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  1. I am white. And I, too, have deceptive speed. I'm slower than I look.
  2. Wonder what he'll do with all that "passion" when he's gone.
  3. That's what I'm saying. They had 7 seconds. That's enough time for an end zone shot. Instead they kicked a FG and left 2 seconds. It's baffling after 14 years that marvin still doesn't understand this shit.
  4. Boyd doesn't go out of bounds, not knowing how to line up for a spike, kicking a FG with enough time for an end zone shot .... these are all signs of a well coached team.
  5. Not really. They only mentioned him around 10 or 11 times prior to the 4th qtr. One play Clowney got a sack and they just showed JJ the whole time. Seems the NFL can't get enough of Watt and the most overrated player in the league Clay Matthews. When they both got hurt early in the year, I thought the NFL may cancel the season. I think it's funny that without Watt the Texans have the #1 defense.
  6. Come on man. You've watched the bengals enough to know they are clueless in crunch time. Marvin didn't want to use that last time out in case he needs it after the game.
  7. Lots of bonus JJ Watt shots at the end. Wonder if they'll interview him after the game.
  8. Good time out call by Marvin Jones.
  9. Ok I think they finally hit their JJ Watt quota.
  10. Nice call to the option Dalton.
  11. They're talking about Savage as if he has a chance. The Texans are going nowhere in the playoffs. They have 8 punts and 12 points tonight.
  12. Ol bolt neck Hunt with the block.
  13. The biggest surprise to me about this game so far is there's only been 10 JJ Watt references. Still a lot of game left though.
  14. Bengals are going to need a defensive score to win this one.