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  1. Definitely overblown here. There isn't a team out there that says we are gonna work just hard enough to win a playoff game this year. You have to win a playoff game 1st to win a Super Bowl so any assumption that a team that makes the playoffs and wins a game is content after is ridiculous. With Marvins mantra of 1 game at a time breaking down the season into 4 quarters and winning the division set as preliminary goals I can understand why the win a playoff game thing comes up in Cincy, but, just because winning a playoff game is mentioned as a goal that doesn't mean it's the ultimate one. One has to 1st be achieved before the other can be, so I greatly doubt any of this has any bearing on the mentality of winning a Championship or the effort and amount of work they put in, just sounds like someone trying to rile up some #1 bs to me. That said Peko hasn't been able to hold his ground at dt for a long while now and was average at best when he was at his best in my opinion. So despite him seeming to be a genuinely good guy I'm glad he's gone and I think our dline will be better without him.
  2. Love the Bengals day 3 draft. Favorite of the 3 days by far and this is where teams are built. Especially like Malone and Lawson picks although the Malone pick makes me dislike Ross in the 1st a bit more. One things for sure this team just got a whole lot faster and if I were to pick one physical aspect that was lacking on this team speed would of been the easy answer. On another note I am tired of hearing the bs about the Mixon pick from analysts that prove they honestly don't pay attention to Cincinnati much if at all. Hearing way to much of the usual bs about type of people and off field problems team has. They give no credit what so ever to the team providing an enviornment for people to get a 2nd chance that has been really successful in last few years until this Pac thing came up. Other than that there hasn't been much if any off the field stuff from Bengals players and it's a shame analysts will continue with criticism instead of applauding their ability to help players become better people off the field. There's also the issue at end of Pissburgh game but that's completely different than off the field stuff and it surely wasn't just on the players. Marvin, the officials and shittsburgh players like Shazier and coaches like Porter and Mularkey all played into that as well. Idk just my rant how I'm sick of it already. You'll get the occasional mention of the Bengals success in this regard but mostly they're still painted as nothing but troubled thugs that are always in trouble and that's not the case. Knew it was coming because of the pick but it's still annoying. Luckily the Bengals are good at letting these type of stories like the Adam Jones arrest die out by not feeding into the media trying to constantly call those type of things to attention.
  3. Lol Mays was all world in that aspect. I will give him credit, he wasn't scared to bang. I'll never forget him blowing up the fb in that pre season game on Sunday or Monday night football against the Falcons the one year. Sucked he took out I think it was Burfict or Rey M a little while later in same game though. I think he may of taken out someone else with friendly fire in that same game as well.
  4. Is it just me or does he look bigger and like he plays stronger than 255 lbs?
  5. Him or howard and ill be more pissed
  6. Yup think most are the same that were against taking Fuller last year as well.
  7. None because Ross and Eifert will be injured anyway probably. In all seriousness it was a wasted 2nd last year or money spent on LaFell that could of maybe kept Whit around that has been wasted now.
  8. Ill be happy if you turn out to be right in the end I just don't see that happening though. Makes it even worse because of the way it all played out was about as good as we could of asked for.
  9. Fuck u!!!!!!!!!
  10. I would still be ok with Foster but could we trade back some and still get him? Probably could I think
  11. This couldn't of played out much better for us.
  12. I'm with ya if talking about Adams. Was hoping he would fall to us
  13. Adams to Jets it looks like
  14. Like Steve Smith said, that may of been his saving grace how things are these days.
  15. Good for us in my opinion. Didn't want us to take him and one more person still available at 9