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  1. Not really a reply to this topic, but just curious if anyone else has noticed this? I’m as far east as you can get in Ohio without venturing into inbred country, so I may be a tad out of the loop. It seems to me that there is some sort of beef between Dave Lapham and Marvin Lewis. Anytime lap offers a suggestion with his question, it’s like Marv has to disagree with him prior to answering it. Did something go down between these two that I don’t know about. IMO Lap deserves more respect. He was in the trenches on a mighty fine Bengals club back in the day.
  2. Now they call meaningless holds with the game in the bag. We got held the entire 1st half!
  3. Been a fan for all 40 of my years. There’s something special about this team.... I’m telling you!
  4. Was our crowd actually a factor on that false start?
  5. There’s something special about this team
  6. We are getting the shit held out of us!
  7. That’s was clutch Andy!!!! Yes!!!!
  8. Can’t have that false start to end the quarter

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