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  1. I did confuse myself there.il admit that. But we should have resigned Geno Atkins already and we're idiots that we haven't.... He's making 10 million right now. We could probably sign him for maybe a 3 year 40 million dollar deal. Right now. We wait? Suh is gonna get about 16-18 million. Donald? Probabkly right around 20. Geno's gonna want that type of money. And Dunlap is looking to get a better contract than everson Griffen got. Which was a 4 year 58 million. He'll probably want about 15-16 per year. So yes I was wrong... Bit now we're talking about cutting players to fit under the cap and idk why.
  2. Mock Draft 1.0

    Eww at ur first round pick. And Edmunds in the third. Evans is not a 1st round lber. He's not that good. He's just like all the other bama lbers that play behind massive dlineman and don't have to do a lot. Look at all the bama lbers that have come out recently... Doing nothing in the league. Put will Hernandez in that spot, or Isiah Wynn. In the third replace Edmunds with the safety from Wake Forest I always forget his name... And yes dreaming if the te that some people have as the 5th best te in the class falls to basically undrafted status.
  3. Idk why u thought different??? We got 40-50 mill depending on how u look at it. Geno and Dunlap alone cost 12-13 million each minumum. 26+15 is what? 41. Dosent even take into account rollover, Huber and Smith resigning, bodine resigning(unfortunately), etc.
  4. So mad vea pulled his hammy on the 40. Would have run sub 4.9
  5. Trash anyways. Most overrated player in the draft.
  6. Billy price getting hurt a blessing in disguise may fall to us in second round. Also my favorite player in the draft lost 14 lbs and benched 37 will Hernandez. Trash ass brown only benched 14. Saquan benched 29. Jamarco Jones didn't particular Wynn benched 8 but he was coming off surgery. Gesecki weigh in just proved he's the best te along with goedert. Jamarco Jones my favorite tackle didn't participate in bench press will wait til pro day.
  7. Just call him mcg way easier than mcglinchey
  8. Twitter Ads info and privacy Da’Ron Payne, Alabama: If the Bengals want to try and wait on a run-stuffing presence, the depth of this class at other spots might push Payne down the board. He’s only 6’2″ and 308 pounds, yet he’s a plug-and-play candidate because of his skill against the run. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Tim Settle, Virginia Tech: Another guy who could take a slight dip, Settle is also a player with alarming versatility who has experience all over the line. At 6’3″ and 335 pounds, Settle can muscle up against the run but is also deceptively good at collapsing pockets as a rusher. He’s not a household name yet, but we can expect him to make plenty of combine “winners” lists soon. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2018/02/27/defensive-tackles-bengals-2018-nfl-combine/ It forget dt2 after vea in taven Bryan
  9. Not sure about what trade we got last year for our 9 pick, but we offered Whit same deal as Rams, just we offered 2 years we wouldn't go the extra year.
  10. An important thing to remember with Glenn is most people thought he would be an elite rt or even guard in the NFL when he came out. Bills stuck with him at lt. We could switch him to rt if we wanted to and draft a lt. The big thing for me is the extra second. We need it to rebuild the oline in one season.
  11. Bills trade up to 12. Bengals get cordy Glenn, pick 21 and a second rounder. I would do this in a heartbeat. Would u? This would put us in prime position to be contender next year. Glenn and boling would solidify the left side, billy price the center spot and either will Hernandez/ Isiah Wynn(or both?) At rg. Leaving only rt as a question mark. But anyways back to the original deal would u take it?
  12. Edmunds is much more of a 4-3 lb than a 3-4. In fact I'd put Smith as more of a 3-4 lb. If Edmunds is there I think Edmunds will be the bpa. But I agree with everything else. Only way I see us going rb is if somehow saquan Barkley falls.
  13. 2018 Senior Bowl

    Yeah I apalogize on that one. After I posted I went back and watched it. I was thinking about the guy from NC State at and t. Crosby did okay. But your right there isn't any ot besides Rankin that really impressed me. Its why I want to go interior oline this year bc next year is the year of the ot.
  14. STRENGTHS: sealing backside run with body screen disguise double team moving to second level pro bowl level tackle if he learns technique and effort WEAKNESSES gets beat inside a lot no blitz/stunt IQ gets no push at los on runs gets pushed back at los on runs lack of instincts/leverage in run game inconsistent even at his size loses bull rushes very cumbersome/slow feet bad base gets easily beat by leverage speed rushers(3 easy loses by nick bosa alone) doesn't dominate in run game nfl level defenses confuse him he fully extends his arms I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE HIM. he was a second round pick in the preseason before watching his tape. but man hes not a good lineman that can step right in right now, even at rt. he dosent recognize stunts/blitzes at all, gets beat by safetys/lbers. a 3-4 team would have a field day with him. rarely gets in 3 point stance. In the run game he either gets blown back or dosent move the de at all off the los even when hes got 100 pounds on him. in pass protection hes very inconsistent. when he tries he can be really good. but he very inconsistent if I had to pick one word to describe him. most of the time he just gives a shove and expects you to fall down. if u don't hes beat at that point. he has horrible technique with no bend in his arms. when he pulls, he just does this slow walk/jog. lack of effort is obvious. before watching tape there were 3-4 tackles I would take before him maybe. after tape, theres a minimum of 10-12. his pro comp is Erick flowers at this point in his career. he however with a great oline coach can be molded into a pro bowl tackle but not for a minimum of 2 years because you have to question his effort to go along with bad base and bad technique. hell be a mid 2nd round pick between 48-56, but hes not worth that. id take him in the range that alex cappa/jamarco jones go.
  15. 2018 Senior Bowl

    I just call him Oscar but orokongwu or however u say it from Oklahoma, Crosby lost back to back reps on day 2 one on a outside move one inside to Oscar. Lost again to Oscar on day 3.

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