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  1. Dillon

    Corey dillion would break the all time nfl rushing record in this game.
  2. I don't think it change much but we will see the Bengals use a 4-3 defense with 3-4 principles or more of a one gap system.
  3. a couple of days ago Stephen a smith on his radio show attacked the Bengals organization,he then went out of his to attack the character Marvin Lewis of and a couple of other Bengals players both past and present.He made Joe mixon sound like a monster and even went after burfict again.
  4. this video shows why this man was drafted and why the Bengals had no choice but to take him. Joe mixon my very well be the best running back of this draft class.
  5. I agree and not just the offense but the defense as well,hell I originally want foster but I will take what we have.
  6. john ross training with desean jackson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQTrBSozAA0
  7. this was a damn good pick,but they should have drafted the best defensive player available .
  8. I wanted the Bengals to draft Ruben foster and still do but, I would not be surprised if they do not draft him or trade down and drafted a wr.
  9. he was never the same after he fractured his leg,because at one point in time bene had a promising career.
  10. Offseason Needs DE

    bengals signed bryson albright to a future contract,when rex ryan was the head coach of the bills.bryson albright was begging developed as a linebacker and defensive end.