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  1. Jpoore

    Pick Of The Litter

    Easily will Hernandez. All pro and Hof talent. Favorite player I've ever scouted. Runner up is trumain Edmunds. The ways he could transform our defense...
  2. Will Hernandez and it's not close. Get price in the second and mixon runs for 1500 easy
  3. I didn't make fun of him. Just asked what his weaknesses are and asked that he do his research. He has no major weaknesses which shows me he hasn't done his research.
  4. Jpoore

    Mock to 21

    Crosby is a guard in nfl and oniek is borderline
  5. Price was literally allways mocked in the first round by everyone pre combine. And 3rd best center please?!?!! And please tell me what his weaknesses are? Bc it's not run blocking, not pass blocking, has the strength to hold off dlineman and reanchor when he gets beat. Only sack given up last year was when he was a tad late on recognizing the delayed blitz and couldn't pull off the double team in time. He gets to the second level fine. What is his weakness? Arm length?? Dude is so physical his arm length dosent matter. Most mocks had him going 18-29 pre combine. Only reason he isn't a first round Rounder now is bc of his injury. Please do ur research before coming with that nonsense.
  6. My favorite player in the draft bar none. I have a hall of fame graded on him. I think Hernandez and Nelson are hall of. Famers wheen all is said and done. And when u got to go up against dts like Suh and Donald, need an elite interior. I would spring to the podium. For hernanDez and we're definitely interested No way in hell price falls to 77. He was a mid 20s before injury and and is a guard and a center, top tier at both. Will be ready to go in 5 weeks. He probably won't last till 46. And redmond/westerman we dont tknow what they are. Hernandez looks like a hall of fame talent. Get Hernandez and price, you'll see 2015 Andy and leveon bell on our team.
  7. Jpoore

    3 Round Mock

    Not a fan of Daniels at all. He's very bad. We would be drafting another ogbuehi if we draft him. He can't handle the bull rush and has no ability to reachor. Would rather take Hernandez or bpa in the first and Frank rangow in the second who is the second best center in the draft. And as far as brown, my opinion hasn't changed. 4th round grade before the combine, 4th round grade now. Dude can't handle speed rushers bc he has horrible footwork and is lazt. Got 100 pounds on dlineman and it's him who gets pushed back at line of scrimmage.as far as Hurst? He's the 4th best te in this class after goedert, gesecki, and fumagali. Tied with andrews. Only reason Andrews isn't better is because of his injury issues.
  8. No u think he'd be that second round d target if he drops. He's fringe rd1. The problem is his tape this year compared to last year is Soo bad. His numbers don't math his play speed. 485 40? At 238? It wouldn't make sense to take him we already have him in Carl Lawson unless we're switching to a 3-4.
  9. Hernandez price boling a MUCH better iol.
  10. Probably Josh Jackson. Possibly Denzel ward one of the 2 will be there. Then there's also mike Hughes. Who is just a baller. I doubt we pay dennard and Dre k has an out after next year so we need CBS.
  11. Jpoore

    Mock to 21

    He'll go 20-30. Why I'm so happy we trade back. He's just a LG but a hall of fame level left guard.
  12. Jpoore

    Mock to 21

    Me I do.i watch tape of all prospects. I've posted my Orlando brown Jr takes(before the combine btw) and lber Dorian O'Daniel. Will Hernandez is going to be a hall of famer when all is said and done.
  13. Jpoore

    Mock to 21

    Hernandez needs to be 1 or 2 in ur top 5.
  14. True. But we have met with both at least. It was pure bpa at that point.

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