking.
  6.   Yep.....he's meeting with Williams on the 22nd, Self the 23rd and Hamilton on the 24th.
  7.   If that's the case then FSU is where he needs to go. UNC could be a contender next year depending on who stays or goes. FWIW Vitale has UNC preseason  #2 (which doesn't mean crap) right behind UK. Not real familiar with FSU's roster at this point, but I'm guessing he won't have a lot of help and can take all the shots he wants. I just hope he doesn't get frustrated easily because he will be seeing a lot of double-teams.
  8.   I'm with you on that. If winning a title is important to him, it won't be Fla. St.
  9. With Goodwin leaving, could it be another sign that Wiggins is coming?
  10. A few more.......Get em Julius....lol.       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJqaMioXegU
  11.   If I'm not mistaken both parents are FSU alum. Don't sleep on North Carolina either. They are making a strong push for him.   Meanwhile, enjoy some Julius Randle highlights. We know we got him....lol.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ-vLcOMKX8
  12. Not sure if you are familiar with Matt Jones and KSR. But this morning Matt said Wiggins coach said yesterday that Wiggins knows where he wants to go now. He looks at a certain school's talent and thinks they can win it all.   They are loaded and would be fine without Wiggins. But if they were to add him?.....Wow!!!
  13.   If I had to bet right now, I would say FSU. But I find Rex's tweet interesting.
  14. So far UK has 1/4 th of the McDonalds AA roster.
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