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  1. I don't think it change much but we will see the Bengals use a 4-3 defense with 3-4 principles or more of a one gap system.
  2. a couple of days ago Stephen a smith on his radio show attacked the Bengals organization,he then went out of his to attack the character Marvin Lewis of and a couple of other Bengals players both past and present.He made Joe mixon sound like a monster and even went after burfict again.
  3. this video shows why this man was drafted and why the Bengals had no choice but to take him. Joe mixon my very well be the best running back of this draft class.
  4. I agree and not just the offense but the defense as well,hell I originally want foster but I will take what we have.
  5. john ross training with desean jackson.
  6. this was a damn good pick,but they should have drafted the best defensive player available .
  7. I wanted the Bengals to draft Ruben foster and still do but, I would not be surprised if they do not draft him or trade down and drafted a wr.
  8. he was never the same after he fractured his leg,because at one point in time bene had a promising career.
  9. bengals signed bryson albright to a future contract,when rex ryan was the head coach of the bills.bryson albright was begging developed as a linebacker and defensive end.
  10. it's plane as day these guy don't fit into coryell offensive scheme that zampese is trying to run Dalton as been getting killed all year and oline has getting destroyed.
  11. Boomer Esiason still “disgusted” by Bengals’ Wild Card actions; Solomon Wilcots fires back 104 comments After the Bengals’ Wild Card loss to the Stealers, the first voice we heard back in the CBS studio was that of an embarassed Boomer Esiason. The former Bengals quarterback elaborates on that, nine months later, while his colleague and fellow former Bengal, Solomon Wilcots, shares his take. By Rebecca Toback @Rebecca_Toback Sep 6, 2016, 11:00a Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports "I'm embarassed by the way this game ended and by the way these guys acted on the field today. I feel bad for Marvin Lewis, and I'll tell you one thing, if Marvin Lewis can't keep control of his players, then maybe Marvin Lewis shouldn't be standing there on the sideline coaching that drek.” Those words were what fans heard as the CBS post-game show opened up following the Bengals’ loss to the Stealers in January’s Wild Card playoff game. And who said it, who called the Bengals drek, in other words, trash? None other than former Bengals quarterback and current CBS color commentator, Boomer Esiason. It was a tough pill for Bengals fans to swallow as they heard a former player say he was embarassed by the team for whom he played for 10 years and the team he led to one of their only two Super Bowls. This, all just moments after watching a heartbreaking playoff loss. I met with Esiason during CBS’ NFL preview day last week and his feelings on the topic haven’t changed. “At that moment, I was disgusted. The Bengals were the better team but they didn’t keep their poise. You need to play with you head above it and it was frustrating to see that,” Esiason said. “If they do that again, I will say the same things again.” And while Esiason is entitled to his opinion, his CBS colleague, Solomon Wilcots, who also played for the Bengals, strongly disagrees with those feeling of embarrassment. Must Reads Solomon Wilcots says Bengals’ problem is not knowing how good they are Rebecca Toback Boomer Esiason was 'really was close to coming back' to Bengals in 1998 Kyle Phelps “Were you embarrassed for the Pittsburgh Stealers when James Harrison was knocking players out all around this league? Were you embarrassed for the Stealers when Hines Ward was breaking the jaw of a Bengals linebacker? Were you embarrassed for the Stealers when they broke punter Kevin Huber’s jaw and cracked his vertebrae? In fact, did Pittsburgh fans say ‘get rid of James Harrison, he’s a menace to our team’? No, they applauded it, they supported him,” Wilcots told me regarding his colleague’s embarrassment. And he wasn’t done. “Did the people in Baltimore say get rid of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed for the physical way that they dominated for over a decade? Was anyone embarrassed for the Ravens when they were doing it? No, but somehow in those towns they know how football games are won and they know how football should be played on defense. And, more importantly, they always support them,” Wilcots continued. Following the Bengals’ loss to the Stealers, many fans wanted to see the Bengals cut ties with Adam Jones and Vontaze Burfict, two of the best players on defense for the team, but also, two of the reasons why Esiason was embarassed and why the Bengals self-imploded during the final minutes of the Wild Card game. Of course, the Bengals don’t listen to disgruntled fans and re-signed Jones to a three-year deal this offseason. Meanwhile, they have fully supported Burfict this offseason and Marvin Lewis went as far as to go with Burfict to meet Roger Goodell, in response to Burfict’s suspension. “We definitely don’t know how to support our guys, because Adam Jones and Vontaze Burfict are among the Bengals’ best defensive players,” Wilcots said. “Last I checked, I want that type of defensive player on my team. That’s a Chuck Bednarik type player, that’s a Lawrence Taylor type player. Unapologetic, sheer physical and a player who the other team is intimidated by. If you’re embarassed by that, you really don’t understand how football games are won,” Wilcots added. “Sometimes it ain't going to be pretty, sometimes someone is going to get hurt. No one tried to run off Dick Butkus, Bednarik, the 1985 Chicago Bears. I’m not calling for physical violence in NFL games, I’m just saying that football games are very tough and physical.” No one wants to see players getting injured in the midst of an NFL game, but, as we see every week of the season, NFL players get hurt on all types of plays, and even by stepping awkwardly, or falling without being touched. Non-contact injuries are some of the worst injuries in the NFL. Injuries will happen, they’re a part of the game of football, but the NFL is going to attempt to clean up the game and Burfict’s unprecedented three-game suspension is evidence of that. For his actions in the Wild Card game, coupled with other rule violations, Burfict will sit out for the first three games this season, a suspension already underway as he’s banned from the team facilities. Hopefully, that suspension will help Burfict to keep his play clean, while still physical. After all, in Wilcots’ opinion, all 31 other teams in the NFL would want Burfict on their team, whether they admit it today or not. “The thing I loved about playing in Pittsburgh is that they know what football looks like, they know what defensive football looks like, and they’re unapologetic” said Wilcots, who played for the Stealers in 1992, the final year of his NFL playing career. “When these two teams play this year, I want it to be clean, but it’s going to be physical.”
  12. ken zampese definitely has ability to be a really good offensive coordinator.
  13. Bengals DT Domata Peko: Stealers are 'pieces of bleep' 346 By Kevin Patra Around the NFL writer Published: July 14, 2016 at 08:58 a.m. Updated: July 14, 2016 at 09:10 a.m. The heat between the Pittsburgh Stealers and the Cincinnati Bengals has risen to the nth degree over the last several years. With both franchises continually battling for playoff spots, their two AFC North contests each season have become heavily contested and venomous. This year's playoff matchup ended in a wild finish with Cincinnati losing on a last-minute chip shot field goal, aided in part by two personal foul penalties on Bengals defenders. Stream the Amazon Original Series "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals" on Prime Video. If you were one of the few still wondering if the rivalry was real, wonder no longer. During an event in London to promote the NFL's International Series this season, Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko was asked to complete the sentence: "the Pittsburgh Stealers are. . . " "Pieces of bleep," Peko replied, while making the beeping sound used to cover expletives, via USA Today (at least he was cordial about his hatred). Peko was later asked if the rivalry was a media concoction, seasoned with extra layers of bitterness thanks to reporters. The Bengals lineman left no doubt. "Oh, we hate them," he said. "For us, each time we play the Stealers, the whole city is like 'beat these fools' and whenever we beat them, it is a big party in Cincinnati. It's a big rivalry for us." With both franchises still in prime position to make deep playoff runs, those rivalry games won't lose their intense tenor. Nor will the players lose their "bleeping" bitterness towards each other.