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  1. Bring the Vaseline. Mike Brown is running the show again. We are heading straight back to the 90's.
  2. Banners at Training Camp

      And then think about someone tweeting it over to Kenneth to rub it in his face with "the truth" attached to it.
  3. Banners at Training Camp

    I come to this board everyday but hardly post. I am not a Dalton fan but I do believe the jury is still out on his value. For Go to retweet it to Dalton with "the truth" is childish. I have to say I am pretty embarrassed for this place. Use some common sense.
  4. *******Official DAY 3 Draft Thread*******

    "The people that do, are old white men, and from working with them for years, they do not like "the gays"." If this isn't stereotyping than I don't know what is.
  5. *******Official DAY 3 Draft Thread*******

    Wow. Stereotype much?
  6. Marvin Jones got pushed ob and the clock continued to run. Wth.
  7. Bernard Scott a Raven

    1,035 yards on 55 carries? Was that in pop warner?
  8. To the Marvin Haters (Disher)

    Ed's a jackass, pay no attention to him.

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