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  1. Nope on an LG at school. Not a full computer. Like an emulator from a server or something of that nature. Basicallly they're frozen computers that are just screens and run windows off a big server.
  2. Can anyone explain to me while I'm trying to read and write and other things this God damn fucking website keeps throwing me to either the very top of the page or the very bottom constantly to the point I can't read anything and I can hardly write this message.
  3. I would have commented but damn I can't read that much text in one sitting. Hope you do well though.
  4. Best Republican Primary ever. Mike Huckabee AND Rand Paul? #Winning     It's probably sad to say yes I am a republican and yes I love both those guys I know....   Rick Sanatorium is running again as well.
  5. Oh thank God Shady you're here. Amongst others. I don't get why they'd shut our boards down. I bet you got one of the best Offical boards in the NFL when flocks of Steeler/Ravens fans and Colts fan and a Packers fan join you for conversation.   Still think we should get something together to try and save the old boards. Too much investment and memories there :'(   And because that guy said it hmmm. Bengals Steelers Ravens Browns
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