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  1. You don't root for them to lose unless they're mathematicaly out of it. I don't like Marvin and want the best pick possible, but if they get into the dance who knows....
  2. Players don't "tank"....management does. They may not be any good, but the players are giving there all.
  3. I don't, and ya'll shouldn't blame AJ for this. Its the new NFL rules. Please don't direct your frustration towards him if he can't play. You have to believe it's out of his hands. I'm from the train of thought that you can't measure the toughness of these guys by how they respond to injuries. Everyone has different bodies that react differently to injuries. It's not fair to sit back on your couch and call these guys "pansies" if they don't suit up. You gotta give them all the benefit of the doubt. My beef with this one is with the NFL. I say let the player decide. They knew what they were getting into when they signed to play such a contact sport.....and they get compensated very well I may add.
  4. Then get the F out there!! I was under the impression the league takes the decision away
  5. Fucked!! Like I said in another thread, these guys are paid millions. They should be able to make their own decisions if they want to play or not. They are not pop warner kids out there. That ex-player lawsuit destroyed the sport. We're in trouble!!
  6. These guys get paid million son top of millions to play this sport. Let them fukn make the decision if they want to play or not! That lawsuit against the NFL ruined everything. Changed the game fotrever
  7. That's the million dollar question. Ideally I would say pass first, give Andy some confidence, then run down their throats, but if we start passing first it could totally backfire in our faces
  8. I agree he is over rated, but we def need him on Sunday. Hopefully he gets the green light Sat.
  9. Wow! Hope you don't actually believe this. If so, it's one of the stupidest posts I've read in a while.....which is saying a lot
  10. I'm no fan of our QB, but he is OUR QB!! There's nothing that will change that for the imediate future so I'm not even thinking about "bad Andy"....atleast until after his 2nd pick haha
  11. Its official...I'm fired up and can no longer curb my excitement. I'm all in and believe we can do it! If flacco can get white hot for a few wks why can't Andy?
  12. I don't think a pick 6 to start will help with his confidence. If it starts that way I see it getting ugly very fast....I don't believe this will happen though. Heavy dose of Hill and a few Gio screens to start please. To answer the question, I'll be blowing up the live game thread with Andy is garbage comments
  13. I totally agree with you, and by no means am I a "pro Andy" guy, but we still need AJ in a big way.
  14. Obviously AJ has had a couple big blunders of late ad as frustrating as he may be at times, make no mistake about it.....WE NEED HIM THIS SUNDAY! I know he is going through the "protocol", but I haven't heard any hints one way or another. Gotta figure he's going to be out there this wknd right?
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