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  1. Same here. Not living in Cincinnati as a Bengals fan I was constantly picked on by the other kids. I think it made me love the team more. I was a big kid but even at 9 or 10 years old at school recess for football I'd always pick the smaller younger kids or the kids with no skills that got made fun of. Have always wanted the odds stacked against me and earn everything the hard way. I was a jock on all the school and regional teams but when it came to backyard ball my teams were built with little tiny kids and nerds. We would always lose except for the rare times that we didn't which would fill them nerdy kids with so much joy. For that day they had bragging rights. It always made me play hard af. I had to for us to win. Be out there playing recess ball so hard I'd have snot bubbles and tears.
  2. As a 90s kid it's been a rough life as a Bengals fan. You know what though? I wouldn't have it any other way. That shit made us men. Years of torture and broken dreams made today's victory as sweet as it could possibly be. Still a long way to go. On to crush the Titans!!!
  3. This extra game is a big waste and a hazard waiting to happen. Im sitting JB, Mixon,Chase, T, TB and CJ. Or at least approach it like a pre season game and sit them after a drive or two.
  4. The O-Line is amazing. Just a couple years ago we couldn't attempt to convert a 3rd and short without first having a false start.
  5. They got too big headed. When Mixon said "it's gonna be scary if we get hot," I knew. Look for them to bounce back strong after this bye week. They were a little too high after that Ravens victory (including me as a fan). Now they come back to Earth and get back on the grind. Get them shovels out
  6. We got the best and most unique helmet decals that there ever was and ever will be.
  7. Burrow is like a prime Montana who will mature into a Brady with much quicker feet and greater accuracy.
  8. This needs to be a game where Burrow, Mixon, Chase, Boyd, Higgins, Uzomah do not play the 4th quarter because the deal is already sealed. A big win like that will be a sign that we are for real for real.
  9. Been waiting my entire life to say that. They beat the Packers in a rematch by six touchdowns. Just in awe with this team.
  10. Imagine if the Bengals had drafted LJ. He would probably currently be the 3rd RB listed on the Dolphins depth chart. Nothing would be in our way of division glory other than the turds. Bengals 38 Ravens 31
  11. I've liked Bates ever since he played his first down for the team. Solid af and plays hard af every rip.
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