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  1. Not seeing any type of typical disguises Guenther usually does. Making it easy for the kid that's for sure. Guess it's expected with all the veteran starters out.
  2. What a piss poor tackle attempt by Jackson there
  3. Lol dominated in every aspect at every level the whole game
  4. Yup He's a really good skater apparently, maybe he should go do that instead of playing football.
  5. At least held em to 3 after all that fuckery going on
  6. Wide the fuck open again. Same type of routes as well. Another flag to top it off, nice real nice
  7. Lol right into the port a potty. Close? It was far from close douche bag.
  8. Come the fuck on that was good defense. This crew throws least flags in league but 3 plays in a row called on Cincy.
  9. Stfu, victim my ass he may not of thrown punches but he Damn sure started it.
  10. Yea but that's not grounds for being disqualified. 15 yds yes but not ejection unless he and another unsportsmanlike conduct called on him. He did start the fight though that's for sure.
  11. Exactly, Damnit AJ he prob would of been fine with the choke slam why did he have to throw punches. He has a fucking helmet on. Push was dirty and I'm sure there's a lot more to it than what we just saw. He must be a huge prick to get AJ Green in that state. He shouldn't of been tossed though.

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