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  1. Catfish Bob


    Both are high risks to rely on for a full season. I'd like too see some younger whipper snappers get a shot and keep Dalton over trading anything more than a 3rd for tannehil. I think it's safe to say MB ain't trading chit for now. Dolphin fans your stuck with tannehill. Too many good QBs out there and more coming in.
  2. Catfish Bob


    Lmao!!! Naw I'll admit Driskel sucked it up. But I don't like tannehill at all. I'd rather roll with Dalton this season than tannehill.
  3. Catfish Bob


    I reply yeah we'll trade ya Dalton for Tannehill and a 2nd. He replied back I hate Dalton Tannehill is much better. I reply I'd take Driskel over both of um. end of conversation
  4. Friend from old job, Dolphins maniac, sent me this.
  5. Catfish Bob

    Uniform change

    I'm down for a new logo. The current one looks like it was created with Windows 95. Can we make the black jerseys on black pants our standard home unis? That about all I would change in that department. Our helmet stripes are the best of all time. No need to change anything there.
  6. Depends on if we have a rookie QB and the status of AJ. If we roll with Dalton and AJ is healthy I expect to see nothing less than nine wins. Dalton should have a career high year and show much improvement. Also expect to see zero fockery. Like having the #1 QB lined up out wide and someone else taking the snap. I'm fine with someone else taking a snap here and there but take the #1 out the game. Having him line out wide is just a wasted man on the field.
  7. Catfish Bob

    Who's the next HC?

    His little weak ass brother was the gosh dame backup. How fucking bad could it have been? You think the Packers, Colts or any other team is going to pay your lil bro to sit the bench and work on runpee.com or whatever that chit was. They had a really bad season and he cracked under the pressure. Tucked his tail and ran. Imagine if he had stayed and AJ was still drafted. Instead of to Oakland to get straight murkt and look like a old overrated has been. Fantasy hero to fantasy zero.
  8. Catfish Bob

    Who's the next HC?

    Hopefully the colts beat them and we can get on with it.
  9. Catfish Bob

    Who's the next HC?

    You know what dudes. Fuck it. I'm down to give Hue a one year contract and a chance. We are in the toughest division. Ravens looking great with the QB I said we should have drafted. Stealers always good. Freaking turds are earning respect too. Who is going to come in here and give us the best chance at beating those 3 teams twice next year? My guess is actually Hue.
  10. Catfish Bob

    Squeelers Drama

    Oh chit!!! What a douche. Dresses like a bitch acts like a bitch.
  11. Catfish Bob

    Who's the next HC?

    Dang....Right. UofL has a nicer stadium. It's not our fault. We didn't hire the designing engineers or approve the installation of the most uncomfortable seats in football. If the Bengals moved to anywhere other than Kentucky I'd be devastated. Then again I really don't want a pro team in my state. I like them being across the river.
  12. Catfish Bob

    Who's the next HC?

    I like Mike McCarthy more and more as I read up on him. He is supposed to be one of the best as far as preparation goes. The biggest thing we've been missing as evident by us getting blown out in the 1st half over and over for years now.
  13. Catfish Bob

    Who's the next HC?

    PBS is still fairly new. I can't imagine them wanting a new stadium for at least like...50 years???
  14. My guesses Ray Finkle Butch Davis Mike Tomlin Nick Saban Bill Lazor Jay Gruden Naw seriously who y'all think it will be?
  15. Holy Smokes Batman!!!! is it true?

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