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  1. 10 minutes ago, T-Dub said:


    Doesn't seem to matter though does it? Out of schedule, lower viewer numbers since most people have to work in the morning.. It's a bad product that only exists to try & make NFL network relevant.  I've never seen a TNF game that wasn't halfassed and this was no exception.

    Actually from what I read it got the 2nd highest viewer ratings of the season so far. Bills Thanksgiving game is #1. 

    I hate tnf. Bad for fantasy. I always get bad beats on Thursday night guys. 

  2. From what I've been reading on the interwebs it seems ol Marv might be a top candidate for some teams.

    One article was saying that since the recent young offensive gurus have been a bit of a bust teams will be looking for experience. They had Marv as one of the top choices. Also said something about the NFL trying to encourage teams to go that route (of more experience).  


  3. 3 hours ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

    Not to mention Jones had just bought the team and they had a PLAN to rebuild from scratch. 


    Our history looks to be repeating itself. Just like the 90s. We lose all season then somehow pull a few out of our ass at the end of the season. Then everyone gets hyped only to be let down again the following year. 

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