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  1. shittburgh doing what it does best crying to the media and the nfl front office.
  2. bigboi

    Fight after the game...

    nfl ref, pick play should have been penalized. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/1647824002 ESPN's Max Kellerman was among national voices echoing that sentiment, suggesting the Stealers "should thank the refs" and that the "Bengals should've won that game."
  3. bigboi

    Fight after the game...

    nope,I just saw that shittburgh is crying to the commishern and the Nfl front office, that the Bengals threaten them. even after being gifted a win by the nfl officiating crew, these bastard still have the nerve to complain.
  4. I'll give Austin the benefit of the doubt, because if you look around the league. No one can play defense, without a flag being throw every two or three seconds into the game. Mike zimmer and paul guenther are having the same problem, defensive coach's are not only concern about the new rules,but some them are watering down thier scheme.
  5. the nfl is soft, if you want to avoid lawsuits put flags on them and stop tackling all toghter.
  6. yes it was a huge win, but have I just one thing to say. fuck the Nfl officiating crew for almost coasting us the game and fuck what the nfl has become.
  7. hard to play defense when the nfl,is watered down like it is.The P.c culture has killed the nfl and the way football use to be played.
  8. no,you just don't know corrupt Author blank is .
  9. I have bad feeling this maybe the end of eifert's career.
  10. no, I saw him play in person and he was very quick and explosive to a point he was always around the quaterback.
  11. this guy is a steal,should have never been on anybody's practice squad.
  12. I stopped watching the nfl, for that very reason along time. If it's not the Bengals, I don't care because the NFL is to damn corrupt. Maybe it will take a Tim donaghy size scandal to chage thing but I doubt it.
  13. so we finally got closure,and know why he left.

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