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  1. You get cash at a ATM. Yes I know they are tracking my phone however my phone is separate from my body so I can leave it behind at any time.
  2. My employer just started enforcing us to wear masks. After surviving 8 weeks of pandemic working with 6k people and not one person getting sick our reward is that now we have to strap a cloth over our breathing passage ways. I fought it. Started packing up my locker and everything. Said i would not comply. They called me into HR and told me that they wouldn't fire me if i refused but that i wouldn't be allowed to work. They would give me a leave of absence and i could file for unemployment. In the end i decided to just suck it up and wear the dam mask. Its awful. Its already 85 degrees in there. Summer time it gets up to 102 103 in there. The mask just catches my sweat and sits there wet. Feel im more at danger with the dam mask. Yall know how humid it gets in the ohio valley.
  3. They just cancelled LTL here in Louisville. A big concert series that is not until September. I see no football this year. 70 guys + coaches on one sideline at Commonwealth or Cardinal stadium and king Andy won't have it. Let alone any fans.
  4. So like 10 people showed up to protest in Frankfort and Beshear was like oh no omg we can't be having these mass gatherings. Blah blah With current mentality I don't see no high school football, little league baseball or 60k+ at Commonwealth or Papa John's or 20k at the kfc bucket or rupp, not even 10k down at Diddle. Goodbye sports. Hello post 2020 life. Mike Brown finally stops being so cheap a minute before the sporting world apocalypse . It must be cold in hell.
  5. Haven't watched since the rock - stone cold era it'll never be better than that.
  6. I'm still gathering for work with over 6k people everyday but people are freaking out over about 12 people going to church. One of the churches doing this is very close to where I live. Last Sunday I went to check it out to see what all the fuss is about. It's a tiny church. It's the size of the small gathering hall that the church I go to has nextdoor where we do like fish fry and have baseball sign ups at etc. Maybe 2k sq ft. When I went to check out that church there were maybe 6 or 7 cars in the parking lot along with 4 news van crews. So people freaking out over 12 to 14 people meeting up. Meanwhile at the massive ups and Amazon hubs here thousands are still gathering for work at same location. When pointing out the hypocrisy the sheep always say well the employees are essential. But anyways I'm still working with 6k people everyday. No one getting sick and dropping dead like they led us to believe would happen.
  7. What if Chicago LA New York Seattle San Fran continue to enforce no mass gatherings etc into football season while the rest of the country is back to business as usual?? Could those teams temporarily be moved?
  8. LA is now going to enforce face masks to go out in public. I doubt they'll be ready for football anytime soon. Might as well move the Rams back to St.louis and the Chargers to bowling Green KY for the 2020 season. I say bowling Green KY because lex and ville are both ran by radicals who will probably do as LA.
  9. You seen the videos of the monkey gangs taking over the empty streets and having wars with other monkey gangs over food? Yo. Lol. Think was in India.
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