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  1. I never wanted Ross. But he's showed in practice that he was destroying our top cbs, but yet we didn't play him? He's so much better than Mangold was coming out.
  2. Yes I do believe that. And Erickson has muffed how many punts this season? But has yet to be called out on it. And his practices seems to show he was more than ready. U mess up on one play u get taken out for year? That's insane.lewis is being a stubborn crybaby and taking it out on Ross.
  3. In that one play he showed me more than core ever did.
  4. If I've said it once I've said it 100 times. Lewis knows he is out, he got over ruled on picking Ross over whoever he wanted, and is taking it out on Ross by not playing him even though he is clearly better than core and Erickson.
  5. On what planet is he the third best? Hes the next 10-12 year multiple time pro bowler. Everyone has him as the best center in the draft. And if he came out as a guard he'd be the number 2 guard in the draft. Oh so the best and second best at multiple positions in the draft is in no help to the oline? Come on.
  6. This team is 5 lineman away from having a good oline. And yes it's a lot easier to trade down than to trade up. But if they're only considering Nelson or trading down, I'm trading down to grab price. Hell I'd take price at 9. And while we need ot, getting price and Hernandez would give us a really good interior oline. And I'm working on corralling my crazy trade mocks, even though that specific one was only 2. We tried to do 2 last year and did an additional one so it's not crazy. But long story short if it's between Nelson and rice I'm going price bc I don't believe there is any difference between Hernandez and Nelson.
  7. Nelson isn't even the best guard. Hernandez is. Why not trade down get a extra second? Hell we could even go price then use those 2 seconds to trade back up into the first and get Martina's Rankin Connor Williams or will hernandez. Ot next year is insanely deep just like interior oline this year is. Go interior this year tackle next year.and Hernandez in the early second much much better value than Nelson at 9.
  8. No way in hell.if he was coming out as a guard he'd be the number 2 guard. That versatility in amazing. Hell go in the Ryan Kelly range, 18-24
  9. Nothing could change with him.unless he gets hurt in the bowl game he going round 1.
  10. He seems to be a concencus 22-40 range, but doubt he gets past 32. I don't see any way he makes it out if the first. I'm hoping to do 2 trade backs get a couple seconds and nab him in the first. But no way he makes it out of the first with his versatility. Some guards can play center and vice versa but not at the same level. He can play both at an extremely high level which is why he won't make it out of the first.
  11. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2745503-mr-ohio-state-senior-billy-price-is-the-embodiment-of-buckeye-state-mentality And before u start on they don't value centers he's also a great guard.. dude is absolutely what we need to turn this thing around. It's impossible to fix oline so build from the inside out. Aquire more picks. We need to build this oline through the middle of the draft this year which is so much stronger than ot. Ot class is so much deeper next year. Pair a will hernandez with Billy price and Clint boling and suddenly Dalton can step up into the pocket and become more accurate with his throws as well.
  12. Really? Bc lafell said he's been amazing in practice and needed to play.
  13. Why not? Old coach, most loyal owner in sports and a good retirement place where the media isn't down ur throat 24/7.
  14. Hell yes! He's an elite coach. Him and hue as the oc could cook up something nasty. Both qb whispers as well.

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