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  1. he'll be back . brown wants us to suffer some more . thank you sir , may i have another .
  2. what's the record ?? i'm going with 9 plus .
  3. i feel the same , been a fan since the mid 70's to present , but lewis not wanting to playing rookies , regardless how much better they are than who's starting and all his other bullcrap drives you nuts !!
  4. I agree with most . you don't get a num. 1 , you have to keep him .
  5. 7 to 9 wins . first half could be a brutal start . if hill starts off hot we might hit 10 wins .
  6. they flat out kicked some panther butt !! our D is good , but man , that was a clinic on how you are suppose to tackle !! plus I didn't have to see num. 1 do his celebrations . so it was a good day . maybe one day that could be the bengals celebrating . when ?? who knows ? just hope it's sooner than later . congrats broncos !!
  7. until lewis is gone I have no faith that this team will a playoff game .
  8. Does the NFL Disrespect the Bengals?

    yes , marvin lewis is the num. 1 reason why .
  9. SB50 Picks?

    I only care about pitts losing . i'd like to see palmer win the whole thing . broncos are my 2nd pick .
  10. Hue gone to the Browns

    no big deal . they are still going 10 plus for the next 5 years . now losing zimmer was a big deal .
  11. yea , me too ! fan since the playoff loss 31-28 in '78 to the raiders . the charger game , with us being 8-0 at home , then getting blown out . there was nooo excuse to lose that one . I can not stand lewis !! all I hear is bla bla bla and bla bla . please , just STFU and leave . same shit , different year . too me the charger game hurt more than this one . sure , we're winning but only have a shitty division champion hat to show for it . he just makes me sick and makes me fume listening to his bullshit !!

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