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  1. The one talking head on that show called Marvin a "Legend".
  2. He never explained what blitz packages the Warsaw Kentucky Apostles used.
  3. I read here but hardly ever post. Just putting my 2 cents in - don't give a crap what Chad Johnson thinks or says, he had some of the worst judgement when it came to football, can't imagine that he's gotten any wiser.
  4. COB

    Bengalszone down

    Hi TJ, Hi Army, glad to hear from you guys. I'd like to figure out if this is the new place, if the old place will come back, or what. Can the world continue to turn without our input on the Bengals? Probably not. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  5. COB

    Bengalszone down

    And.... we're down again. Hope this is ok to post here, if not mods please delete or move.
  6. Zimmer just held Teddy Bridgewater out of the Vikes' second game. No playing time at all, no risk of injury.
  7. COB

    Manziel goes missing in New York

    WTF? Dude is still taking chartered helipcopters to social engagements?
  8. It's a proven fact Cardale can throw a football over them mountains. Gotta coach him up on the rest of it.
  9. The Bengals are holding Dalton back? This dude is delusional. And I don't believe the claims he makes in his article about being a long-time Bengals fan, sounds like bullshit he's spewing to gain some credibility for his opinion.
  10. Not a Trump fan. But I saw an interview with him some years ago in which, after being asked if there was a business he wished he'd have gotten into, Trump said he wished he'd started a network marketing company.
  11. COB

    Peyton Manning Retires

    I've been pondering the grotesque outpouring of adulation we'll have to endure when Brady announces his final season. It's going to be difficult.
  12. Their mouth-breathing fans will somehow find a way to take offense at Burfict's text message.
  13. "Holy shit! Rookie pool, incentive bonuses, injury settlements, dead money, acceleration of unamortized signing bonuses, IR list. We're broke." - Geoff Hobson.

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