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  1. Here's the Orange Warrick one I was referring to.
  2. Here are some mock ups of the jerseys with pads and one with a proper cut to it instead of a bootleg one. Look much better than the Ebay pics. I like em a lot better 2nd time I looked at em. 1st time looking at the black one I could have swore I was looking at a Jim McMahon jersey. It's weird how the black ones now have orange stripes and the helmet has black ones. Throws it off a bit but really nothing else could be done if they wanted the background stripes gone. They're not bad, I can tell they're definitely gonna grow on me just from liking them better the 2nd time I looked at em. Could b
  3. Sorry took so long to get back to ya only have the internet on my phone at moment and it gets really difficult at times especially during high traffic times during the day and or night, this whole covid and all has me about poor these days no home internet or cable so make due with what I can on my phone and it's hot spot. When I lived up north T- Mobile was great for me but since being stuck in South Carolina it's been awful. I have come across a few more mock ups I really like so they have a lot of options to make some great looking unis let's hope they don't blow it. I'll post the new mocku
  4. There was also a give away of a Burrow jersey which has people saying that the stripe pattern used somewhere in the promo for it or somewhere else in the promo is going to be very close to the new stripes. I havent seen this contest yet but that's what he told me. Theres a few other mock ups he sent me. I dont like them very much. I think I saw someone post em here somewhere before but I'll throw em up just incase I'm mistaken 'to see your opinions on em. Edit: and here's an image of the Burrow jersey contest as well.
  5. My nephew is really into this stuff and works for a credit card company and that somehow gets him some kind of inside info on some of this stuff if you wanna call it that but he's telling me changes wont be drastic and side panels are gone. as well as the god awful number fonts. Helmets remain the same thank god. Also a good possibility that they're going back to the Corey Dillon/1st year Carson Palmer stripes width or possibly the thinner but more stripes Boomer era ones. Also talk of the leaping tiger logo making return in some fashion. Apologies if this is already known but I ha
  6. It's sad to say it but I wouldn't blame the kid or be bitter about it. The kid is something special and not just on the football field. Everyone seems to genuinely love this kid maybe more so than anyone I can remember off the top of my head. If things don't change, things aren't done to move in a direction that moves the franchise towards a legitimate shot at winning a championship actually winning a playoff game in almost 30 damn years, then I couldn't hold it against him to get the hell out of there the minute he has his 1st shot to. He genuinely wants to win there's no question about that.
  7. At some point in time it has to become apparent that the numbers don't work in relation to this team and bad luck/coincidence. There's only a few constants that set the stage for the scenarios and circumstances that some may see as bad luck but the law of averages says that's not what it is. Fans that have been around long enough understand that and we are also the ones that saw this coming so it isn't suprising. Hard as hell to swallow but far from suprising
  8. With a lead while the running game was working pretty well at that. Perine had a few nice runs gashed em for 10+ Gio was running well to. Hell his little ass even kept driving his legs on a 2nd and 5 and pushed the pile an extra 2 and a half 3 yds to get a 1st down. They were actually getting some push in the run game and still threw on damn near every play. Yes they were moving the ball pretty well but this is the type of thing we all knew was eventually gonna happen behind this line and they just continued to tempt fate and allowed the Washington dline to pin their ears back and go after the
  9. From what I could see in a few different clips I've watched it didn't appear to be anything dirty about it. I couldn't tell which one but it was either Hopkins or Jordan that drove the Washington dlineman into the ground right through Burrows leg and Young hit him from the other side about the same time. I don't know how much the hit by Young mattered though because it was already gonna be bad with 600lbs blasting through your leg with force behind it. The guy that was drove through his leg was actually facing away from Burrow when one of those 2 drove him to the ground so there was definitely
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