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  1. Dude, I know. Go back and reread my post and you might SEA another mistake. (Btw, I don't like using the ninja emoji because it lacks subtlety)
  2. Huh? I don't sea anything wrong their.
  3. CarsonCity

    Bengals 2018 draft grades

    I agree with your point on bloodlines in this instance, but it's actually pretty easy to name elite players whose father was also pretty damn good in that sport. Steph Curry, Peyton and Eli Manning, Ken Griffey Jr., Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds (he was incredible even before he started cheating), Prince Fielder, Brett Hull, Clay Matthews III, etc. Which makes sense, I think. You need to have a certain level of natural ability and athleticism to be that good, which is determined largely by genetics. Of course, there's also an important role played by the younger player's environment, which can lead to all kinds of different paths taken. And, to your point, that's why it's silly to draft a player based solely on pedigree -- it ignores a lot of really important information.
  4. I can certainly see the Bengals' front office angering some agents and rubbing them the wrong way with their tactics. But what gets me is that in a category of "Least Prepared & Least Trustworthy," the Bengals actually rank worse than the woefully incompetent Browns. That's a pretty tall order for revenge or spite to explain.
  5. lol I think some of you guys want a WWE character for a head coach.
  6. ...and also a notarized confession from the offending Steeler.
  7. Everyone I watched it with saw the knee down with the replays we were given by the broadcast. But, whatever, it's just another in a long line of plays that went wrong on Sunday.
  8. Fair enough, I take back the fireable part. But "1 missed call" marginalizes how egregious it was. That was a crucial call and 4 extra points would've changed the whole complexion of the game. I honestly don't see how he could've missed it.
  9. Yes, Marvin is the one that ultimately throws the challenge flag, but the decision is really made by some asst. coach in the booth that has immediate access to replay monitors (I don't know specifically who it is for the Bengals). For him to miss such a crucial chance to challenge is a fireable offense IMO. I mean, we were on offense for Christ sake. He had all the time in the world to look over the replays.
  10. See, I think calling them biased gives them too much credit. I think they're both just stupid. Like seriously, that's not even speaking as a Bengals fan. Some of the shit they say is absolutely fucking retarded.
  11. Plus that personal foul call on Iloka was horse shit. I'm tired of the Bengals getting the shaft on those calls.
  12. So I'm trying to get the hang of game thread posts, and I was hoping you guys could help me out. If the Bengals aren't playing well, we call that "Marvin ball," apparently because he sucks and we just don't like him. If the Bengals do play well, we make no mention of Marvin, and heap praise only on our favorite player(s). Do I have that right?
  13. I don't know, Dan Patrick is good people. He just happens to be horribly wrong on this one.
  14. No offense, but this is retarded. The Bengals' offense ranked 9th in yards gained and 10th in points scored (according to NFL.com). I'd say that's far from "terrible terrible".
  15. Not that it really matters, but I think the Stealers had 2: Harrison and Cody Wallace. And this article included Dre Kirkpatrick because he had some PI penalties or whatever. Fuckin' weak.
  16. Great write-up, per usual, HR. I might have minor quibbles on Kroft, but still good stuff. BTW, I'm sure I've missed this mentioned elsewhere (and I'm too lazy to look it up myself), but did all of the 2015 draft picks make the team last year?
  17. Not to mention that the Bengals actually outgained the Stealers 385 - 354 yds. They both had the same number of first downs (22). And, this can't be stated enough, the Bengals had their backup fucking quarterback playing nearly the entire game. The difference in the game was (fluke) turnovers, not some dominating performance from the Stealers. Bring it on indeed.
  18. RIF, I'm fuckin dying over here. Did you really just have a 4-week conversation with yourself??
  19. I appreciate Ray taking a stab at TV commentary. He really slices to the heart of the matter here, and I dare say he's a cut above the rest.
  20. Does this remind anybody else of what Belichick did last year?
  21. Wait, weren't they mad this week after losing last week?
  22. I don't think this writer knows what top heavy means.
  23.   I think you're letting your contempt for Dalton cloud your reading comprehension (or maybe it just isn't that good). Either way, I never posited a conclusion, just anecdotal evidence to contest the notion that only Bengal fans think Dalton is average. I mean, damn dude, it's really not worth arguing over.
  24.   I thought it was pretty clear that I was referring to the context of personal conversations I've had with other fans. Next time I'll make sure I spell it out for you.

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