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  1. Getting tired of this roll right and throw away shit
  2. It's a good thing Ross is playing
  3. its a prime time game, we're fucked
  4. .... and older then you think haha. check this out   http://www.foxnews.com/science/2014/11/12/000-year-old-man-yields-secrets-america-earliest-inhabitants/?intcmp=obmod_ffo&intcmp=obnetwork
  5. did anybody else see the play clock zero out and rest before they kicked it
  6. and that second time out will cost us the game
  7. ok what the fuck was that. stop the game clock, wait till l theyre not ready, then restart it
  8. it's a damned good thing wilforks out
  9. not wishing Andy injury but I wouldn't have been upset to see jj go in
  10. Ok get that run game going again. Dalton ´s not gonna do it thru the air
  11. c'mon d, hold them off. I missed kick off. who starts with the ball after half
  12. prediction: gain 12 yards on drive and punt

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