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  1. Bengals Browns AFC Championship That is all
  2. Just feed the ball to Mixon. Let's get a TD.
  3. Gosh dammit aj green sux donky balls gezzzussss
  4. Wtf. NFL is pussifying football. Luck didn't slide. Fuck
  5. Dalton goes out game 12 from a fractured wrist off the back of Oggie Boggies helmet after a 8-3 start. Driskel leads um to Superbowl glory.
  6. Catfish Bob

    Time to Get a QB

    We had one in one in McScooter. I totally agree. Two decent QBs are needed because one can go down at any second. Having no solid #2 is like risking the whole season on a broken pinky finger or twisted ankle. Dalton goes down it could be a wrap. The kid from Florida looks possibly capable.
  7. Catfish Bob

    Potential on Offense

    Right I just saying the kid is showing some good potential. And F it, if Dalton comes out cold as ice roll the kid out there for a drive or two. I've never been convinced that Dalton is a guy to be a #1 and only, for a 16 game season. 2 qbs isn't a bad thing if they compliment each other and the team.
  8. Catfish Bob

    Potential on Offense

    I hate to freaking say it again but somehow the offense always looks better with someone other than Dalton in there. That Driskel kid has get to get the backup spot and if Dalton starts a reg season game dead cold they have pull him.
  9. Catfish Bob

    Potential on Offense

    Even if Eifert goes down again Croft has been good enough. CJ has shown flashes of potential in the past and butter fingers at times. On paper the offense is stacked at skill positions.
  10. Anyone think this offensive unit could be something great? I've missed the first games but on paper this is looking like it could be a high power offense to the likes we have not seen in years. Maybe I'm just too excited with Ross being 💯 and reading about the o-line looking like a real slobber knocker of a group.
  11. Their is no way one guy will "generally" be responsible for all that. Center is the most complicated position on the line but even if the kid makes all the right calls he's gotta have four other guys getting a hat on somebody. Regardless the o line should be lights out better this season. Hopefully the only milk any Bengal peeps are crying in this season is big ol tittie milk. Crying tears of happiness and joy.
  12. I disagree. Things are a changing. Rookie QBs are coming out and producing right out of the gate. Do I trust? Lol. I mean roll the kid out and throw it to AJ. Those two would make a magnificent dual to the likes we have never seen. Imagine AJ with a just lil extra time to get open because our QB can move like grease lightning.
  13. Based on their extreme similarities. Am I the only one who has seen any ACC football the last 3 years? Everything everyone here knocking him for is the same blah blah they were saying about Watson. The rookie that ate this Bengals team last year.
  14. I can see it now. Jackson takes the region in Baltimore. Dalton gets hurt after a 6-3 start. In a desperate attempt to save the season we trade low picks for Flacco. We are the Bengals.
  15. Right I agree. He might only sustain 6 games or 30 games. No one knows but I fully suspect that he'll have at least the same amount of success as Watson. Probably more because Lamar is on a much better all around team/organization.

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