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  1. Pick 21 Poll

    Yeah that sounds good too. However in today's NFL those guys do nothing but get penalized. Hitting is no longer allowed. Give us a offensive stud. We need to average 30 points a game to have any chance of making a playoff run.
  2. Pick 21 Poll

    Iol so does yours. Andy slapin his forehead after another dohhhh moment. A sight were all to familiar with. I think if the kid is there at 21 they take him. How do you pass him up when our #1 is Dalton? No way they pass up a chance to get someone with potential to be way better.
  3. Pick 21 Poll

    Huh? Geeewhiz. Another year of watching the red rifle chit the bed with no hope of a #2. Sounds like a winner to me.
  4. Pick 21 Poll

    What if we pass Lamar at 21 and he has similar success to what Watson had this past season???? How many of you were saying the same about Watson before last year's draft? If he's not there at 21 I'm more than fine rolling the dice with Dalton for another season. However Barkley as the #2 I do not like. If the kid is there at 21 we gotta roll the dice and take him. Pleaseeeeee. I'm not saying start him over Dalton asap. Just get him on the team.
  5. We're one jamed finger from Barkley being our main QB. If Lamar Jackson is Akili 2.0 and we skip him at 21. Can we at least grab one with them extra 5th round picks??
  6. Pick 21 Poll

    Just having L.Jackson on the team will force opponents to prepare for two different qb's each week. Have lost track over the last few seasons but isn't Marvin strictly best available player with that first pick? If Lamar is there how do you pass him up? His ability to Bob & weave giving AJ that extra time to get open.
  7. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    See I had to say something. Always works
  8. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    How much longer must we be forced to watch Dalton be the most lackluster QB in league history.
  9. Right!!!! NFL has become a disgrace to the game of Football. It's time for some competition. Another league needs to form. Put Tebow out there it'll be a instant hit. I thought the UFL had a really good chance to grow but never attracted enough fans.
  10. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    BTW. Next time someone says something about Obama please don't say that their grivences are because he black. That is why I was forced to call you a libtard. We're beyond that these days rather you want to open your eyes and look around or just follow what the TV box tells you.
  11. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Ahhh welcome to the new age where corporate entities run the Earth. Maybe 100 years ago you were right however things have changed.
  12. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    I felt the same way at first. I did not want Trump at all. However we shall see what his tax plan looks like and if he can get it through. I thought he was a troll and corporate tool at first too. However his actions have shown me that he really is a American for the American people....so far we still have 3 years to go so he gets no pass just yet. Socialism and communism are essentially the same thing.
  13. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Yes I do know what communism is and that was the path we were headed down. Luckily Trump seems like a real American and not a shrill for BP and Royal Dutch Goldman and the rest that Obama bent over backwards for. Thanks to Clinton the bush family and Obama hard working folks like me are sitting on a 25% income tax. God forbid I get a little fucking overtime that shit gets taxed at almost 50%. That is the seeds of communism.
  14. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    First off I wasn't on the streets protesting anything. I voted 3rd party on the election like I have since I was 18. No I didn't want Obama but that is who the majority wanted so I sucked it up and kept my mouth shut. Honestly I was somewhat happy when he won. I thought it would put a end to a lot of this injustice crying out. Clearly I was wrong as it's only getting worse.
  15. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    No not because he was black you one minded ass mother fucker. Quit saying that stupid fucking bull shit. I don't give a fuck what his god dam akin color was. Only peices of fucking shit like ur libtard ass do!!! Wake up!! By communist I mean by raising my fucking taxes. Signing a absurd amount of BS executive orders that were power grabs for the corporations. Obama was extremely communist and extremely in favor of corporations over people. Where the fuck you been the last 8 years? With your stuck up ur libtard ass? I don't care if Obama was as black as a night sky. I judge a man on his actions. His actions were clearly against freedom and in favor of corporations. IMO Bush jr Clinton and bush sr were communist too. So no I don't say anything because of his skin color that is the only defense you idiots can come up with for his actions. "Because he was black". No fuck you.

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