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  1. You mean we don't have the OL to use? How would Dalton even have the time to throw the ball deep with the way he was "protected" this year? To answer the original question, I think we're okay, even if they don't bring LaFell back. Core has exactly the same numbers as MJones did his first year. I think he'll be more than capable of being that #2 guy, especially with a talented slot guy like Boyd.
  2. OK. I'm beyond annoyed with Bodine. I think every shotgun snap has been low. Sent from my iPhone using
  3. At the goal line on 2nd down. Sent from my iPhone using
  4. Small correction. It's Marlana, not Emily.
  5. I don't hate Tate, never did. I think Erickson has more potential on offense, though.
  6. This is a thread we can all get behind. Make sure they have to use their piss soaked towels to wipe the tears from their bloodshot eyes. All the weed in the world can't help the pain we are about to rain down on their bitch asses.
  7. We went to Green that much because they thought they could single cover him with Revis. In other games, when he won't be single covered, other guys will be open. You take what the defense gives you. Ninety-one yards from your number 2, and you just want to be negative.
  8. So, I will be out of town that weekend. My seats are in section 304, Row 2, Seats 3 and 4. I sit directly in front of Len Orme, (the guy who puts all the trips together that Amish and LeTigre talk about.) The seats aren't as good as your season tickets, obviously, but being in row 2 in the upper deck isn't bad at all. If you are interested, I would give them to you as a thanks for having the board up for so long.
  9. I can't make it this year. I'll be in Munich for training. Although, I have plans to catch that game with CincyInDC. So that's a plus.
  10. This amazing, and inspirational. Congrats! My wife and I literally started dieting this week. Hopefully I can replicate your results!
  11. Sign and trades don't really work in the NFL. Because of the cap structure, any 'signing bonus" he would have, would immediately hit the Chargers cap once he was traded.
  12. No, not Freeney. A rookie out of Nebraska.
  13. I'm going to be in Munich probably for the game on 9/29, definitely for the game on 10/9. We should get together.
  14. Sorry about your job situation. Good luck. Sent over a bit, hope it helps.