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  1. With all this negativity, I have to bring some POSITIVE thoughts. Through the 90's and into the Kitna years, I always thought there was a chance we would make the Playoffs! I never gave up until mathematically eliminated. We're fans, let's try to have fun with 5 games to go.. Crazier things have happened and while things haven't looked great, we aren't THAT bad. HEAR ME OUT.. With 5 games left, THREE are at HOME, one is at the 0-11 Browns and one at the 6-5 MEDIOCRE Texans. Say we win out.. RELAX and just listen.. Beat Philly at home (who sucks on the road and haven't done much with a rookie QB ), @ Clev, vs Pitt, @ Hou riding a 3 game winning streak and regained confidence, then finish with a home game vs Balt. Crazy but very, very POSSIBLE. Perhaps we even get AJ Green back for the Stealers game to help down the stretch. Finish 8-7-1 in this crap year of the division. ****All we need is for Baltimore to lose ONE of two games vs Miami or vs Philly. (We can assume @NE is a loss). Pittsburgh can and will LOSE only TWO of the three vs 8-3 NYG, @ Buffalo and/or vs Baltimore.**** All I'm saying is, we may as well fight 'till the end. You just never know. Then with a 5 game winning streak and no pressure going into a home game vs KC or Miami??? Attitudes will be completely different and the first 11 games will be forgotten. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. Frankly, 7-8-1 could even potentially win this division. We've all seen 7-9 get through before. Let's all stop stressing what we need to do in the offseason for now, and enjoy what's left of the season. Positive vibes!! WHO DEY!? Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com

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