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  1. First off.  Dude with the giant mustache,, this thread is not retarded. It is quite fucking eloquent.  So your welcome. 


    2nd.  No one is trolling. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe they're right maybe they're wrong. But let's not forget this is a GD bengals forum. We're not good enough yet to attract trolls. You seriously gotta be a hard core bengals fan to spend time in this MFer. What we talking bout two wins?  Its been a draft forum since early October. 


    Maybe Burrow will suck ass like a bitch. Maybe not. He did play at LSU so he had the best supporting cast possible. How much of his play can be attributed to being in a top 3 program?


    I agree skyline chili is garbage. 

    I heard dude was talking smack about my president. Hope the university didn't turn him into some left wing ass hurt whinny bitch that hates economic freedom and Merika. 




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  2. What do you folks think of the stuff going around social media about the Panthers giving us like 2 1st rounders and a second this year, 1 first rounder next year and another first or second the year after that? In order to move up. Is this just jealous Panther fans trying to wish it into reality or possibly a serious option?


    That's a tough one IMO.  It's a amazing trade but would we be handing them a dynasty?  


    I think either way I'm down. History shows it's usually best to take the trade. 

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