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  1. Hate bagging on what used to be one of my teams' guys, but there's no way on the planet that I'd spend any more than a 6th on Walker. You did steal Smithson though, that kid can play.
  2. Saw a kid heading to Arkansas that's got 'em both beat: Someone hand me a cue......
  3. 2nd would be great, but Mixon's not getting out of the 2nd. Also, from what I've been told, whoever gets Dede may not have to spend a 4th on him. Interviews left quite a bit to be desired.
  4. FWIW, Geno went in the 4th round, Dunlap in the 2nd.
  5. Just a FWIW, but Miller played in the Big 12. Dude pretty much singlehandedly beat our arse in 2010.
  6. Polian said on NFL Live this week that he's hearing from the GM's that he's talked to 2nd round & he wouldn't be totally surprised if he sneaked his way into the bottom of the first.
  7. Stacy McGee to Washington; 5 for 25. Oh, & Landry Jones staying put on a 2 year deal.
  8. Tony Jefferson to Baltimore (dangit).
  9. Didn't really see a better thread to put this on, so what the heck:
  10. Depends on your definition of late. The people I've talked to at OU (& long story short in my experiences, they've been right a whole lot more often than not) have said that they've been told that he won't fall out of the 3rd. Kiper is saying day 2 as well.
  11. Granted I'm in the stands every week, but I wouldn't call him hidden personally; he's the best all-around back of the Stoops era as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Just a follow up on my earlier post; Ware's definitely out Sunday. Time table for his return is 4-5 weeks.
  13. Speaking of the Bronco's D : Ware's forearm may be hurting just a bit.....
  14. This, & it was non-contact on top of it. He dropped back to pass, planted his back foot, & the knee basically fell apart. About as fluke of an injury as I can recall hearing about.
  15. I'd switch 1 & 2 myself, imo Gio siphons off too much of Hill's value. Blessing in real life, curse in fantasy.