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  1. Creepy Joe is bought and paid for by the U.N. Might want to consider going to the official World Economic Forum site and reading their plans for the Great Reset. Watch the presentations presented by K.Schwab. If at all Interested in the bs we about to go through.
  2. He did it with parents around or not. The parents loved the guy because he was such a hard as and kept us little devils in check. But i was just joking man no reason get all upset. No one can joke around these days.
  3. My 5th and 6th grade coach would jab his finger into the back of my lower neck. These guys crying over feelings.
  4. Ha!!! I knew Bellichic or however u spell his name would pick him up. Predicted that last year. Kid is too good not to have. Ya know Bill was watching him all along because the kid from right there in Connecticut. Plus Bill done figured out how to turn our table scraps into gold. He knows the Bengals dumb AF and couldn't coach up a golden retriever to play fetch. Knows their gold in them scraps.
  5. We might as well bring him in and let him play to put this whole thing to rest. We aint got nothing to lose.
  6. Super die hard Bengals fan here too. Haven't watched one play this whole year. I can't watch the games with fake fans in the seats. Last thing i want to watch is coaches being forced to wear masks. Have listened to bits and pieces of some games on the radio. Honestly i think this could very well be the last NFL season for quite some time to come if they even finish this one.
  7. I don't think we will make it to the Miami game before the league is shutdown for the rest of the season. Lock down Mandatory Vaccine Darkest Winter The Great Reset Food Shortages COVID 21
  8. Looking at some pictures from today's game. Are they allowing people to attend games? From the pictures I cannot tell if those are real people in the stands or not.
  9. In typical Bengals fashion it looks like the season is already over as it just began.
  10. Here in Louisville they took down all the tennis nets in our parks. I was thinking what you said. Cops beating people coast to coast for not social distancing. Universities requiring the wearing of masks to step on campus. We are going to have football? To me it looks like sports are over. Are they gon make um wear masks while playing ball? No sports in the new world order.
  11. My employer just started enforcing us to wear masks. After surviving 8 weeks of pandemic working with 6k people and not one person getting sick our reward is that now we have to strap a cloth over our breathing passage ways. I fought it. Started packing up my locker and everything. Said i would not comply. They called me into HR and told me that they wouldn't fire me if i refused but that i wouldn't be allowed to work. They would give me a leave of absence and i could file for unemployment. In the end i decided to just suck it up and wear the dam mask. Its awful. Its already 85 de
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