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  1. fortyyearfan

    ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    I am very stoked they drafted Joe Mixon and here is why.He is a winner,I feel he has more than paid his dues about the incident .No one talks about her starting all of this.She was drunk and not only pushed him but was calling him racial slurs. and being only 18 he just quickly snapped.I say to all the idiots that say they they would not draft him,please get over yourself and if you are without sin,please cast the first stone. He met with her this year and settled this and she admitted she should not have done what she did.I am not saying he was right in hitting her,however he has paid for it.Remember there is different RULES for black players than white players and that is just my believe and I am a former decorated white Vietnam veteran retired and 70 years old.He was super wrong in hitting her but many of you will agree that when you were 18 you probably would have done something similar.The guy will pay for this his whole life which is wrong,kinda like guys that get out of prison for a crime,but have to wear that forever even though they did their time,,but society makes pay forever. the teams that took him off their board only did so because of tickets being sold and all that,and I say to them,GET OVER YOURSELFS YOU HIPROCRITS.Everyone has done something they shouldn't have.I am super happy to have Mr.joe Mixon.
  2. Our Bengals will hammer their ass.
  3. fortyyearfan

    my latest 4 rd mock

    Rueben Foster or Derrek Barrett will be the pick at 9 and I hope Joe Mixon is at 41.Mike Brown really likes Joe and so does Marvin.this guy is going to be a game-changer for someones team I promise you this.He is the most polished runner in this draft and he reminds me of Bell with the Stealers.He is slow to the hole and then blows through it.He will get a thousand yards year one.I really believe Foster will be the pick as Marvin loves Linebackers and Rueben Foster is ranked right it their pick whereas Barrett is ranked at 23rd,but either pick will be great.I also like the big DL from bama.Would love him as well.They will take BPA AND I HOPE THEY DO.Can't wait.
  4. this bunch of losers are just so embarrassing to watch.such a joke. just awlful to watch them get the shit beat out of them.such a bad group of players.they are just terrible.this franchise will NEVER win a super bowl and never win a playoff game.such a joke.its just stinkin awlful.what an embarrassing show of shitball.so stinkin awlful.its a joke in cincy.so embarrassing to all the fans.please do not buy tickets,and fire this whole coaching staff and half of the players.number 27 is a big time turd.he holds every game and should have been benched last year and let go.so many of these guys need to retire or be released.
  5. I will always hate the stoolers forever,however being a realist,i could honestly see them just killing our bengals coming up and actually going to the superbowl and winning big.They are a complete team that is very dangerous and guess what ??,they fucking know how to win year after year.They are always better than our mighty bengals and have been forever.Marvin has done all he can here,its time to move on and I think he wants to.He does not have the it factor to go any further.Besides the picks we have gotten last 3-4 years have not lived up to pro-bowl status.We have an average football team with average coaches.No fire in the belly around here.Andy Dalton has gotten his money,he has a family to think about and all that .Not going to allow himself to get hammered and all that.I could see our team getting hammered rest of season.I have given up on this franchise to EVER win the big one.They simply do not know the formula it takes.Need a complete overhaul starting with the owner on down.I will never see it.Too many players that have been kept here that should have been replaced with younger talent that is hungry.Look what bill Belichk does in new England.He replaces players all year long,,even during the season.He never falls in love with any one player that if he thinks he can get better with better talent,he goes after it.He KNOWS HOW TO WIN AND THAT IS ALL THAT IS IMPORTANT TO HIM.Instead we keep giggles forever.its just insane
  6. fortyyearfan

