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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You guys are too easy. Oh well. Guess that's what happens when your team hasn't won a playoff game in over 25 years. Look, I would love to see Andy miraculously turn his play around, toughen up a bit, become a leader and win us a playoff game. With Marv calling the shots, and the 5 ass clowns responsible for protecting him, no chance. How can it be that we have 3 really good running backs who could easily start for a lot of teams, but not one stud lineman. I obviously have no idea how all the contracts and trading and signing plays out, but we really couldn't let one of these backs go for one decent lineman? I mean, I honestly feel that we will be lucky if Andy makes it through Sunday without an injury. It might be a good thing the AJM trade fell through.
  2. Nope! Not a troll or troll bait. I just speak the truth and call it how I see it. This is why I seldom post on this forum. Of the 100 users that log in daily, maybe a dozen have a clue.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Somebody hit a nerve is a troll, me. We have an awesome redhead running our country and our team!
  4. Let me guess, you all voted for Hillary too...LOL. Truth hurts. Our QB is not good when it counts. Waste your time and post all his prime time and playoff stats. AKA games that "count" and continue to back him. I dare you. At least all those QB's that lucked out and won playoff games that they shouldn't have, had balls. Andy is soft. He won't get us there. For the love of PETE he was boo'd at a celebrity softball game in his home city.
  5. You don't have to do much research to figure out ZERO playoff wins for the QB and the head coach. LOL!!! He is not a good QB! He just isn't. Yet people want to defend him and claim that it's never his fault. Not attempting to complete a pass on 4th down on the last drive a couple weeks ago proved to me his desire to win, or lack thereof. The man just doesn't care. He doesn't have the passion of a great QB. He couldn't care less. He goes through the motions and goes to work to get paid, not to win. Marv is not a good "Head Coach". He does it for a paycheck. For crying out loud, listen to one of his post game speeches. Win are lose, they're awful. IMO neither one has the respect of the locker room either. Our lack of discipline and leadership from the two guys that should command the most are why we lose big games. They are mediocre and their records and statistics prove it. Until both are replaced we have ZERO chance of winning a playoff game.... ZERO!
  6. 100% wrong but exactly correct on Dalton's playoff numbers? I don't want to waste my time or prove myself more correct by including his #'s in prime time. You can do that for me if you like. I'm just having a hard time following you two on here. Are you arguing that Andy is really good, or trying to prove that he really isn't that bad?
  7. Dude, you have no clue about the sport in general. Andy is average at best. And if you can't win in prime time or playoffs, beat it. Geno and AJ have nothing to do with this.
  8. And serious question. How am I wrong? Cause I left out the 57.8 passer rating?
  9. And you referenced a come from behind tie!!!!!!!!! LOL
  10. Dude, I can't believe you wasted that much time on one post. Here's my more meaningful zero research response. 0-4 in playoffs with 6 INT and 1 TD
  11. Yep, you got me. Never played a down in high school, or college. Never coached at any level, don't currently coach at the high school level, don't have a job or a wife, live in my parents house. In no way have I ever been successful at anything. You got me Napoleon.
  12. Never been to one reunion. But free college was okay... but what do I know about football? How'd all that fact-checking work out for you in the election? Uh oh! Think I just hit another nerve.... This should be fun.
  13. Not at all fuckboy! Go Bengals. We got Andy Dalton!!! Yay!!!
  14. He didn't turn it over when it counted, but you're right. Andy is such an under-rated playoff QB. He is the answer guys! It's Andy fucking Dalton boys! He's gonna take us to the show and win... LOL! Dildos like you are the reason this franchise is a laughing stock year after year. I know talent and toughness when I see it. Andy has neither. Without AJ Green coming in the same year, this assclown gets cut for sure.
  15. Go play your instruments! LOL! Our QB stinks and is SOFT and you know it! Go back to PITTSBURGH doosh!

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