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  1. I kept the same name as well.  10,845 otherwise totally useless points that happen to be wholly tied to my self-worth. 
  2. Awful Llama

    Come meet Pacman!

      It has to be tiring in social situations to be him.  Everyone giving you player and game strategy advice, or asking you the same inane question you've been asked a million times before.  Yeah, he gets paid a shitload of money to slap on a happy face and tolerate people at these events, but it would still have to get to you at some point.    That's the last time I defend Marvin.
  3. Well, not as many as you'd think.  Or would hope.  He had plenty of defenders there, as did Mikey and his daughter. I'm not blindly loyal to anyone, especially my favorite football team's QB. 
  4. Awful Llama

    2015 and beyond - TV Talk

    I'm old enough to remember the line-ups in the '70s.  Saturday night when I was a kid was M*A*S*H, All in the Family, The Mary Tyler More Show, The Bob Newhart Show, and the Carol Burnett Show.  That was the '29 Yankees of line-ups right there.  Now, we have this crap. Thank God for HBO and Showtime. 
  5. It serves as a good lesson: be nice to noobs, because no matter how established you may be somewhere, you can easily find yourself being one again.    Or, fuck'em.  Six of one....
  6. Hadn't thought of that.  He is going to be crushed.  Then, he'll quickly recover and protest how it's all just a plot to fuck him over.    Just kidding, Brad.  Love ya big guy. :rabbitwithapancakeonitshead: Do not know what this means but cannot not use it.
  7. But...but...what about all of my rep points?  Won't they transfer?  Will I get nothing for them?  Hell, I was hoping at the end of this I could at least cash them in at some slave labor car wash run by Mike.  Damn, this is bitter disappointment. 
  8. Awful Llama

    A Refugee in Search of a Home

      Many thanks.
  9. It's been mentioned there in a few popular threads.  The word is out.  This seems to tbe the consensus destination.   Now, about these extra threads I somehow created.  Can you wish those into the cornfield for me?
  10. Awful Llama

    A Refugee in Search of a Home

    It's already beginning to feel like home :good3:
  11. Thanks for the welcome, big_dish.  You never know how much a forum like this means to you until one day when it's pulled right out from under you.  I rarely look at the Bengals site itself and instead head to the board for the latest news.  It's going to be an adjustment, but I hope this can be a soft landing for myself and many others. 
  12. Awful Llama

    A Refugee in Search of a Home

    It will be fun to see how ColtsFan uses all these new words. 
  13. Awful Llama

    A Refugee in Search of a Home

    Hey, Johnny.  Good to "see" a familiar face.  Still trying to get the temperature of the room, here, when I'm not too busy spamming the forum :1018:
  14. Awful Llama

    A Refugee in Search of a Home

    Sorry, not sure why this repeated...and repeated.  Can the extra threads please be deleted?
  15. Awful Llama

    A Refugee in Search of a Home

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone here.  I am coming over from the bengals.com board, which announced today it's shuttering its doors.  I'm a 16 year STH, and a fan for 35 years.  I hope you'll welcome me and my fellow cast-offs into your Bengal community.   Who Dey!

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