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  1. It’s just a left ankle sprain not a big deal
  2. Not a first round talent. He's mid-late 2-early 3
  3. Guard is more of a need than tackle sicnce we don't play westerman.. and I love. White in the first. I'd say Ed Oliver is more of a shot that Williams.
  4. Rd1. Dwayne Haskins.qb osu. A lot of people want qb so I added him. Personally I would go Devin white here Rd2. Chris Lindstrom guard Boston college my guard 2 hope he's still around at this point. Rd3. Cameron Smith ilb usc Rd4. Juan thornhill ss Virginia Rd5. Kj hill osu wr special teams elite and replaces cody core. Has elite hands never dropped a open pass in his career. Rd6 Khalil Hodge lber buffalo. One of my favorite players in this draft Rd6 Quinn nordin k michigian. A kicker with a strong leg who can consistently hit 50+ yard fgs. Rd7:adderly nassur CB deleware. One of the best and most underrated CBS in this class. What you guys think? Tried to get instant impact guys and most importantly get nickerson off the field.
  5. Fant is my te1 hockenson my te2. Fant is gonna come out as a top 10 te. Hockenson will need a year but he'll be in the conversation for top te in the NFL year after year. Hockenson player comp in Travis kelce but can block. Fant is a Tyler eifert type. A guy who is elite in route running hut will not make plays after the catch or break tackles. But who you guys got? Fant PROS: Noah Fant is of the most freakish athletes in all of college football. Reported 42.5” vertical from spring camp, which would be a top score out of the 2018 NFL Combine. Has unbelievable blend of size and speed, graceful in the open field and will be a mismatch nightmare for safeties and linebackers across the league. Has big play ability as a receiver, averaging 16.5 yards per catch and tallying 11 touchdowns on just 30 overall receptions as a first-time starter in 2017. First step quickness as a blocker wins angles to gain favorable positioning at the point of attack, plus good urgency and effort to continue to press and turn out edge defenders in the run game. Has had success as a zone blocker to ride out defenders and rework hands to continue to gain leverage relative to the ball carrier. Dynamic seam threat with size and catch radius in the middle of the field to elevate overtop of chasing defenders and take the football off the top of defender’s helmet. Will be a red zone terror thanks to versatile alignment and ability to create mismatches before the snap. Already runs a versatile tree, has created separation vertically, carrying across the middle of the field or working into the flat before turning eyes up the field. CONS: Lean cut frame can be limiting if tasked with playing in-line with regularity. Plays with a loose base as a blocker and failure to tether feet to the ground has restricted functional play strength when having to lock horns head up with defenders. Shouldn’t be considered a viable option as a pass protector, versatility and athleticism would be wasted if kept in the backfield. Hockenson PROS: T.J. Hockenson is an absolute beat in the run game. Effective in pushing off of the line of scrimmage and shows sticky hands to latch onto the chest plate of defenders and sustaining his initial push. Effective control in the open space as a flexed blocker on the edge as well, shows great mobility to twist back and pin defenders as a strong side defender. Has a smart sense of bumping out of his stance and leaking past efforts to jam him at the line of scrimmage. Will rip through contact before accelerating up the field and into the secondary. Strong hands, plays a powerful brand after the catch and at the catch point. Shows some crafty skills in working angles to ensure a clean break across the face of his defender’s face. CONS: Still has some room to grow into his frame through the trunk and the lower half, although functional strength doesn’t appear to be an issue thanks to tenacity with feet. Has not always caught the nose of the ball when contested at the catch point, although hasn’t directly resulted in a lot of missed conversion opportunities. Has overrun some block attempts if given too much space to close in on a body, but has plenty of flexibility to create needed contact to delay pursuit.
  6. Noah fant is nice. No qb in this class should be a top 15 pick. Not 1. If these QBs combined with last year's class they all would be taken In the Mason Rudolph range(3rd round) that's how bad this class is. J less dwaayne Haskins declares. Only franchise qb.
  7. Needs to be our first round pick if Devin white is gone. Simple as that. A top 5 talent in any draft, he would immideately turn our left tackle position into a strength and our Glenn at his natural rt spot.
  8. White is our first round pick. He needs to be(if he's still available. He is insane. A insane knack for plugging up running lanes and a really good Blitzer. Comes a little too forward on rpos and zone could use a little work but man to man he's really good. If not available then trey adams. Would have been the first olineman selected last year but returned and got hurt... I compare him to whit(not bc he was a Bengal) most compare him to Taylor lewan. Put him at left tackle, move Glenn to rt(his more natural position) and start whesterman and our oline is fixed. also one to gloat but I got killed for this in here soI'm going to a little. Hernandez over Nelson seems to be the right pick so far for guard1.
  9. We brought him back to early... Let's hope that he's back against saints. Only 1 game then a bye. The bye is coming at the best time bc vigil.will be back for siants as well. This is essentially his rookie year so he gets one more season for me before the bust label comes out.
  10. Easily will Hernandez. All pro and Hof talent. Favorite player I've ever scouted. Runner up is trumain Edmunds. The ways he could transform our defense...
  11. Will Hernandez and it's not close. Get price in the second and mixon runs for 1500 easy
  12. I didn't make fun of him. Just asked what his weaknesses are and asked that he do his research. He has no major weaknesses which shows me he hasn't done his research.
  13. Crosby is a guard in nfl and oniek is borderline
  14. Price was literally allways mocked in the first round by everyone pre combine. And 3rd best center please?!?!! And please tell me what his weaknesses are? Bc it's not run blocking, not pass blocking, has the strength to hold off dlineman and reanchor when he gets beat. Only sack given up last year was when he was a tad late on recognizing the delayed blitz and couldn't pull off the double team in time. He gets to the second level fine. What is his weakness? Arm length?? Dude is so physical his arm length dosent matter. Most mocks had him going 18-29 pre combine. Only reason he isn't a first round Rounder now is bc of his injury. Please do ur research before coming with that nonsense.
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