    F* the Bengals

    marvn the parvin needs to step down and honestly folks after 47 years of this,this team,this fanchrise,this organization are not seriously worthy of our time,our comments,our hard earned cash,and certainly our time. I do not watch anymore, I sometimes listen if I am in the garage.I so despise marvin lewis for not going after the officials.There were two horrible no-calls by the stinkin refs,the one on aj green in the end zone when he was grabbed before the ball was even close to him,the other was against number 27,he was taken to the ground by the receiver and was not called or even questioned by giggles. FOLKS ITS NUTS,WE WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING.THIS TEAM IS AWLFUL,WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO ALL TRAINING CAMP AND OUR COACHES ARE ONCE AGAIN OUTCOACHED AT HALFTIME,THANK YOU MARVIN LEWIS,MAY I HAVE ANOTHER.They are going to struggle to beat the brownies., ADAM JONES is over the hill and very bad with penaltities.Dre K.is simply horrible and gets a flag or two every game that costs us the game.He helped the pats win.This offense is awlful,the tightends do not want to block,i seriously believe they were BAD PICKS,DUKE TOBLIN.THE NEW RIGHT TACKLE IS AWLFUL AND WILL NEVER BE THAT GOOD IN SPITE OF WHAT WHIT SAYS. We really miss reggie nelson and he is playing at a high level.It no wonder,good players want to leave here,they know in their hearts that marvin is not going to take them anywhere and they want out of their division.ENOUGH SAID,I AM DONE.
  7. I have said this forever,this whole line is very good at pass blocking,but terrible at run blocking and Jeremy hill knows that and he heisatats when trying to follow a blocker and they are just awlful at run blocking,and it seriously shows and when dallas watches tape of our problems we are going to get killed there and also at the pats,i am picking them to lose both games and I said I thought this team would be a wildcard team just because of our defense.Without hill or gio able to run,,we are going to be toast bigtime.I see no improvement in this line.It is and will be a MAJOR PROBLEM.Hill just cannot find his mojo behind these dudes and he shows how pissed he is when he gets tackled behind the line all the time.Its awlful to watch and I truly believe old marvin will get outcoached in dallas and new England.This will be his last year.time to look for a firery type coach.His way of coaching is wearing on the older players and it shows.Dalton seems to not have the fire he had last year and he depends way too much on green.time to spread it around.You just know both dallas and the pats are going to shut green down. I would also bring Cody Core in some>he is just as fast as Adam Jones and much stronger.Why not allow him to return punts??Why draft a speedster and not use him.Marvin is just too old school.The guy can play.If our guys by chance win in dallas I will be the first one to eat crow.This team is not the same as last year.something is missing.I do not see the fire on offense ,gotta run the stinkin BALL!!!!!!!!
  8. I totally blame this stinkin lost to the stealers on Mr.Marvin Lewis.He is just too too passive and wants to be so politically correct and not embarrass Mr. Mike Brown,its so stupid.Hey Marvin,lose your cool now and them and slap a fuckin crooked ref and scream your ass off and get kicked out of the game,and have the commish fine you a hundred thousand,get your nose bloodied and suspended for four games that we would win because you were not there.You are holding your players down by making them passive like you.A team takes on the personality of their HC. THE STINKIN STOOLERS were holding the whole game,no calls by the ref.by the way I have watched this kinda shit by the stealers for 40 years and they are still getting away with it.the refs are so crooked,and they call us a dirty team.What a joke.We actually won that game,but the refs took it away from us.Our guys outplayed their ass,Tyler Boyds knee was for sure down,watch the replay,yet no challenge by old marv,no red flag,instead the refs call it a fumble and a recovery by the cheatin stealers,and game over. Our tightend catch that ball in the endzone for a TD,yet it was called as being out.It clearly shows on the replay,his fucking knee and his foot was in,yet no challenge by the passive marvin lewis. Look,I realize marv has done a ton to make our franchise legit and I commend his for that,but when it comes to being emotionally envolved with winning and being engaged with his players on game day,he is lost.Players want to see and feel the head man has their back,I think he lacks in this area.Winning teams always have a coach that gives it his all for his possey.I do not see that in him and the players feel like he is going to give them hell if they start a fight or get crazy on the field.I for one want to see that.I want to see Marvin grab one of his coaches and cuss him out or throw him to the ground,slap a player,bust a ref in the mouth,go something physical. get real man,show some emotion,football in a game of emotion.Show your players you are with them and you are the leader of your possey
