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  1. Texans Tonight

    Bengals very well may be 2nd on that list as well with the unbelievably slow Flacko run his rookie year. This is inexcusable it absolutely feels just as hopeless as the Klinger Mitchell Smith or ODonell days of not even more so. What makes it worse is there is without question way more talent on this team than those older teams.
  2. Texans Tonight

    Yea Zampese needs to go. His play calling was bad last year and even worse this year. Probably should of never got job to begin with. He was here all those years as qb coach and was always passed over for others outside organization and once from within with Hue but if he was never good enough to give the job to all those years how did he magically become good enough to hand the reigns to. Get him the hell out of there. Time to clean house.
  3. Texans Tonight

    Looks like Dalton wasn't only trying to get a wr hurt but an olineman as well lol.
  4. Texans Tonight

    That kid from USC the qb is most likely coming out next year right?
  5. Texans Tonight

    Watt moved 1st bs. Nice throw Dalton. You are an absolute scrub
  6. Texans Tonight

    Green broke over middle open and Dalton tosses it out of bounds wtf
  7. Texans Tonight

    Yea he did. Other than the fair catch he played really well tonight
  8. Texans Tonight

    Nice block Mixon. Kid plays with some fire
  9. Texans Tonight

    At least Dalton will have 4 downs to complete a Damn pass or maybe he won't since Marvin might punt on 4th down like last week.
  10. Texans Tonight

    Bout time they called him for it. He does it every play to an extent
  11. Texans Tonight

    Nice job again defense
  12. Texans Tonight

    Nice tackle Shaw
  13. Texans Tonight

    Nice grab Eifert

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