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  1. Then i look at the Bengals Trophy case and i see this
  2. Yep, a foundation of PED's & cheap shots... but for some reason every time i look at the Steeler's trophy case i see this
  3. Your profile pic just made me LOL.. Its been a rough year for Blake.. But the only goon i see is that mother fuckin cheap shot artist piece of shit LB Vontaze Burfict. He's been known to be a dirty scumbag late hitting goon for years. Not only did he put our star RB on IR with his horse collar takle (which was never called) He tried to take Ben's knee out on a late hit! He's the scum of the NFL and deserved every $ he was fined this year. As for Doltan his injury was self inflicted, he should've known not to try to takle a 300+ lb linemen with his frail self, can't blame us that your QBs are made of plastic.
  4. Wow! Its been forever since ive posted here. Im not going to throw too much shade because you guys actually do have a very good and respected football team. Here's to a great game, you guys beat us the first time, we won the second time, now its for all the marbles! Congrats on the Division but unfortunatly for you guys here is where it'll end. I would've gave your team a slight chance if Dalton plays but there's no way you guys are beating us without him. Even with him i fully expected him to chock it away. Your defense might keep you in the game for a little while but eventually it's gonna turn into a shootout and you guys just wont be able to keep up. I feel bad that your team had to run into us the very first round of the Playoffs (I really wanted the Bengals to win it if we didnt make it) I think you have a good solid team but just unlucky this time to run into us again. There's always next year tho!
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