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  1. Austin's best was in 2014, it wasn't until the lion decided to let ndamukong suh walk.That the defense fell from being one the best time to mediocre.Austin has hinted at the fact that his defense was going more of an organized chaos defense like the one in baltimore and he would keep a little of what mike zimmer and paul guaether had already established here.
  2. When this pick was made,all I could think about was Chris Henry. Wide receiver who is a big target and can catch anything thrown his way.
  3. Moritz Böhringer going to the Cincinnati Bengals.
  4. Mj may not be safe, but he has been moved to different spots on the defense. But with this team moving into a multiple formatinal look on defense I'm not to sure who is going to be safe.
  5. All these picks, the Bengals are making pretty much kills all the talk about 4-3 or 3-4 defense because ever last one these pick can be moved to different spot the team.
  6. Very underated and violent running back, the Bengals want to hurt people this year.
  7. This Never gets old,tackles mcsorley and barkley at the same time.
  8. This guy is a monster, great pick.
  9. Love this pick, Sam Hubbard is Bengals fuckin a right.
  10. The indept draft breakdown of billy price.

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