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  1. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    See I had to say something. Always works
  2. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    How much longer must we be forced to watch Dalton be the most lackluster QB in league history.
  3. Right!!!! NFL has become a disgrace to the game of Football. It's time for some competition. Another league needs to form. Put Tebow out there it'll be a instant hit. I thought the UFL had a really good chance to grow but never attracted enough fans.
  4. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    BTW. Next time someone says something about Obama please don't say that their grivences are because he black. That is why I was forced to call you a libtard. We're beyond that these days rather you want to open your eyes and look around or just follow what the TV box tells you.
  5. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Ahhh welcome to the new age where corporate entities run the Earth. Maybe 100 years ago you were right however things have changed.
  6. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    I felt the same way at first. I did not want Trump at all. However we shall see what his tax plan looks like and if he can get it through. I thought he was a troll and corporate tool at first too. However his actions have shown me that he really is a American for the American people....so far we still have 3 years to go so he gets no pass just yet. Socialism and communism are essentially the same thing.
  7. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Yes I do know what communism is and that was the path we were headed down. Luckily Trump seems like a real American and not a shrill for BP and Royal Dutch Goldman and the rest that Obama bent over backwards for. Thanks to Clinton the bush family and Obama hard working folks like me are sitting on a 25% income tax. God forbid I get a little fucking overtime that shit gets taxed at almost 50%. That is the seeds of communism.
  8. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    First off I wasn't on the streets protesting anything. I voted 3rd party on the election like I have since I was 18. No I didn't want Obama but that is who the majority wanted so I sucked it up and kept my mouth shut. Honestly I was somewhat happy when he won. I thought it would put a end to a lot of this injustice crying out. Clearly I was wrong as it's only getting worse.
  9. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    No not because he was black you one minded ass mother fucker. Quit saying that stupid fucking bull shit. I don't give a fuck what his god dam akin color was. Only peices of fucking shit like ur libtard ass do!!! Wake up!! By communist I mean by raising my fucking taxes. Signing a absurd amount of BS executive orders that were power grabs for the corporations. Obama was extremely communist and extremely in favor of corporations over people. Where the fuck you been the last 8 years? With your stuck up ur libtard ass? I don't care if Obama was as black as a night sky. I judge a man on his actions. His actions were clearly against freedom and in favor of corporations. IMO Bush jr Clinton and bush sr were communist too. So no I don't say anything because of his skin color that is the only defense you idiots can come up with for his actions. "Because he was black". No fuck you.
  10. Can you please share where you got this information. I'd like to follow the numbers also.
  11. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    To the guy with Dalton smoking a cigarette as avatar. Yes their is a anti white anti America anti christian narrative being played out by the leftist media in this country. This NFL chit is just another part of it. How many of you heard about the people murdered in the church Sunday down here? Murdered by a black immigrant. I'm sure most of you have heard nothing about it. The media is too busy glorifying the anti American NFL bums. To those that say the flag is just a flag and the anthem is just a song. The flag and the anthem is supposed to represent the best of America. A constitutional republic where we the people govern ourselves. Where every man woman and child is free and has the right to pursue happiness. You also say a boycott won't do anything and most of the tickets have already been purchased. Well your dead wrong. This boycott is going to bring the NFL to its knees and I pray to God that it brings it to bankruptcy. Most of the revenue comes from tv. If 50% less people are watching that should equate to 50% less revenue over time. I'm in a non NFL team state and a local news agency ran a Facebook poll of how many people were going to quit watching the NFL. Over 90% of voters said they were no longer going to watch the NFL or buy NFL team gear. Now we'll see how many of those folks stick to their guns. Hopefully the days of NFL players making millions of dollars a year is about to be over because their won't be enough money coming in. Sorry I call everyone idiots. It just pisses me the fuck off when I see such disrespect to the greatest nation on Earth by its own spoiled brat baby citizens. If you cannot respect the men and women that volunteer to serve you as a citizen. If you cannot respect the fallen heroes. Those out here protecting our streets. Then get the fuck out. Move on to Iran or Syria or any African nation and see how bad you really have it here. You say he leader of the nation has to earn your respect.... The anthem and the flag is not about the current leader. The leaders come and go. 4 years or 8 years then their gone. Be a fucking man show some respect. Did we quit standing when Obama became president? Those of us that didn't want his communist ways. Did we sit during the anthem because we hated that someone with extreme communist views was our leader? Fuck no we didn't.
  12. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Yes it is their right. It is also my right to fly Confederate flags on my bad ass lifted chevy but do I? No I don't. Because I know it'll make alot of people butt hurt. Am I racist? No I am not. Still in honor of the sensitive folks I will not fly that flag on my truck. Whoever said make "America white again.". Fuck you, your a idiot too. Sorry you guys can't see the anti white anti American anti Christian message all this represents. I guess you'll realize when their ponding on your door because they want your shit. These players have tons of money and power. If they really wanted chit to change they could a lot but instead they shit on us. Wake the fuck up!! Im gone. Ban my account. I don't want nothing to do with you dirty nasty looking Cincinnati folks or the bengals.
  13. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    The lack of respect for the USA that is coming from people on this forum and the younger generations of today is very alarming. I'll tell you idiots one thing and listen up. The soil we stand on today in the USA is currently in one of the longest running peace times of any soil on Earth in world history. Reread and let that sink in. We're due for a war here on our home soil. You that approve of these jerks spitting on the symbol of America, one of the only things that can unite us. You that buy into and follow this leftist agenda to divide in conquer. You better wake the fuck up. Their will be a event in this country that will bring the weak whiny baby spoon fed generations to there knees. They'll be coming out of their dwellings and remember not only do they not have respect for this country they have no respect for anything. Not your house your cars your daughter sons, everything you've worked for they will snatch it right up. No respect. The citizens are taking the divide and conquer bait hook line and sinker. It's working for them more than ever. Water food weapons gold silver and Bitcoin. Stock up now because it could get very nasty very fast.
  14. Boycott

    I just say that because I have loved the Bengals since I was 4 years old. Win or lose I have watched or listened in on the radio to almost every game. So this boycott will be me sacrificing something I've really enjoyed my whole life. The idea of getting my Sundays back as others have mentioned seems good. Sept 11 2001 I was 17 years old a junior in High school. In 03 at age of 19 GW announced Operation Iraqi Freedom. The next day I was in my local USMC recruitment office signing my life. To see these guys chitting on something im willing to die for.....never again NFL.
  15. Boycott

    Who else is boycotting the NFL? The Bengals being 0-3 makes this super easy for me Plus its deer season. I might listen to Lap on the radio broadcast but I am not watching and sure as hell not ordering tickets. Sucks it has come down to this however I have been half ass boycotting since we got cheated by Pitt in the wildcard. Since that game I have only watched Bengal games. Now I will watch no games.

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