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  1. Yes if we could figure out a way to sign a guy like Sala as HC things will be much different.
  2. Good - my fantasy football team. UK getting the transfer qb from Auburn. Lamar Jackson doing amazing. All of their games are aired here now. Bad- I'm a Bengals fan Ugly - the bengals.
  3. The team your seeing today is as good as it will get with that weak ass pussy running the team. I'm done until he is fired. Could've had Bieniemy or someone with some ucking nuts. Instead we got little pussy bitch.
  4. Taylor's play calling is such garbage. Get that mother ucker outta here Offensive genius? No ucking way. Dude is straight garbage. Trade him for a bag and put him in a can.
  5. Actually from what I read it got the 2nd highest viewer ratings of the season so far. Bills Thanksgiving game is #1. I hate tnf. Bad for fantasy. I always get bad beats on Thursday night guys.
  6. Williams so unfortunate. Did he play at all in preseason? Any film on him going against pros?
  7. Also since it appears that Jerry has a fetish for clapping coaches ol Marv will fit in just fine.
  8. You heard Jerry. Hes a Jason Garrett man. I bet he finishes the season.
  9. From what I've been reading on the interwebs it seems ol Marv might be a top candidate for some teams. One article was saying that since the recent young offensive gurus have been a bit of a bust teams will be looking for experience. They had Marv as one of the top choices. Also said something about the NFL trying to encourage teams to go that route (of more experience).
  10. Lol I wanted to make a similar point but was waiting for the right thread. Anyway,, the ugliest of the ugly this season is how early we started talking about next season.
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