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  1. Brah I been in crypto so long that I done seen hundreds of other little staking coins come and go like the ones you mention above. I got completely out back in Sept/Oct 2021. Been in since 2016. Was a good micro day trader back in the day before KYC regulations made me give up. As a crypto expert I'll just add these few pointers. You can agree or disagree, take notes or throw it away. Crypto is currency. Is currency really a investment? or at most a speculative hedge? If your buying crypto in 2022 and its not BTC or ETH it won't be worth anything in five years. Long story short. The good days of crypto are long gone. What do I mean by the good days of crypto? Back when you could day trade 24/7 on Poloniex and make hundreds of trades without having to worry about keeping an accounting record of every single transaction. Back then you could trade up 0.25 BTC in profit and send that profit to your wallet and NO ONE would know. The only record keeping a trader had to worry about was when selling the profit for actual cash to the gate keepers at Coinbase or Gemini. Now all that has changed and the government has completely destroyed micro day trading for small timers like myself. The record keeping that they want to see now would require me to hire help in order to continue day trading. Or spend half of my day trading and the other half figuring out exact alt coin trade transaction values in USD at that exact time of trade. Just insane regulations written by people who have no clue. Ok so why is this important you don't care about trading you just want to stake coins and earn interest......? Its important because what drives the crypto economy?? Trading. 99% of the crypto economy is driven by nothing other than people buying and selling coins. Lets be real You cannot buy gasoline or pay your electric bill with Doge coin. So basically crypto is no longer good for what it was created for. And this brings me to my most important point that we need newbs to fully understand. Now that govt regulations have basically crippled cryptos from doing what they were created to do. Crypto NOW IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TOOL TO TRACK AND CONTROL. The real decentralized free market currencies will always and only be physical metals. I can give you a gold or silver coin for some sandwiches and a drink and no one will know. That is no longer possible with crypto. With crypto there is only one gate in and one gate out. Even if you keep your crypto off grid all it takes is for one person you paid with crypto to send the some of that coin you paid them with to the gate keepers and your cover is totally blown. Ok you can use a coin mixer but really who's doing all that. All these bank like stake coins are going to get creamed in the booty by regulations. I guarantee it. And yes there are the DEX's but those are all pretty much trash for real. Look at the trading pairs offered at the biggest ones. All junk. Some of these coins and tokens I see coming out these days makes me sick. Its all junk. story over peace
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