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  1. Dalton wasn’t even good when we had good O line. He’s not Russel Wilson or Lamar Jackson. He needs max protection to be average. He needs to go! Period!
  2. I don’t miss Marv whatsoever! If we could just shitcan Dre now, I’d feel so much better
  3. Yeah it’s soooo bad you can’t really tell if a great QB would succeed here. But I can tell you this with certainty... Andy Dalton is not a great QB. He’s only had seldom regular season success. Our closest playoff win in the Dalton era came when back-up AJ McArron had the Stealers beat, and our POS thugs let them rip our hearts out in the end. It’s not all on Andy, obviously, but he isn’t even good!
  4. 1st time viewing this forum all year and this is the story. No surprise. It stinks to read this about my Bengals, but as for loyalty, I’m riding this season out. We just moved to Northern Ohio, and believe me, at least we aren’t the Browns. What a mess they are. I like Taylor still. We’ve had opportunities to win at least 3 of these games, and this O-Line is definitely the culprit. It’s bad! If if we can manage to keep a healthy AJ and manage to get Dalton some time, I think, offensively, we will be good. The defense, however, is just awful. When I hear announcers say Dre Kirkpatrick is our best cover guy, I cringe. He’s awful... in my opinion, he has to go. I can’t remember him ever having a good game. Constantly getting burnt and drawing stupid penalties. Without him, we beat the Seahawks and who knows how the next 5 play out. At any rate, I love the Bengals and I’m keeping the faith! At least we can’t blame Marv! Who’s with me?
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