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  1. On 10/15/2019 at 8:44 AM, UncleEarl said:

    Nice call, kind of...


    He looked horrible in a traditional offense.  Kudos to the Ravens for building an offense around him to allow him to shine.  No chance the Bengals or most NFL teams would ever do that. 


    His long term health is still a question mark.  The hits will come....

    I don't care if his style of play only nets a 4 or 5 year career the potential upside for those years was way more than we'll ever see out of the Red Rider BB gun. 

  2. 1 hour ago, PatternMaster said:




    How sure are we that Taylor is some offensive genius because his offense is struggling to score more than 20 points per game.  The offensive is horrible in the red zone, he makes bad decisions on challenges and play calls, and is roster moves so far leave a lot to be desired.


    I know Brown is on this search for the next Bill Waslh, aka the one that got away, but I don't think Taylor is that guy.

    20 points??? Lol what games have you been watching?  3 points seems to be about our  ceiling.


    Seriously we probably couldn't beat LSU bama Penn State Wisconsin Oklahoma or Florida.    ASU and Marvin Lewis probably give us a run for the money.  They got a great QB. 

  3. 12 hours ago, SF2 said:

    Are we talking about percentage of available seats because the Chargers currently play in a 28,000 soccer stadium and regularly only have 25,000 at their games. 


    Currently, the Bengals have only sold 73% of their home game tickets which is dead last by a wide margin.  Tampa is next at 84%. The median is 97%. 

    Where do you find these numbers? Thanks


    Exclude short term stadium use due to remodeling and also exclude scab games from strike year. 

  4. I took a hard helmet hit square in the chin back before chin pads and it fucked me up bad. 

    After that at night I would be sitting up in bed thinking I was at football practice. Talking, going through motions, everything. 

    Started having deja Vu a lot too. 

    Haven't played in almost 20 years and luckily everything has went back too normal. 

    But you never know how bad these things could be. Especially with the person's personality and how they'll react. If it freaks them out or not. Somehow I got through but was a odd time. 

  5. On 10/6/2019 at 10:22 PM, stryker57 said:

    if i understand what you are asking ....

    with no bonuses etc coming off the top and starting with 0 cap hits from the previous years,  just divide the cap (188 mil) by the number of players (53)  and you get 3.54 mil each 

    Yeah pretty much what I was trying to figure out except their is the whole practice squad thing too. So that adds 5 or 6 more?  


    I was just thinking one night what if a team paid every player exactly the same. No player on the team was worth more than the next on a monetary basis. 

    Wouldn't attract players like ODBJ or Melvin Gordon but would possibly make it possible to have a very deep team with hella special teamers. 

  6. 1 hour ago, High School Harry said:

    I can see the refs giving the Cardinals contested calls, pity penalties and preferential placements to nudge it to the Win One for the Bidster game.

    Actually, no.  I was shocked to see how many San Francisco fans showed up for that game.

    I expect the same for Cardinal fans in Palmer jerseys.

    A good thing about going to the game vs watching at home is I won't have to listen to

    a three hour Bidwell eulogy.

    How about you guys watching at home having a drinking game of taking a shot of tequila

    every time Bidwell's name is mentioned?  You will be comatose before Randy misses his first field goal.

    I'm sure they will have a moment of silence for the guy before the game.

    I plan to rip off an ear splitting fart during it.

    Fuck anything not Bengals.

    I'm down here here in Louisville. The games (unless prime time) have not been aired here for quite a while. I listen to the radio broadcast which is on 790am here.  Sometimes 1080 if UofL on 790.  Then late at night like a hungry mouse I scury through all corners of the internet looking for the game footage. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Duluoz said:

    Why shouldn't Cincy be favored 3.5? Playing at home (which is usually worth 3 points) against a win-less team

    1st off their is not a home field advantage place should be empty. Plus they play like trash at home. 

    Arizona can score points. Bengals not so much. With Dalton the ceiling is about what 16 to 17 points a game?  Arizona could put up 30 or 40.

  8. After watching the game again and being able to rewind/ go slow motion.  I'll say Taylor called a decent game. The execution by the players just wasn't there. Mostly due to poor O-line play. They had a whole off-season to do something about this o-line but didn't get it done.  So that falls back on management/ Taylor/whoever makes those decisions.  

    Dalton's poor play can't be ignored. He started out decent but got worse as the game went. Now his struggles are also in large part due to the o-line but he does hold a lot of the blame too. Bad passes and heavy feet the two I see. Seems he's lost the ability to feel pressure bounce out of the pocket and pass on the go. Scared or something to zip the ball down field more than a few yards. 

    Football is such a fine line. If Eifert catches that tough ball that did hit him in the hands it's a completely different ball game, were up 10 early. Instead.......yeah

    Still believe we can turn it around. 

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