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  1. Personal preference is trade back at 1... but if we can’t let me get young at 1, love at 33, and Adams at 65.
  2. Best mock I’ve ever done. I went bpa as we have holes everywhere, tried to do what I could to upgrade plenty of positions. 1. Chase young. Clear cut best player in the draft and a potential best player in the nfl in short order. He’s a once in a generation player and I don’t use that term lightly. Instant impact starter 2. Kenneth Murray. Instantly upgrades our lber Corp. we need it. Him And Pratt would be a decent duo. Instant impact starter 3. Jacob Eason. Qb bpa at position of need. I couldn’t ignore it here. Project with ability to be a franchise qb. 4. Trey Adams. Injury filled history but a top 5 talent in any draft. He’d go too 5 had it not been for injuries. Instant impact starter. 5. Walker little ot. Plays tackle now but best fit is rg. Should be depth out of the gate and rg started by mid season. He’s good strong powerful will fix the run game problem. 6. Reggie Floyd s: strong safety replaces Shawn Williams. Do I need to say more? 7. Baron browning lber. No way he’s here this late. He may make some people’s top 5 lbers list. But just had to go him Here. Him Paired with Murray and Pratt make a good trio.
  3. Imagine not listing the hits as well just in past 5 years in past 3 rounds Denzel ward, marathon lattimore, Malik hooker, Joey bosa, Nick bosa, micheal Thomas, the dt who went to the broncos(name escapes me at the moment) I could go on and on. And that’s just past 5 years
  4. It’s not his fault. The first round injury luck? Not his fault. Drafting 2 supposed can’t miss lineman that busted? Not his fault. Sometimes franchises just have a string of horrible luck.
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