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  1. Catfish Bob

    Hue is Back

    We got that missing piece which now puts us over the top to make a Superbowl run. Marv focus on d only. Coach um up. Get um like the 2000 Ravens. Hue can get Lazor to give Driskel a try. Things are looking up.
  2. When we have a elite back like Mixon he plays. Everyone else needs to be on the bench unless he needs a breather. You watch that Dallas game last night? They got zeek on the bench? Hell no Nothing against Gio and my anger got the best of me when I called him garbage. He's been a good back for us for years however it's extremely evident that Mixon is by far the better player.
  3. Driskel more fantasy points than Dalton.
  4. Naw man. 14 to 7 Driving the ball great. Looking to match the Saints first two touchdowns. 3rd and 3 Mixon who has proven to be a every down back was playing a hell of a game. Just from observation and not looking at stats etc, I know up to that point he was getting at least five yards a rip. Everyone and their grandma who have seen the Saints play this year knew that if the Bengals didn't get that three yards that would be the game. The Saints would get the ball and go up 21-7. That is why I got on here as soon as it happened to call it out. By the time I posted the Saints had already scored another TD and GIO was in over Mixon on the next series. Cameras showed mixon looking like "please coach just put me in the game." That 3rd and 3 was the game. And they took out the best player they have who was getting at least five each time and replaced him with a player who we have seen countless times over the years get 2 yards on a 3rd and 3. I have supported this coaching staff for years but that right their was it. If my dumbass was head coach I would have known to call timeout when I seen Gio in. That was Mixons 3 yards to get to keep us in that game. No offense to Gio but sending him in on that one play cost us the game. Mixon is getting those three yards and keeping the drive alive for a chance to tie 14 -14. It would be easy to blame the kid for the false start on 4th down for killing that drive but their should have never of been a 4th down.
  5. No, that has been my takeaway from years of watching the dude play. Not just today. Stood back their like a tree taking sacks on 2nd, 3rd and longs. Walking off the field with a smile on his face. Sick of dat chit!!! I'll give him some benefit of the doubt tho as the coaching and substitutions were at a all time horrible. Dalton didn't sub in Gio on 3rd and 3 then leave mixon on the bench for the last series of the half. Either way Dalton sux balls and they need to roll with Driskel. Dalton been holding this offense back for years. I swear if they just give someone else a chance they'll prove me right. AJ mcScoot did.
  6. Lmao Can we please cut the mother fucker!!!
  7. The saints are putting up 40 on everyone!! Our only chance is to match. With Dalton that will never happen. You see he's good for 7 points out of a entire game.
  8. Marvin looking like omg, I should've had Driskel played!!!!!
  9. Actually he makes the defense worse because he doesn't do shit to help. Absolutely nothing. Down 50 and he throws a pass off a lineman's helmet for a pick.
  10. Tell the d to part the sea just let the saints score. I want see Dalton three and out again over and over until they realize this dude is garbage
  11. Omg Dalton is fucking garbage!!! Just stand steal and taking sacks like a bitch. Roll gash dam Driskel out there. Fuckkkk
  12. Catfish Bob

    Fire Austin Now!

    I wish the d would just let them score again so that Dalton has to get back out there

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