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  1. Tell your friend, above he's cute, but it sounds like he may have some anger issues. Hope he feels better soon. All my best.
  2. Just accept my best wishes for the best of luck. I mean, if your QB isn't 100%, who knows what's going to happen. That thumb could take a few weeks to heal... Your back-up may need to start!
  3. I don't blame you for falling asleep. The Bengals sucked today. Guess what?: They're going to suck next week too! (Notice there are TWO "oo's" in too.) ALSO notice the spelling difference between "two" and "too."
  4. "Oh wait" WHAT? Patience, grasshopper, patience. Don't use punctuation either? They teach that in Pittsburgh schools. Even the PUBLIC schools. Oh sorry:
  5. Oh. You mean "we'll?" Good luck in the playoffs with a broken thumb. Don't they teach contractions in cincinnati schools?
  6. Nah. A couple of weeks ago, Landry Jones, the starting quarterback was injured, and the back-up quarterback stepped in and won the game. It wasn't "hard" at all.
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