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  1. Nobody mad brah. I forget as a child I was able to make all my own decisions and wasn't subject to being coerced into doing dumb shit that some asshole convinced my mother was a good idea.
  2. It looks like everything might be headed to zero besides hard assets.
  3. I think for quite some time to come we have seen the end of full capacity stadiums and arenas.
  4. It survives on stainless steel the longest. It survives the least amount of time on copper. What the majority of our coins are these days. Copper zinc mix.
  5. I guess you like to dress up like a woman,,,huh? yeah that fine and all but forcing that shit upon kids is fucked up.
  6. If that's the opposite of ur retarded stance then I'm gladly a moron. People like u holding back working folks with ur non sense how we need pay more taxes.
  7. Yeah it's worth half of my paycheck every week!!!! Not!!!! Y'alltripin over the flu. Here take money I'm scared. Weak ass shit.
  8. What services do I want!!! I use the roads brah!! That about it!!! State taxes pay the police and firemen!!! We had army Navy Marines before the federal income tax yo!!!
  9. How is it dumb to desire all of my paycheck? What fucking twilight zone am I living in?
  10. As far as xfl players helping us. That kid (defensive back for st.louis) from WVU I think. Who left college after one season for the xfl because needed money. That kid was a beast. We need him. Like 20 or 21 years old.
  11. Brady gonna have to suck up his pride and take less money to get back with new England. No way the cowboys don't resign Prescott.
  12. Bullshit!!! Give me all my check money and I'll be doing better than I ever have. Keep buying that garbage because that is what they want. Ok people without job might hurt a little but if they were laid off during this time they will get unemployment. Then once things get back to normal they will be able to get a job and keep more of the money than they ever have in their working life!! hello To say it just helps people who are rich already,,,, is small minded as F.
  13. Hell yeah. What a mind fuck for a little kid. This one isn't from Louisville but this is a example of the bullshit they putting these kids through.
  14. All my working life (20 years thus far) I have been told SS won't be there when my time comes. So why the F am I being forced to pay in? Why would anyone want to hand over their retirement funds to politicians????? $60 a week I could be buying more crack with or investing in the Ishares REIT ETF which would increase my monthly income by 50 cents a month every week. $24 a year. Not including compounding. After my 1st 20 years I'd be at over $500 a month in passive income that I wouldn't have to wait until I'm almost dead to use.
  15. Roads? Here it's supposed to be the gasoline tax. They would still be collecting tax. Still paying tax when spending the money. 0% payroll is just one less time they tax our money. It's all still taxed when spent, invested etc etc. Here in Louisville our fuck tard mayor was promoting drag queens reading stories to little kids at the libraries. I shit you not. So I'm not really worried one bit rather those assholes have money to spend or not. We had police military and firemen before social security, Medicaid and federal income tax.
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