  9. Here is what actually happened at the stinkin stoolers cheatin ass game.Their fu---ing O-line was holding the whole game,even dragging our guys to the ground,especially holding Geno Atkins and Peko,it was so obvious,it stinks,yet no holding calls,and no complaining from ANY of our so-called wonderful new coaches ,and no MARVIN interaction with the refs,instead he just stands there and claps his hands and yells lets go boys.What a joke.Until he gets more involved in the game and jumps a refs ass,even if he got kicked out,it would be a help.He is just too passive for me.A football game to supposed to be emotional,supposed to be kick shit out of the other guys ass,he is not connected to his players enough and just wants to be politically correct.Doesn't want to embarrass Mike Brown or do anything wrong,will I will tell you the coaches in the league that argue with the refs and challenge them on calls get more wins.Believe that,and THROW THE FUCKING RED FLAG,THATS WHAT ITS FOR,NOT TO WIPE YOUR NOSE WITH.BE A COACH MARVIN LEWIS. C.J the tight end did indeed score a TD,his friggin knee was down and his one foot was down in the green area of the friggin endzone.it was a TD. Yet no red flag,no help from upstairs for our so-called wonderful coaching staff that was supposed to be so damn good.They stink,big time.This was a for sure TD.WE GOT ROBBED again by the crooked refs.I truly believe the fix was again in.so so crooked.Our coaching staff should have challenged that and did not,it cost us the game.And Tyler Boyds knee was down,it was not a fumble,and the ball should have remained with us.Instead the call was a fumble recovery by the stealers,game over.This so so stinks,I hate all of it. WHY should I keep my 4 season tickets.We outplayed them and in reality,we won that game,but got cheated out of it by the refs AGAIN,and our wonderful coaching staff did NOTHING ABOUT IT.Goofy marvin again.it never ends.I blame Marvin for this and I am super pissed off about it again.We need a coach that will fuckin yell his ass off about this shit,its like he is lost out there.We will not win even a playoff with him at the helm.unless he changes his attitude.Hey dude,knock the shit out of somebody and get your nose bloodied.You will feel better about yourself!!!BE A MAN,DUDE AND TAKE UP FOR YOUR POSSEY.I WOULD!!!!
  10. I say no no no to will fuller,he is going to get killed if he comes here.The first time he goes over the middle against the stoolers,he will be on IR rest of season.I want the first round to be all about the defense,like a top DE<>DT or linebacker or safety.No more corners in the first.Get your pass rushing stud first because that is also an area of need and this draft is full of top Fuller has small hands and has a ton of dropped balls and that will not change here.I say no no to him,Please.
  11. I so want Jarron Reed,DT from Alabama or Vernon Butler-DT from Louisiana Tech-6ft 4in 323 lbs.Hassan Ridgeway-Texas or A'Shane Robinson.Any of these massive D-lineman to rotate with our current men.We NEED to address our D-LINE first,then go after our safety,wide receiver,corner back,Defensive End,Center and so on.With all these top linemen in this draft,you gotta pull the trigger early or else you just get the left overs.IT ALL STARTS WITH YOUR LINES,FOLKS. Shore that up as it is for sure a need.Peko is on the other side or greatness and the dudes we currently have are not top shelve other than Dunlap and Atkins.
  12. I totally agree on Michael Thomas or Leonard Floyd,but any of the top top dominate d-lineman I would like in the first.Take the best lineman on D that is available,period,that is a big need and this years draft has a ton of top lineman.Gotta get a run-stopping pass rusher and sack ace.Then fill the rest of your needs second round on.We could use a top lb,wr,center,safety and perhaps another O-lineman that can play anywhere on the line,like Cody Whitehair who I love in this draft from Kansas State.The dude is a picking horse and can play anywhere,but he is best at OG. Love Michael Thomas,dude is a good person,and loves the game and he is a beast.I would for sure draft him in the second.Other receivers I like that should be available in the second is Kolby Listenbee from TCU.He is tough as nails,very tall and has big hands.Loves the game.Fights for the rock every time. Keyarris Garrett from Tulsa,Charone Peake from Clemson is 6ft 2in,215 lbs,ran a 4.3 40 at his pro-day. Demarcus Robinsoin from Florida,is a big-time player.I believe all the receivers you see on Path to the Draft will be gone when we pick at 55,so that is why I have listed some of these guys.Believe me all these receivers are good,and maybe we will get lucky and one of the so-called studs will fall to us at 55.
  13. I say no way to fuller in the first,he is not big enough,has small hands and will get killed in division and he catches most of his balls with his body.I do not want him especially at 24.Go get a dominate D-lineman and draft a wr later.I LOVE Michael Thomas from Ohio state in the second.He is very tall and has HUGE HANDS and can catch it anywhere,anytime,even with one hand.His hands are like 10 and a half.Thats big man and I watched him catch the rock with ease and he goes up and gets it too.I WANT HIM IN THE SECOND.
  14. Tez is just saying what EVERYONE is saying and knowing how that game turned upside down when Hill fumbled.its just a fact.He ruined our season,bottom line.Its too bad as I like the dude but that was a season ending stink way to go out.I so hate the stinknin stealers and how every year they get buy with cheating and playing dirty as hell and never get called out.the nfl is so biased and the commish just loves old roneys and the whole team.I so hate that dirt-bag mikey tomlin and especially the fag joey porter.he is just slime to me.He was a fricking dirty player and he is even worse as a fag-coach.That butt-hole needs to go.I think we have to play them game four on Monday night at their joint.go figure,how the stinkin nfl sets that shit up.they simply do not want the nati to win anything.I hope we kill them.
  15. fortyyearfan

    Burfict suspension upheld

    the stinkin stoolers are the commishs team,he loves old man rooney and the pissass stealers.he gives them all kinds of breaks and I so hate that stink-dog tomlin.the whole organization and their super stink fans suck big time.the will continue to get the breaks because the fix is in,believe that.I hear when tez comes back for game four we play pissburg on Monday night at their joint,Is that friggin true???go figure.they are settin it up to cause tez to commit fouls and they will ban him for rest of season.He so sucks and I hope they take this to court.Its insane,three games.I hate the commish,he is crooked as old fuckin Hillary and her stink hubby who is after all the tail.

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